11 Best Free Duplicate File Finder for Windows 11 to Find and Remove Duplicate Files

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File duplication has become more and more common in recent years, thanks to our use of interconnecting software and multiple devices. Even for people who do not use their computers and phones for work, duplicates can occur everywhere. And if nothing else, who does not have the same photo taken three times in a row at parties right? Well, the ugly fact is that these duplicates end up eating storage space extremely fast and we are sharing a list of software to help find and remove these duplicates in Windows 11 PC.

Go through each option and you will be able to figure out which free duplicate file finder Windows 11 supports would be best for you.

  1. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder
  2. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a tiny and intuitive free duplicate file remover and finder for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It’s able to scan hard drives and folders, displaying all the duplicate files by names, file size, and content, letting you 1 click to delete selected duplicate files for free. It’s a great tool to sort out photo collections, tidy music collections, and remove duplicate videos and movies, freeing up space for your hard drive.

    Free to display all the duplicate files for you to preview.
    It’s totally free to remove up to 20 duplicate files from Windows PC.
    Simple and easy to use with a streamlined interface.
    Select duplicate files intuitively, preventing data loss issues.
    Fast scanning process.
    There is no portable version and you must install it on your computer.
    The best free duplicate file finder for Windows 11 might take longer for scanning large-sized files.
  3. CCleaner
  4. In the realm of PC cleaners, CCleaner has gained itself a respectable name and there are plenty of reasons for that success. The software offers a straightforward solution for users that is intuitive and easy to understand. Duplicate removal is one of its biggest features and is given a separate section on the app’s interface. This feature can also find duplicate files where edits have been made. The Windows 11 free duplicate file finder also offers a backup option before scans to avoid data loss.

    Installation and access are pretty easy
    Intuitive and easy to use interface
    Scanning picks up on a lot of different file formats
    Multiple duplicate identification criteria used
    Installation contains unwanted apps and browser extensions
    Scanning time can be long for large files in Windows 11
  5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
  6. Auslogics is also a well-established name in duplicate file removers and system cleaners. It is simple, easy to use, and comes with enough features to make it on this position in the list. The app’s performance has been gauged by users repeatedly and it seems to perform quite well in most cases. This free duplicate file remover for Windows 11 offers duplicate identification for a wide range of file types including media files, documents, and more in Windows PC. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder allows users to set custom search criteria for finding duplicates, thereby providing a high level of control over the data they are scanning.

    Completely free duplicate file finder Windows 11
    Multiple search options can be deployed simultaneously
    Allows restoration of accidentally deleted files
    Can search through hidden folders as well
    Technical support requires users to fill out a data form
    No drag and drop function
  7. dupeGuru
  8. dupeGuru is known not only for its ability to find and delete duplicate files in Windows 11 free, but also for doing so on Linux, and macOS. The algorithm on this app is one of the strongest that we have seen so far, and it can find duplicate files in Windows 11 based on not only their file type but also on the basis of metadata, attributes, formats, name, and creation date. The app is also one of the fastest we have seen so far and is particularly favored by users who want to remove duplicate music files in Windows 11, 10, and 7. The software also provides support for multiple languages.

    Fast and efficient scanning speed
    Provides support for a wide range of search factors and criteria for surgical results
    Supports multiple languages
    Completely free of cost
    UI is not aesthetically appealing
    Missing quite a few auxiliary features present in other apps
  9. Duplicate Cleaner Pro
  10. This is a dedicated tool designed to provide straightforward duplicate cleaning to its users and comes with a wide range of options to choose from. The software also comes with some unique features, the best one is the ability to compare images that have been rotated, edited, cropped, or resized. The user interface is quite basic but does the job well and it also has a deep search algorithm that helps reach files that other tools may overlook. This free duplicate file finder Windows 11 also has the option of either removing the duplicates or renaming them if you want to keep the files.

    Simple and clean UI
    File preview and selection option
    Also looks for duplicates inside zip files
    Highly effective filtration options
    Trial period is too small, only 7 days
    Too many features can be annoying for some users
  11. AllDup
  12. The scan time on this duplicate file finder Windows 11 free is just as small as its name, meaning you get results as quickly as possible. The software offers users enough options to get the job done effectively without becoming overwhelming. The scanning filters are also quite good in this tool, and you can filter files based on formats, size, dates, and names. The algorithm used in this software to find duplicate files in Windows 11 is also one of the most effective that we have seen.

