How to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia 800/520

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With the advancements of technology, it is possible to store much information such as text, videos, and audio including photos in your Nokia Lumia 800/520. Unfortunately, this can equally lead to different data loss scenarios accompanying keeping your information in your phone. Sometimes the photos may be of no importance and you can easily do without them but some photos may contain moments you will not want to get rid of such as your marriage, a tour, or even a vacation as well as other information you might want to keep. In these cases of photo loss, you will have to recover the photos to keep your moments or information.

If you are asking "how can I recover pictures from my Nokia Lumia 800/520", in this article you will learn two ways for how to recover your photos from your Nokia Lumia 800/520. You can either use photo recovery software to recover your photos or you could equally use Zune backup to recover your photos.

Part 1. Download Photo Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Pictures from Nokia Lumia

Using photo recovery software is the best method to recover your lost and deleted pictures from your Nokia Lumia. This software functions by rebuilding the photos using the prints they left in the device in which they were stored. It is important to note that not installing anything in the location in which the photos were found is one of the ideal ways of increasing your chances of success in your photo recovery process because it may overwrite the prints of the photos left in the drive. So make sure not to modify the device in anyway.

Considering the different photo recovery software that exists, the best you can use to recover your photos is iBeesoft Data Recovery. This is a professional photo recovery software which is trusted by many in their various data recovery quests with a proven Trustscore of 4.7 by 1695 users. Available on both Windows and Mac, you can use it to solve photo loss issues on Nokia Lumia.

Very compatible with more than 1000 different file types, you can be reassured of successful data recovery involving any file, not alone photos. All formats in pictures, like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. are fully supported.

Download for Windows Download for macOS

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nokia Lumia with Data Recovery Software

The process of recovering your photos from your Nokia Lumia is made easy by iBeesoft Data Recovery. To recover deleted photos from your android phone,

1. Using a digital cable, connect your Nokia Lumia to your Windows or Mac computer. Once this is done properly, your phone’s storage will be displayed as an external storage in "My computer".

If your phone doesn’t connect properly, check the digital cable used and verify whether it is defective or not. If it is okay, make sure you have enabled debugging on your Nokia Lumia. To enable USB debugging on your Nokia Lumia,
Go to App drawer
Proceed to settings then About Device/Phone
Locate the Build Number area and tap over it about 7 to 10 times
Once you do this, "You are now a developer" will pop up enabling you to access developer options.
Locate developer options, access it and from there you can enable USB debugging.

2. Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery (If you just installed this photo recovery tool on your computer, it will open automatically). Once the software launches, it will display the different locations you are able to scan. Under external devices, if your phone was properly connected, you should be able to see its memory there.

Hover on your Nokia Lumia’s memory and you will see the scan button. If you want to scan the entire location for your photos, directly click on Scan.

If you want to scan a particular folder inside the memory, click on the phone’s memory and navigate through the folders. When you find the desired folder to scan, click on scan.

3. The scanning process takes time depending on the number of files found in the chosen location. You are capable of putting the scan on pause during the scan process in case you want to go through the already found files as well as you can stop the scan once you have already found your files. However, it is recommended to allow the scan process to go to completion because once it does a quick scan by default, it automatically performs a deep scan for a more intense search process with better results.

Preview the files found by the data recovery software. Once you find your photos, click on the check box next to them and click on Recover to finally recover deleted photos on Mac or Windows PC. Following this process closely and precisely, you will be able to recover all your photos.

Part 3. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Nokia Lumia with Zune Backup

Zune is software created by Microsoft to help owners of Nokia Lumia back up their data each time they plug their Nokia Lumia phones to a computer. This helps them save their data so that in case of any data loss, they may be able to recover their data without any problems. To retrieve your deleted photos using Zune backup,

1. Plug your Nokia Lumia to the computer (It should be the computer on which you always connected your Nokia Lumia to make sure that it has backups of the phone which contained the photos).

2. Run Zune Backup.

3. Once the phone is properly connected to the computer, using your Nokia Lumia proceed to Settings > phone > update.

4. Click on Restore.

5. From there you should just follow the on-screen commands accurately and you will be able effectively complete the process.

Zune Backup method will work if you have Zune installed and you had done regular backups (those in which the photos were present) of your Nokia Lumia on your computer. In a case where Zune was not installed or you didn’t perform backups or your backups do not contain the photos you require, then this method cannot work for you. It will be best to use iBeesoft Data Recovery in such a case to make sure you recover your photos easily and properly.

Part 4. Reasons for why pictures lost from Nokia Lumia and possible solutions

Some of the reasons behind the loss of your pictures from your Nokia Lumia include,

* Accidental Deletion

We are all humans and we make mistakes. Accidentally deleting our pictures is part of these mistakes we make.

* Poor handling of SD card

SD cards are used to store most of the information in our phones including our pictures. When not handled properly, the SD card either become corrupted in case of forced ejection of SD card as well as the photos themselves can get corrupted by the auto ejection of the SD cards.

* Virus and another malware invasion

The presence of viruses and other malware can greatly affect your mobile’s storage both internal and external. This can lead to the destruction or deletion of your pictures.

* Phone storage corruption

Your phone’s internal storage can equally be corrupted leading to the loss of your pictures.

These are the main problems that cause your photos to be deleted out of your will. To prevent or solve these different scenarios, you should follow the solutions below.

Download for Windows Download for macOS