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Canon Photo Recovery – Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Camera

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canon photo recovery

"Can you retrieve deleted photos from a Canon camera"? The other day, one friend asked the question. Actually, it is very common for people to accidently or intentionally delete photos. If you like my friend who has a Canon camera, you should learn the way for how to perform Canon photo recovery in case you lost important photos due to following reasons:

  • You plan to delete one photo from Canon camera, but mistakenly press the button "delete all".
  • There is an error with your Canon camera SD card which need to be fixed by formatting. After formatting, every single photo lost. It did not finish the whole transferring process completely while result in photo lost.
  • Your Canon camera can’t work properly. You have to reset it to factory settings with all photos erased.

No matter what kind of scenario you encounter for the photo lost in Canon camera, you can try the way mentioned below for how to recover photos from Canon camera.

Let’s put the first thing first, it’s a tool. You need a Canon photo recovery software tool for help. All lost photos are still on Canon camera, but invisible and be ready to be overwritten by new data. Only with the help of a Windows or Mac data recovery tool, it is able for you to recover deleted or lost photos from Canon camera. Here I’d like to recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is a newly brand tool designed specially for individuals to recover lost or deleted photos from Canon camera. Here are some of its salient features.

Your Safe & Effective Canon Photo Recovery Tool

photo recovery canon
  • Fully compatible with photos in all formats, including .png, .jpg/jpeg, .gif, .cr2, .crw and all RAW image.
  • Supports all kinds of SD cards used for Canon camera. You never need to worry about the incompatibility issue.
  • Easy-to-use with navigated windows. You only need to follow the built-in instruction to perform Canon photo recovery.
can you retrieve deleted photos from a canon camera

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Camera on Windows or Mac

This Canon photo recovery tool supports to recover deleted photos on Mac and Windows. It can fully recover photos from hard disk/partition, digital camera, SD card, music/video player, USB due to deleted, formatted or other reasons. Let’s keep the guide for how to recover deleted photos from Canon camera simple and easy. Check the steps below.

Step 1. Install iBeesoft Data Recovery on computer

Download the professional Canon photo recovery software to have a try! Whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac, you can download the corresponding version for your computer. Both of them are separate version and fully compatible with computer operating system.

Step 2. Connect Canon Camera with Computer

Use a USB cable to connect your Canon camera with your computer or disconnect the SD card from Canon Camera, then use a e-card to connect it with your computer. When you see the Canon camera or SD card appears like an external hard drive on your computer, then move to the next step.

Connect Canon Camera with Computer

Step 3. Select Photos to Recover from Canon Camera

Launch the Canon photo recovery software. From the start up window, you can see all supported file types are checked, ready for the scanning process. Uncheck all of then, except "Pictures", which will save you time for the upcoming scanning process. After then, click "Start".

canon photo recovery

Step 4. Select Canon Camera to Scan

In the next window, select the external hard drive which stands for the Canon Camera or saves the photos, and click "Scan".

Select Canon Camera to recover deleted photos

Step 5. Preview and Recover Photos from Canon Camera

It only takes you a few minutes to scan for the deleted or lost photos from the Canon Camera. After then, you can see the results. Select the photos, and then you can preview them. When find the target ones, check them all and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

recover deleted photos from canon camera

If you find it doesn’t help you recover all the photos you need from Canon Camera. You can try the "Deep Scan" mode in the result window. It will scan deeper and longer for lost photos.

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