    Allows users to choose between copying, deleting, or moving duplicates
    Comes with a file viewer built-in
    Deleted files are backed up in case you delete something accidentally
    Scan results can be saved and restored as well
    The UI is outdated and not very user friendly
    Queries for technical support can only be sent using a form
  13. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder
  14. In terms of shear capability and power, Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder is a tool that can match any top free duplicate file finder Windows 11 options that you can find on the market. It comes with a series of great features that combine to create a tool that can do anything you want it to when it comes to finding and removing duplicates. The software uses byte-by-byte search along with SHA-1 to detect any duplicate files that may be present on your computer. Important files are also saved in a protected folder to avoid accidental deletion.

    Search algorithm is one of the strongest currently available
    Can compare pictures side-by-side
    Plenty of scanning options to choose from
    Covers a wide range of file formats
    Subfolders scanning is not accurate
    Full experience needs to be paid version
  15. Fast Duplicate File Finder
  16. The name of this free duplicate finder for Windows 11 tells you everything you need to know about it at a quick glance. This tool is great for people who want to find and then automatically delete any duplicate files on their system. However, the speed is not the only good thing going for this tool as it is also one of the most accurate in finding duplicate files. Users can also add their own filters and use auto-check as well. The format support on this tool is also quite good and you can find duplicates of all commonly used file formats and more.

    Great filtration options with auto-check feature
    Older and smaller files automatically marked for deletion
    Can scan removable media as well
    Accuracy and effectiveness of the algorithm are proven
    Filter option is not available in the free version
    UI can be a bit overwhelming
  17. Clone Spy
  18. If you are looking for a basic duplicate file finder Windows 11 free tool, then this is what you can try. This freeware comes with all the basic stuff you need but with some powerful search options that you can avail yourself of. One such thing is the ability to find 0-byte files which many other tools do not provide. The application is also completely free and supports a lot of file formats.

    Scanning speed is one of the fastest on this list
    0-byte file support is a great option to reduce clutter
    Accuracy of the algorithm is also quite good
    Five different scanning modes with filters
    UI is not great for amateur users
    Scanning parameters must be decided before scanning
  19. AntiDupl
  20. If you want a free duplicate file finder Windows 11, especially for images, then this tool is a great option to go for. The software is open-source and completely free to use, and the search algorithm built into it is also quite advanced. Users can compare and analyze duplicate images with originals to decide which one they want to keep.

    Fast and accurate scanning
    Great for image search
    Open-source and free
    Defective duplicates can also be identified
    The UI is quite old and not user-friendly
    Non-image duplicated cannot be found
  21. Puran Duplicate File Finder
  22. This software is as simple as it gets when it comes to choosing a free duplicate file finder Windows 11. The app interface is basic and easy to use and provides results that are both fast and accurate. The app also allows users to choose between regular and deep scans. Some filtration options are also provided for better search.

    Easy to use and basic design
    Scanning speed is quite fast
    Result accuracy is quite decent
    Size based file exclusion is available
    Can miss some duplicates when compared to other options
    UI could have been designed better

Frequently Asked Questions for Delete Duplicate Files in Windows 11

  1. Does Windows 11 have a duplicate file finder?
  2. Windows 11 itself doesn’t have a duplicate file finder officially. If you want to remove duplicate files in Windows 11 for free, then you can take the above 11 free duplicate file finder software for reference.

  3. Is there a free duplicate file finder?
  4. There are many free duplicate file remover tools for Windows 11 available. But they vary from each other in features and interface. My suggestion is you choose the simple and easy ones to use, like iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder, a professional yet tiny tool. Some others might be free to find and remove duplicate files, but it might be difficult for users to use.

  5. What is the best free duplicate file finder?
  6. It’s hard to tell which one is the best free duplicate file finder for Windows 11, 10, 7, and macOS since some are just simple tools for duplicate file removing purposes, others might be comprehensive tools to solve all kinds of problems on computers. Anyway, you can take the list of 11 free duplicate file finders for reference.

    1. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder
    2. CCleaner
    3. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
    4. dupeGuru
    5. Duplicate Cleaner Pro
    6. AllDup
    7. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder
    8. Fast Duplicate File Finder
    9. Clone Spy
    10. AntiDupl
    11. Puran Duplicate File Finder