Top 10 Best iPhone Photo Editors You Might Like

iPhone already has renowned name for its camera clarity and inbuilt filters, which makes it unparalleled from other smart phones. Still here are numerous iPhone photo editor apps, which helps a user to add extra colors, frames and other features. Now you must be confused about the selection of app, like which one to go with? In this passage, we will discuss about top 10 best iPhone editing app for iPhone 6, which one can consider to edit your beautiful memories.

#1 Instagram

Instagram is the name, which don’t need any introduction! Despite of very simple follow and be followed, it is one of the most famed social media apps with most downloads and reviews. But follow and be followed is not the only key behind their success there are a lot more, e.g it has 40 plus image filters, which are sufficient enough to make your simple photo into a professionally clicked one. So, what else Instagram clutched in its iPhone image editor app:


Best iPhone Photo Editor - Instagram

  • Edit your photos and videos with filters and users can also combine multiple clips into one video clip.
  • Story making is one another feature of Instagram, one can share photos and video clips in these stories. One can add text and drawing tools and bring your profile into life.
  • One can also Crop, rotate, straighten, vignette and tilt-shift effects.


#2 Google Snapseed

The one unparalleled feature in this is that it can be used up to six family members like a sharing enable feature and can edit photos and share. It’s a marvelous app to add colors, rotations, modify the depth of surrounding like curves, brightening, modify the depth of the screen to make like canvas larger. This is not it, here are plenty other features, let’s have a look on few in highlights.

Google Snapseed

#2 iPhone Photo Editor - Google Snapseed

  • Healing: It is the part used to remove the unwanted neighbouring from any photo like the group photo, collage, etc,.
  • Selective: This is the one famed control point technology used with 8 points selection on the image and enhance, rest the background features are controlled by algorithm.
  • Vintage: As the name describes the story, it is used to add the soften darkness around image corners.


#3 Adobe Photoshop Express

As the name suggests its an Adobe brand to make a quick style studio-caliber collage in minutes with a feasibility of zoom, color, size, border and a lot more. Use and upload files from flexible devices like Dropbox, Facebook, Cloud and Google Drive, etc,. One can choose a frame or let adobe to auto-suggest collage to create a masterpiece. We have also shared a few other points in this context, let’s have a look in brief.

Adobe Photoshop Express

#3 iPhone Photo Editor - Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Auto-fix: It’s a one-touch adjustable function with exposure, balancing, contrast making features.
  • Blemish removal: it uses to remove dirt, spots, dust, marks from an image.
  • Looks: It has 40+ selective effects, one can choose to set in their image to get a remarkable change in colors, background as black-white, natural, duo tones and a lot more.


#4 BeautyPlus

Beautyplus is the one common app, which can be easily found in most young girls because of its high ranking in making simple photos into professional and most beautiful one. It is also marketed as most reliable and powerful tool in editing from skin to hair. Now let’s talk about a few other key points in detail!


#4 iPhone Photo Editor - BeautyPlus

  • Augmented reality filters: This is the one amazing feature, which record a hit in the market. Users can try a bunny face, rat ear, cat nose and 20+ other editors, which reflect on the image as a part of selection of filter.
  • Anime Cam: This is the one unique feature in beautyplus! Users can join few celebs in their image as a filter effect, doesn’t it sound amazing?
  • Apart from these few other editors like, change hairs, skin tone, eye color and height adjustment are also the part of this flawless app.


#5 PhotoGrid

It is considered as one of the best apps for video grids and pic collage! With photo editing here are plenty other features as Instagram 1:1 & Instagram 16:9 ratio, AR face filters, Scrapbook, GIF generation and Meme as well. Furthermore, slideshow, grid and posters are also there with exceptionally mind blowing shades. Below we have listed a few other points to discuss more.


#5 iPhone Photo Editor - PhotoGrid

  • Filmstrip: It has central horizontal and vertical filmstrips.
  • Wow filter: It’s a popular AR face filter to edit videos and selfies effects in all aspects.
  • Background: It has 400+ backgrounds with a versatile variety e.g. background, space, depth, rainbows, fruits, frame, hearts and this list is endless.


#6 Photo Editor

An amazing all-in-one photo editor! One can use it to enhance a photo, edit it, apply filters, add stickers, paint & draw, remove spots, add brightness, create collage and a lot more. So, what else this amazing app has in it, which users can use to make their picture experience more beautiful.

Photo Editor

#6 iPhone Photo Editor - Photo Editor

  • Add text: With a beautiful photo, don’t forget to add a custom text message on your image to your loved ones. This iPhone photo editor app bestow users to add on feature to add a special message while sharing your image.
  • Lightening: Add more color in chicks, change lips color, change eyes shade, remove blemishes, dust and darkness and make your photo social media ready.


#7 Prisma

Prisma! On its first launch everyone in social media became crazy about prisma and post their selfies with prisma effect. It was like a viral at that time! It’s an artistic portrait app helps to combine images in a way that it will look and feel like a professional art piece. As above, we will list a few features about this app in the prescribed manner.


#7 iPhone Photo Editor - Prisma

  • Realistic effects: Prisma is an app, provide filters to convert simple image into drawing and printing like look with more vibrant colors, look and format.
  • Prisma feed: Users can make their prisma image and share their pictures in prisma feed. It works simultaneously as Instagram like to save image on a device, share with email, messengers and other social media apps.


#8 Photo Collage & Photo Editor

Photo collage is also famed for its 5000+ layout options and combinations among 100 million users. With this one can create a professionally done collage in no time with a fun and amazing experience of mix and match things. You must be wondering about its other features, so without more delay, let’s read about few more features.

Photo Collage or Photo Editor

#8 iPhone Photo Editor - Photo Collage & Photo Editor

  • Live collage: A smooth and fun to do collage making process to control, edit and create fantastic outlay of beautiful memories.
  • Theme template: A portray of well designed theme templates for almost all occasions, for example Holiday function, Xmas celebration, Party, Birthday events, Family time, Love, Baby, etc.
  • Stitch: As the name described this feature will help user to combine more than 16 photos into a long picture or we can say collage.


#9 Perfect365

Makeup 365 also has a renowned name in market for editing faces with 200+ available makeup tips. It is one of its kind in Virtual Makeup, with more than 100 million users the go-to place for selfie, makeup and fashion. With all these users can also try for trending makeup like Red Carpet look or Fashion week style. You can also check out Soulfactors women's beauty blog for more makeup and beauty tips.


#9 iPhone Photo Editor - Perfect365

  • Custom color options: Enjoy unlimited color options in infinite shades, the color combos are also in suggestions.
  • Tips: Daily makeups and beauty tips as an add on feature.
  • Video tutorial: With all these editings, video tutorials are also available from your favorite makeup artist, to help you in applying professional looks at any time.


#10 Pic collage

Make free cards, and create photo collages for every single occasion, with a circle of 160 million users who rated this app as 4 and 5 stars. Users have the choice to choose from hundreds of backgrounds, layouts, frames and color themes to make a memorable piece of art within a couple of minutes only. Have a look at few other features of this app.

Pic collage

#10 iPhone Photo Editor - Pic collage

  • Stickers: It has voluminous stickers from almost all brands as Hello Kitty, tokidoki, barbie and many more, the list doesn’t end here.
  • Creative frames: Get a tremendous collection of photo border, photo grid, background, filters and more from PicCollage store. Just select your images, set borders, background, color effect and create a custom make an image or card for your loved ones.

These are the few examples of the best photo editing app for iPhone 6 and more, and we hope with this list you can select one for adequate app for your day to day use editors.

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