How to Unformat SD Card on Mac/Windows

Updated by Potter on Mar 31, 2021

"Please help me! In the morning, I accidentally formatted my SD card. there are so many of my favorite photos and movies on this SD card. Now, all were moved thoroughly from my SD card. I must retrieve them back. Is undo format SD/memory Card possible? Any unformat SD card solution or tool that can help me to recover photos and movies from formatted SD card? If yes please tell me how to unformat an SD card on Windows or Mac." by Mary

For the above case, we often use SD card to store various data. So, we may be losing data because of intentional or unintentional format the SD card. When it happens, please don't worry. We still have a big chance to unformat memory/SD card.

What happens if you format SD card on Camera/Windows/Mac?

You may think, like the "reset to factory settings" function on phones, computers, cameras and more, formatting SD card means you are deleting everything you have added to the SD card. However, the fact is your data is not gone permanently right after you format the SD card. Just only you can't see it. It is somewhere on your SD card with its once occupied space marked as space available for new data. So, the format SD card data will wait to be overwritten by newly generated data. Therefore, if you after formatted the SD card. please perform undo format SD card as soon as possible, you will have a big possibility to recover files from formatted memory/SD card.

Best Unformat SD Card Software to Get Back Lost Files

Want to restore lost data from a formatted SD card, the first thing you need to do is to stop using the SD card until you start to perform unformat SD card. Otherwise, you can’t get back the data again. Second, try any of the following ways to SD card unformat.

Unformatting SD card with a professional format recovery tool is the most reliable and easy thing you need to do. You know, it will scan your format SD card on Mac or Windows PC to find data from formatted SD card, you need without many efforts. About the unformat SD card software, I recommend you try is iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is the exclusive tool that allows you to recover files from formatted SD card under Windows or Mac. It is a safe and easy-to-use unformat and undelete tool to help you recover formatted, deleted or lost data from SD card, hard disk/partition, USB drive, digital cameras, MP4/3 player and other drives.

Your Safe & Effective Unformat SD Card Software

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  • It supports unformat and undelete more than 1000 file types. like, photos, videos, audios, documents, archives, emails etc.
  • The unformat tool can be supported almost all SD/CF/XD/MMC/SM/MS Card, Smart Card and other storage drives.
  • Fully compatible unformat SD card on Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista or Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Step by Step for How to undo format SD card

Click the download button below to download iBeesoft Data Recovery installation package. After then, double-click the .exe/dmg file to install it on your computer. It is fully compatible with the latest Windows and Mac. Please select the correct version and start to unformat SD card. Insert your formatted SD card into the computer SD card slot or use an SD card reader to connect your computer. If connected successfully, your SD card will appear on your computer as an external hard drive.

Step 1. Select File Types to Recover/Scan

From the main window, you can see that all supported file types. Since you want to unformat SD card, I suggest you scan for all the file types. If you only want to recover photos or videos, or other files, please uncheck the unneeded ones before clicking "Start" to SD card unformat.

Step 2. Select the Format SD Card for Scanning

In the new window, you’re required to select your formatted SD card to scan. Click the "Scan" button to start the scanning process.

Step 3. Unformat SD Card

If you have hundreds of files on your SD card, it may take a few minutes to finish the scanning process. Otherwise, it only takes a few seconds to finish it. After then, you’re required to select files you need and click "Recover" to restore files from formatted SD card.