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The best free raw drive recovery software fully supports data recovery from the raw hard drive and raw partition, preventing files loss from hard disk formatting while fixing the raw drive issue. Supports over 1000+ file types recovery and 2000+ drives in raw.

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Trustworthy RAW Partition/Drive Data Recovery Freeware

It’s the best free RAW drive recovery software to recover files from RAW drive and RAW partition by providing users a free, efficient, and professional data recovery experience.

Restore Data from RAW Drive in Any Scenarios

No matter how the drive file system becomes RAW and asks you to format the drive before using it, this free raw file system recovery software will scan it and recover files.

Support 2000+ Storage Devices in RAW Disk

Supported 2000+ storage devices covering all the daily widely used branded USB flash drives, CF cards, SD cards, micro memory cards, memory cards, SSD, HDD, etc.

Retrieve 1000+ File Types from RAW Drive

All the files in RAW drives can be recovered, including videos, images, documents, audio files, archives, emails, and more with different file extensions. If you accidentally formatted the RAW drive to fix it and removed all the files from the RAW drive, you can also try this free raw drive data recovery. It will scan the RAW drive, showing all the recoverable files for you, rescuing your files in time. This must do as soon as possible if you want to get a good raw recovery result before the data overwritten issue arises.

How to Recover Data from RAW Drive and
Convert RAW Volume to NTFS/FAT32 for Free

The first thing to do when you experience a RAW Drive issue is to stop using the device. Any further operation will cause data corruption in the RAW drive/partition. Next, follow the steps below to recover files from a RAW hard drive for free with the raw recovery software.

Step 1. Download and Install Free Raw Data Recovery Software

You can click the Free Download button to get the installation of the free data recovery software for RAW partition. After then, install it on your Windows PC. It’s fully compatible with all the Windows OS versions, including the latest Windows 11.

Step 2. Select File Types to Recover from RAW Drive

Launch the free data recovery software from RAW drive. Click "Go to Settings" at the bottom left panel and you will see the file types selection window. Keep the wanted file types, deselect the unwanted ones, and confirm the action.

Step 3. Scan RAW Drive for Extract Files

In the main window, it will list the disks. You’re supposed to connect the RAW drive or RAW partition before getting down to the recovery process. Hover mouse over the window and click the "Scan" button beside the RAW drive, letting it scan the RAW drive, looking for recoverable files.

Step 4. Preview Recoverable Files in RAW Drive

Wait for the scanning process to complete and check the found files. You can find these in the "Existing Files", "Deleted Files" or "Other Lost Files". All files are put into the corresponding directory. Find the right one then you will see the files there.

Step 5. Recover Files from RAW Drive for Free

After finding and previewing the needed files from a RAW drive, you can select them all and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Please do not save the recovered files back to the RAW drive. Otherwise, you will still be facing the problem of losing them.

Step 6. Convert RAW Volume to NTFS/FAT32

Click "This PC" and select the drive whose file system is displayed as RAW under the "Devices and drives" option. Right-click and select "Format...", select the file system you need in the opened window, and click "Start" to complete the formatting. Finally, copy the recovered files to this disk.

After you complete the above steps you can easily convert RAW to NTFS without losing data. you can also choose the file system as "FAT32".

FAQ for RAW Drive Data Recovery

Q: How Can I recover my Raw Data for free?

A: You can recover your raw data for free with the above-mentioned Raw Drive Data Recovery tool. Although it is free, it can recover all file types. To use it for your data recovery, simply download the free Raw USB data recovery tool on your computer.

After the download, install the software and launch it. Follow the simple prompts to completely recover your lost Raw Data:

  1. Launching the Free Raw Data Recovery tool.
  2. Scan and locate the RAW drive with the data
  3. Preview the found files in the drive to be sure that it is the actual RAW file that you want to restore.
  4. Click the "Recover" button to save the Raw drive data on your computer.

Q: Can Recuva Recover Raw Files?

A: Yes, Recuva can also find deleted or lost raw files. It is effective for data recovery from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3 players, and different other storage devices. It offers unlimited free data recovery features and it is available in a portable edition. The best free data recovery software for Mac or Windows has a deep scan mode that allows you to search and recover all lost data from your device. However, Recuva may have the incompatibility issue since the last update was in 2006, a long time ago.

Q: How do I restore a Raw USB Flash Drive?

When your USB flash drive becomes RAW, it becomes impossible to access the data on the device. There are various reasons why you can experience a Raw USB drive but whatever the reason; you can easily resolve the issue. The first thing to do is to format your USB flash drive to NFTS. You can do this through the use of the cmd command. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Click on the Windows and X keys to open the context menu.
  2. Select Command Prompt to open the Admin mode command.
  3. Type Convert F: /FS: NTFS (where F is the letter associated with the drive).

Windows will automatically the conversion process but you have to be patient because it can take a while, especially if you have a large drive. You can also use Windows File Explorer to format your USB flash drive to NTFS. Below are the simple steps to do this:

  1. Click to open Windows 10 File Explorer and locate the USB drive. Right-click on the drive and choose the "Format" option.
  2. Click on the NTFS as your target file system and click on "Quick Format". Next, click on "Start" to begin the formatting process.
  3. After the formatting process, click on the "OK" to confirm. Your USB is now NTFS.

When you format your USB flash drive to NTFS, it will lose data in the process. You do not have to fret over this as you can find your lost data using a professional tool like iBeesoft Raw data recovery freeware for Windows 11, 10, 7.

All you have to do is download the free raw drive data recovery tool and install it on your device. After this, you can launch the tool and follow the on-screen prompts to completely recover lost or deleted files on your device.