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It is an advanced free data recovery software with corrupt file repair ability to retrieve deleted or lost files quickly. This recovery freeware supports a wide range of storage media and has an intuitive interface, making it a perfect choice for any user, regardless of device type. It comes equipped with robust scanning and recovering technology, allowing you to restore documents, photos, audio files, videos, email messages, and many other types of content from your computer or external drives.

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Quickly Recover Your Deleted or Lost Files For Free

Losing important data can be a nightmare. Losing them forever is devastating, whether family photos, work documents, or precious memories. Fortunately, this data recovery freeware can help you regain your lost items. So if you're facing a data loss disaster, don't panic! Get your files back in no time with iBeesoft Free Data Recovery!

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For Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

  • iBeesoft's file recovery program is super easy to use. The program itself is free from ads and simple to understand. We tested data recovery with this program in Windows 11, which worked just as advertised.

No Matter How Files Are Lost, You Can Trust It!

Accidents happen all the time, and it's not uncommon for important files to disappear unexpectedly. Data loss can be a significant setback due to accidental removal, formatted drive, system/app crash, virus infection, or hardware failure. Fortunately, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery can help you retrieve your lost files. It provides easy and practical solutions to recover permanently deleted files free with minimal hassle. So, no matter how your files are lost, don't panic! The best free data recovery software can help you get them back in no time.

Free Data Recovery from Any Drive

When it comes to hard drives, the options seem endless. It can be overwhelming with so many brands and models to choose from. But there's one thing you don't have to worry about: data loss. iBeesoft free data recovery software can get data back from any storage device recognized by your PC, regardless of the brand or model. So whether you have a Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, or other types of movement, it can scan it and restore any lost or deleted files. And the best part? It's completely free! Say goodbye to the stress of losing your precious documents, photos, or videos. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery has got you covered.

Supports Almost All File Types Used Every Day

In the age of digital data, file formats are an essential part of our computing experience. They represent how data is encoded and structured for storage and shown on a computer. The best free file recovery tool is an essential lifeline for anyone who has lost important data for various reasons. One of the critical aspects to look for in any such tool is the support for various file types. After all, your data may be stored in different formats, and you need a tool that can handle all of them seamlessly. From images to videos, spreadsheets to text files, an all-encompassing iBeesoft Free Data Recovery can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting back lost data. With almost all the daily used file formats supported, you can trust it will be well covered.

How to Use iBeesoft Free Data Recovery

Due to a system crash, accidental deletion, formatted, or a virus, losing important files can be a significant headache. Fortunately, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help you retrieve files quickly and easily. You can get lost photos, documents, emails, and more with just a few clicks. So if you're looking for an easy and effective way to recover lost data, the best free data recovery software is the perfect solution.

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Comparing iBeesoft Paid and Free File Recovery Software

The existence of the iBeesoft Data Recovery Full version may puzzle some people since we have iBeesoft Free Data Recovery. However, there is a critical difference between the two versions: the number of files that can be recovered. The free version can only recover data up to 2GB; the full version allows unlimited file recovery. In addition, the full data recovery version offers additional features, such as repairing damaged files and technical support. If you need to recover large amounts of data or other parts, the full file recovery version is the best option.

  • Free Version
  • Full Version
  • Number of recoverable files
  • Only Up to 2GB
  • Preview before Recovery
  • Repair Damaged Photo and Video
  • Free 7*24 Technique Support
  • Free Lifetime Update

Why User Love iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software

Data loss can be frustrating and stressful, but thanks to iBeesoft, it doesn't have to be a permanent problem. With over 10 million users spanning 120 countries, the free data recovery service offered by iBeesoft has become a go-to solution for those who have unfortunately experienced data loss. What's truly remarkable about this service is its level of accessibility - it doesn't require any technical expertise or expensive software.

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Frequently Asked Questions about File Recovery Free

All computer users have experienced the heart-stopping moment when they accidentally delete an essential file or their computer crashes and lose everything. Free data recovery software options can potentially save the day. However, if you are a beginner, you may have some questions. To help you, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions covering everything from choosing the right software to using it properly.

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