How to Recover Deleted Music Files from Computer

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You can see people are asking questions, like "how do I recover deleted music from Windows 11? ", and "how do I find lost music files on my computer". Listening to music is a great way to relax. Though there are all kinds of apps, online music streaming services, even radio services available, it is not as convenient as playing music locally, especially if no stable network is available. That’s the reason why people download music files on the computer. Here in the following, let’s learn how to restore lost music files on computer.

Part 1. How to find lost music files on my computer

Sometimes, you want to recover lost music files, but you do not know whether these files are deleted or not, or forget where you have saved them. In this case, you need to learn how to search and find the lost music files.

On Windows PC, click the "Start" menu > next, find the "Pictures, music or video" option, and click the "Music" checkbox. After then, click the "Search" button to get music files back. If you find nothing, you can also try the software named as "Listary" to search your Windows PC for the lost music files.

On Mac, you can directly click the Spot icon on the top right to search for lost music files on Mac. If you have enabled Time Machine, you can restore the deleted or lost music files by restoring from Time Machine.

Part 2. How to recover deleted music files from computer

If you have deleted music files, you should first try to check out the trash bin. If your music files are still there, select them and click "Restore" to retrieve them to the original folder. If you do not find any deleted music files there or you have emptied the trash bin, try iBeesoft Data Recovery to scan your computer for music files.

Best Music File Recovery Software – iBeesoft Data Recovery

It is a desktop software tool, developed for users to recover deleted files after emptying recycle bin, deletion, virus attack, quarantined by the security software, system crash, computer powered off, interruption during the transfer process, etc. And all commonly used files are fully supported, including pictures in different formats, videos, audio files, including music files, documents, and more. It will help you recover deleted music files from computer easily. It has two scanning modes: Quick Scan looks for complete music files and Deep Scan scans for music files even with part of the file properties lost. Here in the following, you can learn how to restore deleted music files with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

  1. Step 1. Install music file recovery software
  2. No matter you want to retrieve music files on Windows PC or Mac, you can download the right version of the software for your computer. Currently, separate versions for Windows OS and macOS are all available. The software is fully compatible with all versions of the computer operating system. Feel free to download. They’re virus-free software. After then, install the software on your computer. If you want to recover deleted music files on external hard drive or devices, please connect it with your computer and ensure your computer detects it as an external hard drive.

    Download for Windows Download for macOS
  3. (Optional) Select music files to scan
  4. Launch the software after you install it. All supported file types are selected. To save your time and shorten the scanning process, you can also click "Go to setting" to deselect the other tiles, only keep videos and audio files selected, covering MV and music files.

  5. Select target drive to scan for lost music files
  6. In the first window, you can see all hard drives on your computer, including the external hard drive connected. Please make sure where the deleted music files were before the deletion. After then, select the hard drive and click "Scan", letting the software scan the hard drive for the deleted music files.

  7. Recover deleted music files on computer
  8. It might take a while for the software to stop the scanning process. Do not worry, during the scanning process, if you see it has found the deleted music files, you can stop the scanning process. My suggestion for you is to wait until it finishes the whole scanning process. After then, you can filter music files by selecting a file extension on the left side, preview the music files on the right side. Select the needed ones and click "Recover" to recover deleted music files.

It’s how to use the default scanning mode, Quick Scan, to restore deleted music files on computer. In the result window, you can see the Deep Scan option as well. It takes longer for this mode to scan more files for you. You can try it to completely recover permanently deleted files in window 11 or Other OS!


1. No matter how and where you save important files, you need to back up them. You know, a copy means safer, especially these files once you lose them, you’d never have a way to get a copy again. Try iBeesoft Dbackup to back up your Windows PC with less space. Backup system, backup folder and backup file, backup drive are all available.

2. You’d better have a music manager software to manage all your music files, like iTunes, making it quite easy and simple for you to create playlist and manage music files. If there is a problem with the original music files, you can notice it easily.