How to Recover Photos from Vault App on iPhone

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Photo vault app helps users hide and manage pictures and videos. Only with the right authority, users can view the photos and videos in the Photo vault app. However, it’s really depressing if you lost photos from the photo vault app by accident. Here in the following, 3 ways are covered for how to recover photos from vault app on iPhone.

Part 1. What is Photo Vault App

Everyone has some photos on their iPhone that they wouldn’t want everyone to see, but the iPhone default Photo app can’t hide and manage these photos smoothly. Photo Vault app enables users to secure their photos and videos with a password that no one can access them. It’s available for all apple smart devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android smartphones as well. Even the captured photos and videos directly from this app will be saved into Vault App directly. It’s powerful, right? However, what if you lost or delete photos in the photo vault app? Sure, it’s a tough task of doing photo vault recovery on an iPhone, you can try the following 3 ways.

Part 2. How to Recover Photos from Vault App on iPhone

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery is an amazing recovery tool for iOS that’s well known to recover data from iPhones and by recommended by professionals. It is really helpful in such situations where one has lost their important data not only photos but also videos, WhatsApp data, messages, calendars, and many other types of data. You can try it to recover photos deleted from vault app on iPhone.

Key Features of the iPhone Photo Recovery Software

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  • Easily recover permanently photos from iPhone from factory reset, accidental deletion, water damage, and broken screen, etc.
  • Restore data from iCloud and iTunes by extracting files, avoiding data overwritten issues.
  • Safely recover data from Vault App iPhone without affecting the data stored.
  • Supports all the major formats on iPhones that are used for photos and videos.
  • Easy to recover photos from vault app, no jargon or setting up.
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How to Recover Photos from Vault App on iPhone with iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

You will learn all about recovering your deleted or lost photos from Photo Vault app in this part and 3 ways available. You can choose any of them or whatever suits you best. Let’s get started.

Method 1. Recover Photos from Vault App for iPhone by Scan iPhone

This method works directly with your iPhone’s storage and scans it looking for photos. It is specially designed for scanning the iPhone’s storage to look for files, displaying all the recoverable files for you.

Step 1. Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery on your computer. Please note that is no app on iPhone can do the photo vault recovery on iPhone. Data recovery must be processed on computer.

Step 2. Once the software is installed on your computer now it’s time to connect your iPhone using a digital cable. On plugging the cable, you will probably see a notification on your iPhone asking for permission to choose "Trust" and it will appear on your computer.

Step 3. Open the tool and choose "Recover from iOS Device" and your iPhone’s name will appear there. Click on the "Scan" button to start the scanning process for recover deleted photos from iPhone without backup. It will take some time to scan the storage and it also depends on the storage size, the more storage you have, the more time it will take.

Step 4. Start Recovering Photos from Vault App on iPhone. After a few minutes or hours depending on the size of your iPhone’s storage, the scanning process will be finished. You will see all the photos recoverable from your iPhone in the left pane of iBeesoft in a folder named "Photos". On clicking that all the photos will appear and you can preview them as well before making a final decision to save them on your computer as this is a powerful feature offered by iBeesoft. Choose a location on your computer’s drive and choose the photos that you were looking for and all those will be saved there.

Method 2. Recover Photos from Vault App by Extracting from iCloud Backup

This is another useful method that really can help you to get back your deleted photos from Vault App. But this is only possible if you have already created the iCloud backup. Let’s know how to recover Vault App photos from iCloud backup.

Step 1. On your computer launch, iBeesoft data recovery and from options click on "Recover from iCloud" and go their sign-in page for logging in. Enter your email and password and hit log in. On a successful logging attempt, you will be shown all the backups of your iPhone that you created recently. Choose the latest one or any other that you think may contain the backup of the Vault App and click on the "Scan" button to extract all the files. It may take some time and you needed to be calm and wait for the competition.

Step 2. Once the extraction is completed, you can get back your deleted photos by looking them into the extracted data. But again, I would warn you that this will only work if you have a recent backup created on iCloud.

Method 3. Recover Photos from Vault App by Extracting from iTunes Backup

This method used iTunes backup to get back all your Vault App deleted photos on iPhone. Let’s follow the steps given below to restore photo vault recovery on iPhone. As I can assume that you have already installed iBeesoft on your computer.

Step 1. Choose iTunes Option from iBeesoft Vault App Recovery for iPhone. You need choose the option "Recover from iTunes" and iPhone should be already connected to your computer. Click on the "Scan" button that will appear next to your iPhone’s name and it will start scanning for the iTunes backup. This process takes a much longer time as compared to the other methods described before so you need to be calm and wait until something appears.

Step 2. iBeesoft Data Recover will bring back all the deleted files from your iPhone that were found in the backup. All the data will be sorted and categorized according to their data type and format. You can easily see the photos that you were looking to recover from Photo Vault on your iPhone. Once you get all the photos click on "Recover" and save them on your computer’s drive or wherever you want.

Part 3. FAQ about Photo Vault App for iPhone

1. What is the best photo vault app for iPhone?

According to different iPhone users, the best photo vault app for iPhone is Private Photo Vault. This app lets a user secure their photos and videos that no one can access without a password that only know the owner.

2. Can I use an iPhone purchased private photo vault on iPad?

Yes, you can use an iPhone purchased private photo vault on iPad if the app is officially providing its support for the iPad along with the iPhone which most of the apps do now a day. That’s why it’s possible. Just log in with the same account.

3. How to make a private photo vault requires location access?

This feature is not enabled by default, for using the location feature you will first have to allow the app to access your device's GPS location and later whenever you capture a photo or video with the location turned on it will add the location as well to the photo/video.

No matter how you manage photos and videos, using the default Photo app or Photo vault app, it’s better to back up important pictures and videos regularly. Unexpected situations always happen and you don’t know when you will encounter them. Anyway, if any data is lost or deleted on iPhone, try the best iOS photo recovery app for iBeesoft to recover it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might lose it permanently.