How to Recover Incognito History on Computer/Android Phones/iOS Devices

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Incognito mode is created for people to visit websites securely, avoiding leaving any browsing history or traced by cookies. However, some people still ask how to get back incognito history on the phone and computer. This article tells you how to restore incognito history. The process is much more complicated than using iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover Google Chrome history on Mac, retrieve Google Chrome browsing history on Windows PC, and how to recover Google Chrome history on iPhone.

"Can you recover incognito history? How do I restore incognito browsing history? There are some websites I visited and I forgot the address."

It’s embarrassing to ask how to get back incognito history sine incognito mode is specially designed for users to browse webpage in a hidden mode, preventing any data leak to the web browser, search engine, or websites as well as there is no cookie left as well. However, sometimes people have to learn how to retrieve history from incognito mode if he or she forgot the website address, the webpage address, etc. Here in the following, 5 ways are covered for how to recover incognito history on phone and computer.

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Part 2. How to recover incognito history on Android Phones/iOS Devices
Part 1. How to retrieve incognito history on computer

Part 1. How to recover incognito history on Android Phones/iOS Devices

It’s harder to recover incognito history on Android phones, tablets, or iOS devices. However, the workaround is making use of some spy software for the phone. My suggestion is not to use spying apps for phones. It does not worth it by putting your device into risk. If you do not care about it, you can search for one anyway.

How to See Incognito History on Android Phone

Besides spying software, another way for how to incognito history on android phone is using your router’s system logs. The difference between retrieving incognition history on computer and Android phone is that you open it on your Android phone. Here are the steps

  1. Open the private internet address of your router’s brand from your browser on Android phone.
  2. Log in by entering the credentials
  3. Go to the System Logs from the left sidebar, and open the logs. That's it.

How to View Incognito History on iPhone

Ever wanted to see your incognito browsing history on your iPhone? Now you can with just a few simple steps! In this guide, we'll show you how to view your incognito browsing history from within the iPhone Settings app. So whether you're curious about what websites you've visited while in incognito mode, or if you simply want to keep a record of them, follow along and we'll show you how it's done!

  1. Open open the Settings in iPhone
  2. Go to Safari < Advanced < Website Data

Part 2. How to retrieve incognito history on computer

There is no browsing history on the web browser if you used the incognito mode to visit the website. Since there is no history, then how to recover incognito history? Check the 3 mentioned ways below:

#1. How to restore incognito history with CMD (Find the DNS)

  1. Create a .txt file on your computer. You can put it on your desktop or D drive. Just name it as what you want it to be, for example test.txt.
  2. Click the Windows icon at the bottom left or click Win+ R. In the pop-up window, type cmd.
  3. In the command window, put in ipconfig /displaydns > D:\test.txt and click Enter. Please note that D:\test.txt refers to the txt file we created in step 1 and it is saved in D drive.
  4. Click to open the text.txt file, checking out whether the incognito history is recovered or not.

#2. How to get back incognito history from Router

Though your web browser is in incognito mode, the router might have maintained a log containing all the websites you visited via the network. In this case, you can retrieve incognito history by checking out the log. Try the steps.

  1. Make clear the brand of the router you’re using. Visit its website and log in with your credential.
  2. In the Control panel, select the Logs section or find Administrator > logs. Check out the log and restore incognito history.

#3. Do Chrome incognito history recovery with Chrome extension

If you have installed and enabled Off the Record History Chrome extension, then it must have recorded your browsing activity. It is an extension, making it possible for you to visit webpages in incognito mode while keeping the browsing history. If you have enabled it, you can retrieve incognito browsing history. However, it must be the new start for your next browsing, not workable to get back the incognito browsing history this time. Anyway, a good option, right? Here are the steps for how to enable the extension and how to use it.

  1. Launch the Chrome web browser and search "Off The Record History for Chrome" in the google search box. Find it.
  2. Download the extension and install it. You can drag and drop the extension file to the Chrome browser directly and confirm the install.
  3. When installed successfully, check the box "Allow in incognito". When a pop-up warns it will keep a track of your browsing activity, confirm it.
  4. After you visit websites, click the extension on Chrome, it will show you the visited webpage list.

Conclusion: Incognito mode is a way to see the real world, search for the real content that most people can see, not the one that specially created for you by the algorithm. Instead of learning how to recover incognito history, I suggest you bookmark important websites in normal mode or keep a note. Use the right mode for the right purpose.