Robert Jones

Robert is an Apple enthusiast. He was crazy in the love with Apple’s iPhone since the first iPhone was released in 2007. Back in the past years, he has bought almost every iPhone model, some iPads, iPods, iPod touch, iMac, and MacBook. He has spent much of his time getting the latest news of Apple products, tips, issues, and solutions. Whenever you have any question related to iPhone, iPad, and Mac, he always knows how to solve it or at least where to get the useful information.

Robert has joined iBeesoft for 5 years. He is good at wringing technical articles for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and Mac (macOS and Mac OS systems). That’s the reason why he is responsible for all the topics related to Mac data recovery, Mac cleanup, and iPhone data recovery.

Robert is very confident that he can provide users with more useful articles, helping users solve all kinds of problems on Apple devices. He said he is lucky to write what he is interested in. It’s fun.

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