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A pen drive is a small, portable device with a USB interface and does not require an external power supply or driver installation. These advantages make it the most popular device for storing and carrying digital items.

From music to movies, photos to documents, we can store all sorts of files on a Pendrive and take them wherever we go. This convenience comes in handy for work and personal use alike. However, there is also a risk associated with using a pen drive. It can easily lose the saved files due to deletion, corruption, formatting, access denied, or other reasons. To avoid this, you might back up your files regularly and keep multiple copies in different locations. Sometimes, even if you take this precaution, there is always the possibility of losing data from the pen drive.

In such cases, If you are looking for: pen drive data recovery online free, pen drive data recovery CMD, How can I free online data recovery from a USB drive, how to retrieve permanently deleted files from a pen drive without software, how can I repair my pen drive online, and so on. You have come to the right place. Next, we will give you an in-depth analysis of the applicability of different solutions and show the most effective methods.

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Part 1. Is it Possible to Pen Drive Data Recovery Online, Free, CMD, or Without Software?
Part 2. Best Pen Drive Recovery Online Free Software to Help You Get Lost Files Back
Part 3. How to Prevent File Loss on PenDrive
Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions for Pen Drive File Recovery

Is it Possible to Pen Drive Recovery Online, Free, CMD, or Without Software?

You might need to free online data recovery from USB drive for many reasons. Maybe you accidentally deleted some files, or perhaps the drive became corrupted. Whatever the reason, some ways to recover lost data from pen drives. But there are a few things you should know before you start.

After parsing the above solutions, you should know there is no service like "pen drive data recovery online, free online data recovery from USB drive," and challenging to resume files without software/using CMD. But don't be discouraged. You can also try free online pen drive recovery software.

Best Pen Drive Recovery Online Free Software to Help You Get Lost Files Back

In today's digital world, data loss is a common occurrence. However, there is no need to panic. Many free pen drive recovery software is available, making your retrieval of files straightforward yet effective. One of the most effective and trusted recovery tools is iBeesoft Free Data Recovery.

Compared to other online USB data recovery free software, it can repair damaged files during retrieval. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery supports almost all storage devices and provides free file recovery of up to 2GB. Using this freeware is easy and simple yet effective, making it an excellent choice to recover files from a USB drive, pen drive, SD card, hard disk, and more.

Your Best Pen Drive Recovery Online Software

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  • Due to deleting, formatting, access denied, Pendrive showing up as RAW, and other data loss scenarios, it can quickly resume photos, documents, music, videos, and more files.
  • The free USB recovery software has two scan modes – Quick and Deep Scan ensure near-perfect pen drive data recovery.
  • It provides separate installation packages for Windows and Mac, allowing you to use it on different systems.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files from Pen Drive Online

Here are the simple steps for using the pen drive data recovery online free tool to get lost, deleted, or formatted files from a pen drive. You can take it as a reference:

  1. Connect your pen drive to your computer, ensuring the PC detects it.
  2. According to your computer OS, you must choose the correct version. Then Download and install iBeesoft data recovery software on your PC.
  3. Launch the software for free online data recovery from USB drive. You can see all industries on the computer, as well as your pen drive, are listed in the main window. Please select the target drive and click "Scan."
  4. During the scanning process, you can see files found by the freeware. You can click the "Preview" button to check them.
  5. Finally, when you find the files lost from Pendrive, please select them and click the "Recover" button to save them to a new location.

Note: Do not save the found files to Pendrive again until recovery is complete. This may cause some data to be overwritten and cannot open the recovered file.

How to Prevent File Loss on PenDrive

Any experienced pen drive user knows that data loss is a frustrating and often costly experience. Whether it's the result of a drive failure, a software glitch, or human error, losing important files can be a significant setback. You can take some ways to help prevent file loss on your pen drive.

Following these simple tips can help keep your files safe and avoid costly data loss.


Though no USB, pen drive, or SD card recovery online service is available to find deleted/lost files for free, you can rely on iBeesoft Free Data Recovery. Finally, make recover pen drive online as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will face the possibility of permanently losing your files.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pen Drive File Recovery

Pen drives are popular storage devices used to store and transfer data. However, pen drives can sometimes become corrupted or damaged, leading to data loss. If you have lost data from a pen drive, there are a few things you can do to try to recover them. Here, we will show some frequently asked questions about pen drive recovery online.