How to Recover Snapchat Messages on iPhone

There is no snapchat message recovery app running on iPhone to recover deleted Snapchat messages. However, luckily, there are 2 ways for how to recover deleted snapchat text messages on iPhone: recover manually and recover with iPhone data recovery software. Check out and choose the way that's right for you.

Snapchat is a very famous video sharing app that allows users to send text messages, photos, and videos to their friends. But the catch is these texts, photos and videos stay available to see for only 10 seconds. Also, there are various filters available on Snapchat that has made this video sharing app famous among the users. But a lot of people ask this same question, "how to recover Snapchat messages on iPhone or how to recover Snapchat messages on iPhone without computer?" So if you are one of them and you want to know if it’s possible to recover deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone, then you need to read this article. You will get all the information on Snapchat message recovery in iPhone with a proper step by step guideline.

Part 1: How to Save Text Messages on Snapchat Manually

The easiest and basic way to recover Snapchat messages on iPhone is by manually saving it. Here is how you can manually save text messages on Snapchat.

1. you need to launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone and sign into the app. You will be automatically redirected to the screen where you can send a snap. You need to scroll right the screen with your finger and this will take you to the chat screen.

2. Now you need to tap on the "Chat" button from the upper left corner and find someone that you can chat with. Type in your message and tap on the "Send" button.

3. Now you need to tap the messages that you want to save and those messages will be in bold text and colored "Grey". This means the messages are selected specifically and they won’t be deleted when you go offline.

4. If you don’t want to keep any message later, just tap on it again and it will vanish within 10 seconds.

how to recover snapchat messages on iphone without computer

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted/Lost Snapchat Messages on iPhone

If you have deleted or lost your Snapchat messages from iPhone, then the best way to recover Snapchat messages on iPhone without computer is by using iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. This is the best Snapchat messages recovery for iPhone and it is also powerful iOS data recovery software. It allows users to scan and preview them before recovering photos, audio, messages, contacts and more. It has 3 professional recover Snapchat messages iPhone modes such as from the directly iOS device, from iTunes backup files and from iCloud backup files. Here is how to recover Snapchat Snapchat on iPhone.

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how to recover snapchat messages
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napchat message recovery

Snapchat Message Recovery from iPhone

If you haven’t had any backup files of your iPhone which contains the deleted Snapchat messages, you’d better recover deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone as soon as possible. The sooner the better. Otherwise, they’ll lost forever.

First please download and install the Snaptchat message recovery APP on your computer and launch it. Though it is an iPhone data recovery software tool, it has to work on a computer for iPhone. Then connect your iPhone into the PC by using a good quality USB cable and click on the "Recover From iOS Device" tab. If not connected, please check the "trust" button on your iPhone, letting it trust your computer first.

how to recover deleted snapchat messages iphone

Next, you’ll be led to the window with the "Scan" button on. Click "Scan" to let the recover Snapchat messages iphone software look for useful messages for you.

recover snapchat messages iphone

When it finishes the scanning process, all found files are sorted into categories on the left side. Next, you can filter out the wanted ones and preview the Snapchat messages. When finding the wanted ones, click on the "Recover" button to recovering Snapchat messages on iPhone without computer.

how to recover snapchat messages on iphone

Recover Snapchat messages From iTunes Backup Files

If you’ve backed up your iPhone to iTunes manually, then it’s very likely you can recover Snapchat messages on iPhone from the iTunes backup file by extracting them from the package.

Launch the Snapchat message recovery APP iPhone software on your computer and click on the "Recover From iTunes" tab. Next, you’ll see all iTunes backup files on your computer are listed in the window. Please select the one that most likely to contain your Snapchat messages. Next, click on the "Scan" button, letting the software extract useful information from the iTunes backup package file.

snapchat message recovery app

When it finished, all the files inside that backup file will be displayed on your computer screen. You can select and preview the files that you want to recover from here. Check out the left panel, there are all the file types extracted from the iTunes backup file. You need to choose "Snapchat Data" under the "Messages and Call log" tab and click on the "Recover" button to recover Snapchat messages on iPhone.

Recover Deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone from iCloud

To save time, people like to backup iPhone to iCloud. You deleted Snapchat messages are very likely to be there. Try the way below to recover deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone.

Launch the recover Snapchat messages iPhone tool on your PC and click on the "Recover from iCloud" tab. Next, sign in to your iCloud account. Please note the software never collect any of your data. It only gets your permission to get into the iCloud backup file, looking for your deleted Snapchat messages.

how to recover deleted snapchat messages

After logging into your iCloud account, all the iCloud backups available will be listed on the window. You need to choose the iCloud backup mostly like to contain your Snapchat messages and click on the "Scan" button to do Snapchat message recovery.

recover deleted snapchat messages on iPhone

After the scanning finishes, all the data in the iCloud backup file will be extracted and listed in the left. You can select and preview any Snapchat messages. When finding the one you want to recover and click on the "Recover" button to save it on your computer.

After reading this article, there will be no doubt left on your mind about snapchat message recovery on iPhone. Still, if you are confused, which way you need to use for best result, then you can blindly trust on iBeesoft data recovery software. This is a one-stop iPhone snapchat recovery APP and the guideline from this article will help you to easily recover snapchat messages on iPhone without computer in no time. Recovering Snapchat messages is really easy and you don’t have to panic when you can get help from an amazing tool like this. So don’t waste your time on any other software and start using the best free iPhone Data Recovery software.

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