How to Remove Duplicate Music Files in Windows 10

It is not a good experience to listen to a music playlist with music files repeat again and again. If there are many music files on your computer, you just need a duplicate music file finder in Windows 10 to remove duplicate music. You can’t manage the music files manually. It takes time and you can not remember whether the one is a duplicate or not. With iBeesoft Duplicate Finder, the supplicate music file finder, you can delete duplicate music files in Windows 10.

Updated on Nov 24, 2020

"How do I delete duplicate music files on my computer? How do I delete duplicate songs in Windows Media Player in Windows 10? It seems there are many duplicate files and I can’t clean them manually once for all."

It’s painful to have your Windows Media Player playlist with duplicate music files, you have to listen to a duplicate song again and again. You need to remove duplicate music files from your computer, for one reason, making the file management easier, for another reason, freeing up space on your computer, and lastly, have a great experience in listening to the music.

There is no built-in tool in Windows Media Player or standalone tool available for Windows 10. To remove duplicate music files from Windows 10, you have to find a duplicate music file finder by yourself. Search in Google search box, you can get to know some of them. Here, I’d like to recommend the best duplicate file finder, iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder, for you to remove duplicate music files from windows 10.

Delete duplicate music files in Windows 10 – iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

find duplicate music files windows 10
  • Scan duplicate music files in various file formats. Find duplicate music files in Windows 10 within 5 minutes.
  • Remove duplicate music files in windows 10 automatically.
  • 100% accuracy to scan and delete duplicate music files I Window 10.
  • Besides deleted duplicate music files on PC, it removes duplicate music files on external hard drives as well.

Below is the guide for how to remove duplicate music files in Windows 10 with the duplicate music files finder.

Step 1. Install the duplicate music files finder for Windows 10

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the duplicate file finder installation package, .exe file. After then, install it on your computer like the way you install other software. It’s fully compatible with Windows 10.

Step 2. Find duplicate music files in Windows 10

Launch the software after you install it. From the first window, you can drag and drop folders or click the + button to locate the destination where you’re going to find duplicate music files in Windows 10. If you want to find and remove duplicate music files on an external hard drive, connect the hard drive with the computer before you locating it for the software to scan. From the window, you can see 3 options below:

  • Add/Filter Types: click it to check out the music files type covered there. You can modify it by adding or decrease the music file format.
  • Scan hidden files: it means you want the software to scan hidden files which generally will not be scanned if you have not checked out the option.
  • Set File Size Limit: it’s very useful if you have large music files. It will find duplicate music files easily and display them for you.

After setting up the filters, select a folder or drive to scanning duplicate music files. After then, you can see the music duplicate file finder is working, find duplicate music files for Windows 10. Within less than 5 minutes, you see the result.

delete duplicate music files windows 10

Step 3. Delete duplicate music files in Windows 10

In the result window, one copy of the found duplicate music files are selected by default. You can click the preview icon on the right side of the file to check out whether it’s accurate to select duplicate files or not. After then, click "Remove" to remove duplicate music files in Windows 10 in a minute. That’s it!

remove duplicate music files in windows 10

After deleting the duplicate music files with the duplicate music file finder, you’ll see how much space it saves your computer. If you’re using Media Player as the default music player to play music, you can create a new list with a unique copy of music files. There will be no duplicated music files at all.

Duplicate music finder is really great software to help you manage music files on the computer. Music files could be the type that is easy to duplicate. It saves you space and manages files efficiently. Get the trial version now to have a try!!!

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