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iBeesoft DBackup 2.0

iBeesoft data backup and drive clone software can be maximizing backup protection for your files, partitions, disks, and the whole operating system. When a disaster happens, it can easily and quickly restore everything.

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Complete Backup Everything You Need

A reliable, fast and complete backup tool enables you to back up everything you need on the computer, including file, hard drive/partition, system and even external drives, protecting your important data. The data backup tool has automatic backup options makes it easier and more efficient for you.

The Most Powerful All-in-one Backup and Clone Software

Safely and Easy-to-Use Clone Solution

Easily clone disk for the purpose of data protection, avoiding data loss due to the virus, operating system crash, intentionally or unintentional deletion, ensuring you never miss anything important, especially something related to education, business or privacy. It clones everything you need:

Quick Recover Anything You Care

Whenever your system crash, you can try the Boot Media and the System Backup to restore it. So does the deleted data when disaster happens, it will get everything from your backup file. It’s easy, safe and reliable. You've ensured everything is under controlled.

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Simple User Guide to Backup Your Data

The comprehensive backup and recovery solutions have built-in navigation to make back up your data/drive/system with simple steps. You can schedule the backup time and choose the backup function. Restore your data with the backup whenever you need.

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Users' Review

"It was horrible that my computer was lack of storage, so I had to back up important files regularly. It’s troublesome. iBeesoft frees my time for doing it. I tried the drive backup and file backup set the schedules. Now it does the backup automatically for me."



"As a girl I have to say the computer is my life, I keep all my photos and essays on it. To avoid the disaster as my classmate met, I’m searching for the computer backup software. iBeesoft fits my needs. It is far easier than other disk and file clone software from the interface and the operation. It works greatly "



"I want to clone my drive and disk, iBeesoft makes it for me. It’s very fast the complete the job with perfect results. I think it’s a great idea to try the software to solve computer problems, not to do it clumsily and slowly, time waste!!! Trust technology and trust software."



"Not the most popular backup software for computer, but it’s suitable for personal users like I who know less about computer techniques. After I searched for a long time, I choose iBeesoft. There aren’t many jargons, its awesome to clone disks, external hard drives, and SD card. You know, in these devices, there are always many important files."



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Data Backup and Drive Clone Tutorials

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