15 Best iPhone Video Editor Apps for 2024

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With the rise of social media and the increased interest in capturing life's moments on video, having a reliable and efficient video editor on your iPhone is more important than ever. However, choosing the right one can be overwhelming with so many App Store options. So, we have curated a list of the top 15 best iPhone video editor apps that you can use to bring your videos to life. From essential editing tools to advanced features such as AI-powered editing and color grading, you'll find something on this list that suits your needs. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your videos to the next level!

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Part 1. How to Choose a Video Editing App for iPhone?
Part 2. 15 Best iPhone Video Editor Apps (Free/Paid)
Part 3. Tips: How to Recover Deleted/Lost Video Clips from iPhone
Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Video Editing App for iPhone?

Looking for the perfect video editing app for your iPhone can be overwhelming. With the many choices available in the app store, it can take time to determine which one suits your needs best. But before you start downloading anything that catches your eye, there are some essential factors you can consider to save you time, such as:

With these factors in mind, you can check out the list below to compare based on your needs and make the right choice.

15 Best iPhone Video Editor Apps (Free/Paid)

  1. VideoShop
  2. Are you looking for a user-friendly iPhone video editing app that works well for beginners and professionals? VidoeShop is the right pick! The app contains extensive editing tools such as text overlay, narration, clip merging, etc. Besides, you can also enhance your video quality using tilt-shift effects and smooth transitions. Premium users also get additional perks like watermark removal, 4K exports, different filters, and more. Try it today to enjoy top-class video editing!

    Key Features
    All essential video editing tools
    Green screen feature
    In-app video recording feature
    Compatible with iPhones and iPads
    Too much content can affect your phone’s processing.
  3. InShot Video Editor
  4. It's one of the best video editing apps an iPhone user can have. The sleek and easy-to-use interface allows you to import, edit, and personalize your videos. InShot Video Editor provides various video unique effect options, such as slow motion, fast motion, transition effects, dynamic text styles, etc. These special effects can make your videos more vivid and exciting. Moreover, you can also adjust video speed with the app, a feature most iPhone video editing apps don't have.

    Key Features
    Video + photo editing features
    High-resolution video output
    Speed ramping
    Supports voiceover layering
    Allows you to flip and rotate videos
    Has color correcting features
    Ads in the free version
  5. Quik
  6. In the contemporary era of social media, we all want a fast, fun application with a reliable video editing tool. Well! Quik is the right application in that case. The best iPhone video editor allows you to mix and mash clips and add themes and soundtracks, whipping up engaging content for the world in minutes. You can apply different filters and use titles and fonts on your clips to make them look perfect. Moreover, you can also customize the video by getting access to 28 video formats.

    Key Features
    It creates shareable videos automatically
    A live-streaming option is also available
    Speed control tool
    Has built-in horizontal leveling
    Has powerful video editing tools
    For the pro version, a subscription is required.
    Needs wifi for certain features
  7. LumaFusion
  8. LumaFusion is a professional video editing tool used chiefly by filmmakers, journalists, and producers. With it, you can create and edit a video on the spot. Besides, it offers overwrite capability, color correction, a fully-featured audio mixer, lossless export, and many other features. You can also keyframe its features. In short, the best video editor for iPhone is a fantastic pick for those who want their content to be flawless and worth appreciating.

    Key Features
    Converts animated GIFs into videos
    Allows third-party audio plug-ins
    Unlimited keyframes
    Provides sharing and exporting options
    No ads or annoying pop-ups.
    It’s not free.
  9. VivaVideo
  10. VivaVideo is a fun-packed, free video editor iPhone users can have. With hundreds of special effects, filters, stickers, animated clips, and subtitles, you can transform a raw video into sharable content. Additionally, the app has a music library, a motion control feature, nine custom lens options, and various collage templates. Use them to give your videos aesthetic and alluring effects.

    Key Features
    The curved speed feature enables you to create dramatic changes
    Provides multi-track editing
    You can share the video on VivaVideo’s network.
    You can import videos through iTunes.
    Sometimes, users face glitches
  11. KineMaster
  12. As an iOS video editor, KineMaster allows users to work simultaneously with multiple video and audio tracks in a project, making mixing, overlaying, and adjusting various media elements easier. It can also allow you to capture and modify videos in real time. Besides, you can share your edited videos directly on social media.

    Key Features
    Uses Chroma Green and other advanced tools
    Uses AI for improved video quality
    Professionals and amateurs alike can use its tools.
    Supports multilayered videos
    Watermark on videos edited in the free version.
  13. Filmora
  14. The app operates on iPhones and Android devices and has a simple, easy-to-handle interface. With plenty of templates and aesthetic effects, it makes your videos amazingly awesome. The iPhone video editor has almost 10,000 songs, of which 800 are free to download. You can add them in the background of your videos. Moreover, it also allows you to add titles, filters, stickers, etc. to your videos.

    Key Features
    In-app sound effects and royal-free music library
    Reverse playback of clips
    First Multi-cam app
    Has an array of template themes, and AI video creation is also available
    Don't add watermarks to your videos
    To enjoy all the features, you need to purchase the pro version.
    It can't be used for complex editing
  15. Videorama Video Editor
  16. Videorama is also a top iPhone video editing app that offers three video orientations, i.e., square, portrait, and landscape. The square size is for Instagram. Moreover, it excels in downloading free content from Pixabay, simplifying editing with text, photos, music, and filters. It also provides advanced options like clip editing and transitions. The free version produces 720p videos with a watermark, but a subscription removes it and unlocks 1080p and 60FPS capabilities. If you want engaging social media content or videos for personal or business use, try Videorama! You won't regret using it.

