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The hard disk/partition must be formatted before it can be accessed. Filesystem becomes RAW? Want RAW hard drive recovery without formatting? Losing access to your files from corrupted drives can be frustrating, pushing you to think of the worst-case scenarios. However, with the best free RAW hard drive recovery software at your fingertips, such tremendous losses have become a thing of the past. The ease of use features makes it an ideal choice for inexperienced users.

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Trustworthy RAW Partition/Drive Recovery Freeware

Accidentally losing files due to a drive malfunction is a difficult thing to go through. When all hope is lost, the best free RAW hard drive recovery software can save your documents, photos, videos, and more for free.

RAW Hard Drive Recovery without Formatting

Your disk's file system may become RAW for the following reasons. You can feel powerless to recover your lost data. However, there is hope! This free RAW hard drive recovery software can help get your data back without formatting. This fantastic tool offers users a simple and hassle-free method of restoring files from RAW disk with high success rates.

Recover Files from Any RAW Drive/Volume

Are you looking for a tool to recover lost data from RAW storage? This powerful, free RAW drive recovery tool is here to help. It supports thousands of devices, from external hard drives to USB flash drives and memory cards. Forget about memory sticks, SSDs, and HDDs - this tool covers all the daily widely used branded ones! Whether using the latest or oldest drive, this recovery tool ensures you never lose your precious data again.

Retrieve 1000+ File Types from RAW Drive

Losing precious files on our disk can be a devastating occurrence. However, with RAW drive recovery software available, it is possible to safely and securely recover files from a RAW hard drive without formatting. What's even more impressive about these applications is that they are designed to support more than 1000 different file types. This means that almost anything once stored on your drive can be retrieved.

How to Recover Files from RAW Drive Without Formatting for Free

A RAW drive is devastating for anyone who experiences it, as data loss is almost inevitable. Luckily, free RAW disk/partition recovery software exists to help get your data back. The RAW hard drive recovery without formatting doesn't require technical know-how or experience. The executable files are intuitive enough for users of all skill levels to understand and successfully navigate with minimal effort. For this, you just download it and get essential items back in a few clicks.

Step 1. Download and Install Free Raw Recovery Software

You can click the Free Download button to install it on your Windows PC. It’s fully compatible with all the Windows OS versions, including the latest Windows 11.

Step 2. Filter File Types

Launch it and click "Go to Settings" at the bottom left panel to see the file types selection window. Deselect the unwanted ones, and confirm the action.

Step 3. Scan RAW Drive to Extract Files

In the main window, it will list all the disks. Hover over a drive with a file system that shows as RAW and click the "Scan" button next to it to have it look for recoverable files.

Step 4. Preview Recoverable Files in RAW Drive

Wait for the scanning process to complete, and all files are put into the corresponding directory. You can check the lost files in the "Existing Files," "Deleted Files," or "Other Lost Files."

Step 5. RAW Hard Drive Recovery without Formatting

After finding the needed files from a RAW drive, you can select them all and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Please do not save the recovered files back to the RAW drive. Otherwise, you will still be facing the problem of losing them.

Step 6. Convert RAW Volume to NTFS/FAT32

When you are done recovering files from a RAW hard drive/partition, you need to fix the inaccessible drive issue. So, click "This PC" on the desktop, and find the target drive in the "Devices and drives" list. Right-click "format.." and choose the FAT32/NTFS as the new file system for this drive to complete the fix. Finally, copy the recovered files to this disk.

After you complete the above steps you can easily convert RAW to NTFS without losing data. If it's a USB drive, then you can set the file system to FAT32, which is more compatible with macOS.

FAQ for RAW Drive Data Recovery

Q: Can the RAW hard drive be recovered?

A: No problem. But please don't use the disk repair tool to try to repair it before restoring the file. This may result in data corruption. For this, you can use the professional RAW drive recovery software - iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover files from a RAW drive without formatting.

Q: How do I fix my RAW partition without formatting?

A:The volume's file system appears RAW and inaccessible due to a logic error. Usually, you can use CMD to fix this. But to ensure the safety of its saved data, please use data recovery software to retrieve lost files before starting the repair.

Q: Why is my hard drive showing as RAW?

It can be incredibly frustrating when you open your computer and see that your hard drive is now showing as RAW. Raw drives are not detected by computers and can cause issues - from displaying error messages to preventing you from accessing specific files. This tends to happen mainly due to corruption in the file system, caused by anything from a virus to a power surge or other hardware malfunction. In this case, it's essential to take the appropriate steps to fix it, such as using data recovery software to get data back before formatting the drive.

Q: Can I Convert RAW to NTFS without Losing Data?

For the safety of your essential files. First, you need to use iBeesoft RAW drive recovery freeware to complete data retrieval. You can format the RAW drive and set the file system to NTFS when all items are retrieved. Finally, re-migrate the original files into it to complete the process.

Q: How to Repair RAW Drive using CMD?

When a hard drive shows up as RAW, it can be a worrying experience. Don't worry, and this can be fixed using the command prompt. To do this, you must run it as an administrator and enter chkdsk C:/f. Note that C is the letter of the RAW drive.

Q: Can I recover Data from RAW USB for free?

A: You use the Raw Drive Data Recovery tool mentioned above. Although it is free, it can recover all file types. After the download, install the software and launch it. Follow the simple prompts to recover files from a RAW drive without formatting completely:

  1. Connect the USB with the file system shown as RAW to the computer.
  2. Launch the free RAW hard drive recovery software and click the USB to scan.
  3. Click the "Recover" button to save the Raw drive data on your computer.

Q: Can Recuva Recover Raw Files?

A: Yes, Recuva can also find deleted or lost raw files. It is effective for data recovery from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3 players, and other storage devices. It offers unlimited free data recovery features and is available in a portable edition. The best free data recovery software for Mac or Windows has a deep scan mode that allows you to search and recover all lost data from your device. However, Recuva may have an incompatibility issue since the last update was in 2006, a long time ago.

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