How to Recover Deleted Photo from Laptop

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how to recover deleted photos from laptop

It is believed photos are the best medium to recollect the most memorable events in one’s life. And it is common to find that people collect more than 5 GB photos on the computer. However, it is not safe to save photos on the laptop as well, because you may delete photos intentionally or unintentionally on the laptop for the following reasons:

  • Your laptop storage is almost full. You have to delete files for storing new files. While deleting files, you accidentally deleted memorable photos.
  • Family members who use your computer, especially kids, accidentally deleted your photos from the laptop.
  • Resetting the laptop or formatting driver causes the photo to be deleted
  • Your laptop infected virus, to clean it, you have to delete the photos.

Can I Recover Deleted Photo on Laptop?

For users who don't know how to recover deleted photos from laptop, it can be a real disaster! No matter whether the photo was lost by accidental deletion, formatted drive or other reasons, , if you want to recover pictures from laptop, you have to know the ways and steps. In the following, I’ll instruct you to the detailed guide. If you do the steps instruct you, then you’ll know how to recover deleted photos on laptop or computer in Windows or Mac.

First, please check the trash bin to see whether the deleted photos are there or not. Generally, if you delete the photos accidentally, they should be out there. If they’re there, select them and click the button "Restore". After then, you can see you’ve recovered deleted photos from computer successfully. If you empty it or other reasons cause photos to be lost, You still have a chance to recover deleted files from recycle bin after empty or restore permanently deleted pictures from computer.

If you deleting photos from an external drive, they won't be put in the recycle bin. In this case, you need the following solutions to help you recover deleted photos in laptop.

Best Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures from Laptop

You may permanently delete photos by using "Shift + Delete" button or emptying recycle bin. When this happens, you should stop using the computer instantly. All the deleted pictures from the laptop should be marked as deleted files and waiting to be overwritten by new data. They’re invisible, so if you do any further operation, then it’ll result in photo permanently deletion. What you need to do is to find a data recovery software to recover deleted photos from laptop/computer.

There are multiple Windows or Mac photo recovery tools you can download from the internet. My suggestion for you is to free try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is newly designed for people to recover deleted photos, videos, emails, documents and more from the laptop or other removable devices. And most important is that it offers two recovery modes to make sure you completely recover deleted photos from SD card, laptop, desktop, USB drive and more in all data loss scenarios.

Your Safe & Effective Laptop Photo Recovery Tool


how to recover deleted photos on laptop
  • It is a read-only and risk-free Windows or Mac recover deleted photos program. No operations will overwrite your original data.
  • It supported preview before recovery to check deleted photos quality in advance
  • It fully compatible recover deleted photos from laptop in Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
how to recover deleted pictures on laptop

Download the photo recovery application to recover deleted photos on Mac or Windows now! In the following, I’ll show you how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover deleted pictures from laptop.

Steps for How to Recover Deleted Photos on Laptop

Step 1. Download and install this tool on your laptop. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. If you have a Mac, you can also download the version for Mac as well. It is virus free. It is a standalone tool. You only need to install it to recover deleted photos from laptop. No extra tool needed.

Step 2. Launch this photo recovery program. From the main window, please select the "Pictures" to recover. All the supported files are selected by default. You only need to keep "Pictures”" checked and other types of file unchecked. Click the "Start" button to recover deleted photos from computer.

recover deleted photos on laptop

Step 3. In the new window, please select the hard drive/partition where you have deleted the photos to scan. It will save you time if you make clear where you have lost these photos beforehand. Click the "Scan" button to let the software scan deleted photos from the laptop for you.

recover deleted photos

Step 4. How long it takes to scan for deleted photos from laptop really depends on how many photos deleted on the laptop. Usually, it only takes a few minutes. After then, you can see the result displayed in the result window. From the left side panel, you can filter file types by selecting the file extension. After then, you can check out the result file(s) on the right side. When finding the target photos you want to recover, select them and click "Recover" to starting recover deleted photos on laptop.

recover deleted photos from laptop

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