    Key Features
    Real-time effects
    Multiple canvas and resolution options are available
    Access to free stock video and photo library
    Amazing filters and text effects
    To enjoy all the features, you need to purchase the pro version.
    It can't be used for complex editing
  17. Movavi Clips
  18. Movavi is a lightweight mobile app with advanced features to cater to professionals and essential tools for beginners. You can use it to create social media content, edit personal videos, or business-related clips. The video editing app for iPhone provides a variety of special effects and transition effects, such as filters, dynamic text, transition effects, etc., to make your videos more vivid and exciting. Moreover, you can also add its royalty-free track to your videos.

    Key Features
    Has intuitive interface
    Free pack of stickers for users with paid version
    Pro version users get technical support
    Most functions can be completed with a one-click operation, which is very convenient.
    In addition to video editing, Movavi Clips also provides image editing tools.
    Watermark in free version videos
  19. Splice
  20. Are you a newcomer to the world of mobile video editing? Splice is the right tool for you! The tool enables you to trim and crop unnecessary parts from the video. It provides a variety of video special effects, such as color correction, blurring, adjusting brightness and contrast, etc., which can make your videos more artistic. Besides, it also has a music and sound library that you can access for free.

    Key Features
    Has over 6,000 royalty-free tracks from Artlist and Shutterstock libraries.
    Background removal with Chroma key
    Professional video editing features
    You can sync it with the iTunes library.
    Video editing and importing is effortless
    Documentary-style effects
    If you share the video on YouTube, you can get a copyright strike with in-app audio.
    Videos can't be edited in 4K.
  21. Filmmaker
  22. Filmmaker is a professional-grade video editing tool that's designed especially for mobiles. Plenty of advanced tools make it the best vertical video editing tool. The app has 30 filters, 17 transitions, and 200 fonts, enabling you to customize your 4K clips. The app also has an audiometer, which helps you add voiceovers to your videos. Besides that, this iPhone video editor has 46 professional-grade transition options, a video grading option, and a music and sound effects library.

    Key Features
    Autosaves edits to ensure you never lose them
    Unlimited project creation and management
    You can edit green screen clips
    A wide range of video-editing options
    Keyframe animation available
    Has limited features on the free version
  23. Adobe Premiere Rush
  24. Adobe is well-known in the industry. Regarding the best video editing app for iPhone, Adobe Premiere Rush never fails to impress users. With its editing tools, animation, and music, you can easily customize your videos. Besides, Premiere Rush has a split view and picture-in-picture mode for effective video editing. The app also allows you to resize videos and customize the thumbnail. Use it to edit your videos and enjoy the appreciation you'll get for your creative piece.

    Key Features
    You can start editing from your mobile device and then seamlessly switch to your desktop to continue editing.
    Multi-track impressive timeline
    You can capture the video in real-time and start editing it.
    Supports output to different resolutions and formats, including dedicated output settings for social media platforms.
    To use premium features, you’ve to buy a subscription.
    Confusing for beginners or first-time users
  25. Capcut
  26. Capcut video editor is a globally used tool. It's a no-frills tool and enables you to create engaging videos with advanced filters and beauty effects, making it the best free video editor for iPhone. You can also make great soundtracks for your videos from the music library. In short, it has every feature required for exceptional video editing.

    Key Features
    Chroma key and stabilisation
    Free keyframe animation
    Smooth slow-motion
    Outclass music library
    Bugs and glitches, occasionally.
  27. iMovie
  28. iMovie is a free iOS video editor with many filters that you can try to make your videos more appealing. You can create an iMovie vertical video using the app, make Hollywood-style trailers, and more. Besides, it also supports 4K video and enables you to add voiceovers, music, and titles to your videos. Though it's not a professional tool, it is best for beginners as they can quickly get their hands on it. If you are a beginner, try this free video editing app for iPhone!

    Key Features
    The app has intuitive multi-touch gestures
    14 Hollywood-style trailer templates
    Provides eight themes with music, titles, and transitions.
    The app's interface is simple.
    Automated video editing is possible.
    It's not a professional video editing app.
  29. Apple Clips
  30. Have you ever heard of an app designed specifically for children and families? Check Apple Clips for iPhone app video edits! With it on your iPhone, you can create stories with animated text, emojis, filters, and other fun features. It is not a professional app as it lacks many essential tools, but it's fun for creating videos to share with friends and family. You must give it a try!

    Key Features
    Free filters, stickers, emojis, and effects every month.
    Has augmented reality effects.
    You don’t need to be a pro editor to use Apple clips.
    Ideal for creating short videos.
    It doesn’t support multitracking.
    It can't be used for professional video editing.

Based on the customer reviews and features of iOS video editors available, VideoShop and InShot Video Editor are two of the best video editing apps for iPhone in our top 15 iPhone video editing apps. The apps contain all the essential video editing tools. Plus, if you are a social media influencer, they are the best picks for creating highly engaging, unique, and inspirational content. Finally, if you find the cut video lost, you can also check the following methods.

Tips: How to Recover Deleted/Lost Video Clips from iPhone

Losing precious video clips is never a fun experience. Whether it's footage of a special moment with loved ones or a video you planned on editing for your next big project, the thought of those memories disappearing can be overwhelming. However, there's no need to panic if you accidentally delete your video clips from your iPhone. With the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery help, you can quickly find them. Following a few simple steps and staying patient, you can recover permanently deleted videos from iPhone and relive your favorite moments again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To Sum Up

In today's digital age, capturing memories through videos has become the norm. Whether you're a professional content creator, an amateur vlogger, or want to capture moments with your loved ones, having a good iPhone video editor for high-quality videos can help you do more with less. Thankfully, there are plenty of great apps for iOS users to choose from in the App Store. We've scoured through them all to bring you the 15 best iPhone video editing apps that'll have you making Hollywood-worthy content in no time!