12 Best Free Duplicate Photo Remover in 2024

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Digital cameras or phones allow you to click and take photos with heedless abandon. Now you can capture any moment and view it at your will with even a 'pocket-friendly' medium. With this ease, you often capture everything. But you know what? Random shots can result in a lot of photos with similar content.

Often we click multiple photos and selfies just to get that one pic right for our social media handles. But that 'one' perfect and uploadable click costs hundreds and thousands of duplicate photos and, of course, your drive's storage space. Also, it can arise for other reasons, such as:

Why do You need to Remove Duplicate Pictures?

While duplicate photos cause no possible physical threat, they can still harm you and your system in ways unknown. For example, you cannot afford to be ignorant of the potential damages a duplicate image or file can cause to your system.

Cleaning the duplicate files manually from the system can be time-consuming and might not deliver as good results as you expect. Therefore, you must leave some things in the hands of professional experts. Here we are talking about the 12 best free duplicate photo remover software to help you easily remove duplicate pictures on Windows PC or Mac.

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Part 1. How to Choose a Duplicate Photo Finder
Part 2. 12 Best Free Software for Removing Duplicate Photos
Part 3. Comparison of the Best Free Duplicate Photo Removers
Part 4. How to Remove Duplicate Photos with the best Freeware
Part 5. Additional Tips for Keeping Your Photo Collection Neat

Part 1. How to Choose a Duplicate Photo Finder

Deleting duplicate photos is a necessary part of your digital asset management. But you must have the proper knowledge of removing them to know which ones are safe to delete. Of course, you can remove duplicate files and images manually, but the process will be time-consuming, and there is no surety of the accuracy of the results. However, a duplicate photo remover can help you shed your load and guarantee accurate results. Here is how you can choose a duplicate photo remover that best fits your needs:

After a rigorous and thorough discussion on deleting duplicate photos from your Windows 11/10/8 and macOS, it is time to unveil some of the top free duplicate photo remover apps. So below, we have provided you with the 12 best free duplicate photo remover software with their advantages and disadvantages to make the selection process easier for your convenience.

Part 2. 12 Best Free Software for Removing Duplicate Photos

  1. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder
  2. Duplicate Photo Finder
  3. Find.Same.Images. OK
  4. Duplicate Cleaner Free
  5. Speedy Duplicate Finder
  6. Free Duplicate Finder
  7. Duplicates File Cleaner
  8. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
  9. Duplicate & Similar Photo Cleaner
  10. Duplicate Cleaner Master
  11. VisiPics
  12. Similar Image Search

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a robust tool to scan, find and delete duplicate photos from your system for free. It is one of the best free duplicate photo remover software to analyze all the clone files and delete them in a single click. In addition, it helps clean and boost your system's performance. Its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface use multiple filters to swiftly analyze duplicate files and folders.

It helps find similar images for PC and more than 2000 storage devices like HDD, SSD, digital cameras, SD cards, and more.
Fast scanning and one-click removal of all duplicate files.
It can also custom filter file type, size, etc.
The trial version deletes 20 duplicate photos freely.

Duplicate Photo Finder

It is a free duplicate photo cleaner that helps scan and deletes photos by finding the level of similarity. Its clever algorithms help detect similar and exact duplicate photos. It even compares resized pictures and the ones with color corrections and modifications. It supports a few image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and CR2 RAW and works smoothly with network and removable drives such as USB flash drives, etc.

Supports 350 image formats
No limitation on the number of scanned files.
It allows moving and removing the clone files.
Sometimes, adware installs automatically.

Find.Same.Images. OK

Find.Same.Images.OK is a powerful software to scan and remove duplicate photos from SD cards, USB drives, disks, etc for. free. It allows you to see the percentage of similarity levels in photos. You can choose to rotate or flip a picture and also determine its quality balance. It also allows previewing the clone and similar images before deleting them. Instead, you can select a photo to move or copy it anywhere.

Easy to understand user interface
Speedily scans and detects duplicate images.
It allows a preview of scanned photos.
It works to detect duplicate images only and not other duplicate files.
It does not support any OS other than Windows PC.

Duplicate Cleaner Free

It is a free duplicate photo remover for Windows 11, 10, and more. It supports PC, iPhones, Android, ToolKit, and Virtual folders. It helps delete duplicate pictures, documents, music, and more on your system and devices. It allows you to delete, copy, move and even rename and link files. You can even create batch files easily.

Easy to use, simple user interface
Speedy scanning possess to trace duplicate files and folders of the entire system in minutes.
Offers description for scanned results as duplicate/similar photos
The free version restricts the use with limited features.
Not compatible with OS other than Windows PC

Speedy Duplicate Finder

The free duplicate file finder is a fast, intuitive, and simple app for scanning, tracing, and deleting duplicate photos from your systems. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is tiny yet powerful enough software to scan and analyze the clone photos on your system and does not require installation. It is speedy enough to examine the entire disk for clone files. Speedy Duplicate Finder is one of the best duplicate photo remover free software for beginners and experts.

High-speed and intuitive user interface.
It does not require installation.
It uses multiple filters like kind, extension, and size.
The free version comes with limited features.
The paid version of the app is expensive.

Fast Duplicate Finder

Free Duplicate Finder is a cross-platform yet freeware for smoothly scanning and removing duplicate videos and images from your system. It supports multiple devices like Windows GUI, Linux GUI, and multi-OS Consoles. It scans and re-scans with ultra-fast speed to trace and remove duplicate images and videos for free.

Speedy scanning process
Finds duplicate photos with different resolutions, frame rates, and watermarks
Scans duplicate photos based on similarity.
Not compatible with 32-bit machine versions
Crashes frequently

Glary Duplicate Cleaner

It is a free duplicate photo finder application. It helps you scan, analyze and delete duplicate files and images on your mobile phones, Windows PC, and tablets. It allows you to quickly check and find genuine clone photos, duplicate audio and video files, duplicate documents, and even duplicate compressed files.

Free software.
It supports cleaning duplicate files on smartphones, tablets, and Windows computers.
Finds scans and deletes the open duplicate files.
It does not support macOS.
Hard to understand user interface

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

It is one of the top-rated free duplicate file remover for Windows 10 and 11. It uses two Comparison methods, i.e., the Exact method and the Similar Match method, to help detect the duplicate files and clean them from your system. It also uses a Time interval method to scan for the photos clicked in quick succession. Finally, it auto-marks the scanned duplicates and auto-selects them for their safe removal by keeping one copy saved for safety purposes.

Supports external devices
Allows preview of scanned duplicates
Segregates the photo collection
The trial version allows removing only 15 duplicate photos.
Time-limited scan extends for 24 hours only.

Duplicate & Similar Photo Cleaner

Duplicate and Similar Photo Cleaner is an intelligent software to free delete duplicate photos and videos. It views your photos using its AI technique, as you would. You can review and edit your photos. Additionally, you can also send the clone files to the backup folder, recycle bin or choose to delete them permanently. Finally, it auto-selects your images easily using a rule-based decision engine.

It analyzes photos through artificial intelligence.
It supports multiple file formats like JPG, JPEG, HEIC, BMP, PNG, AVIF, GIF, and more.
It supports scanning multiple devices like drives and network mapped drives, folders, USB, and UNC shares.
The trial version deletes only 20 duplicate files.
The scanning process is time-consuming.

Duplicate Cleaner Master

It is another free duplicate image finder for Windows PC. It helps you scan and remove duplicate files and images from your Windows store. The Duplicate Cleaner Master uses multiple filters to search for clone files in your system, like a. File Type (document, pictures, media, music, custom) b. Property (name, creation date, file size, content). It allows you to scan and preview your files before deleting them.

Available in 46 languages.
It scans multiple files in one click.
Helps search duplicates using filters- file type, property, etc.
Not available for Mac computers.
The scanning speed is relatively slow.


It is a compact and free duplicate file finder for Windows 11, 10, and 8 that quickly finds and delete duplicate photos in Windows 10 free. It uses three filter modes to find the exact/clone photos and delete them automatically or manually- a. Strict- returns almost identical results b. Basic- shows slightly different images c. Loose- shows photos with higher differences. It also has an 'auto-select' feature to mark the images with more minor, uncompressed, and lower-resolution copies as duplicate photos.

It supports multiple image formats, such as TGA, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF, and RAW files.
It shows results while scanning that help save time.
Free software and compatible with all the Windows OS.
Sometimes, failing to detect duplicate files and photos.
Outdated interface.

Similar Image Search

It is a one-of-a-kind desktop reverse image search software that comes in a JAR file and requires JAVA to run on your system. It is specially designed for photographers and photo enthusiasts to ease them searching and sorting their photos in batches. If you are a photographer, it provides you with the option of a 'Search by Image' feature. It builds a library from your image files and helps you search for duplicate/similar photos in the library. However, it also compares the external images to the ones within.

It helps create a library from image files.
It provides a unique 'Search by Image' feature.
It saves processed libraries and their results.
It is an elementary tool with unconvincing results and requires Java 7.
The clone/similar photo results are not entirely comprehensive.

Part 3. Comparison of the Best Free Duplicate Photo Removers

A brief comparison of all the 12 best software to recover duplicate pictures for free can be seen with the help of the following table:

Part 4. How to Remove Duplicate Photos with the best Freeware

Now you need not worry about your computer's performance as iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder ensures to scan and delete more than 100GB files in less than a minute. You can preview the files in the results window before waving them a final goodbye. A simple guide can help you ease the process swiftly.

  1. Set a condition to find duplicate photos
  2. After launching the program, you can filter file types and set file sizes to speed up the scanning process.

  3. Locate the folder or external drives to scan
  4. After the successful launch of the free version, in the first Window, you must locate the folder/partition you wish to scan and delete. You can also connect the external hard drives to your system to delete the duplicate photos.

  5. Preview the scanned results
  6. Once the scanning process is over, the same file list will appear before you. The iBeesoft's intuitive interface will smartly deselect one copy to avoid all the files getting deleted at once. Then you can preview all the selected duplicate photos carefully before removing them. In addition, you can click on the images to see their details on the right side.

  7. Remove the scanned duplicate files
  8. Once you are thorough with your preview and the details of each exact photo selected, you can easily click Remove to delete and move them to the Recycle Bin. Later, you can also choose to empty the Recycle Bin. After this, iBeesoft's innovative interface will tell you the space you have saved by removing the duplicate files from your disk and drive.

Part 5. Additional Tips for Keeping Your Photo Collection Neat

Everyone loves a tidy photo collection. Here, you can follow the mindful tips to help segregate and sort out the photos quickly.


Since you know that duplicate and similar photos are necessary to remove for your system's overall health, they can be tough to scan and delete manually. So you can take the help of professional tools specially created to serve your needs and purpose. Here we have already listed the 12 top free duplicate photo remover software. In addition, even a comparison table has been provided to assist you with the minute details.

However, iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is the best free duplicate photo remover to find similar images in less than a minute. Its advanced and intuitive interface helps you preview the checked results before deleting them and reserves one copy before the final deletion.