12 Best Free Duplicate Image Finder to Deleted Similar Pictures

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Over time, we store many duplicates or similar photos on our computers. They constantly eat away at storage device space, slowing down your computer's performance. How to quickly filter and delete the same images on my computer? Manually finding duplicate images is very tedious, and precious photos can be accidentally deleted during the sifting process, causing them to be lost. Don't worry; you can rely on a reliable duplicate image finder to reduce your burden.

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Part 1. How to Choose the Duplicate Image Finder Effectively
Part 2. 12 Best Free Duplicate Image Finder You Must Know
Part 3. How to Find Identical & Similar Pictures from Your PC for Free

How to Choose the Duplicate Image Finder Effectively

A duplicate photo finder inspects your pictures to find certain similarities. It improves photo organization by reducing repetitive photos to save immense disk space. So it should have the following properties:

There are still many duplicate image finders that meet the above requirements. You might struggle with how to choose the best one. Fortunately, we have listed some well-known tools on the market to help you find and delete identical or similar images in Windows 11, 10, 7, and more to save you time.

12 Best Free Duplicate Image Finder You Must Know

  1. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder
  2. PictureEcho
  3. Duplicate Cleaner
  4. Wise Duplicate Finder
  5. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
  6. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
  7. Glarysoft Duplicate Cleaner
  8. CloneSpy
  9. Anti-Twin
  10. Duplicate File Detective
  11. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder
  12. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a free image finder tool to remove duplicate files on a PC. It plays a significant role in keeping your PC neat and clean and improves the functioning of your PC. This tool is the top choice for conducting deep scans to remove duplicate and similar-looking images within a short span to clean and free up memory.

It fosters leading-edge technology to ensure accurate results and increase the functioning of your computer. This tool is regarded as the best for numerous reasons. First, it compares the file name and file content intelligently. Moreover, it lets you preview your files before removing them.

This best free duplicate photo remover lets you target the images with their respective names. Thus, it saves ample time to find a suitable file.
It compares files as per the content and names.
Scanning for duplicates is fast.
As per reviews and suggestions by its past users, this tool does not have any limitations.
It can clear up to 20 duplicates for free, but upgrading to the full version is cheap and supports lifetime updates.


This reliable and renowned best free duplicate image finder tool helps detect and remove similar selfies and pictures within just a few clicks at your fingertip. It effortlessly finds and scans similar images with its accurate and fast properties and latest technology.

Super algorithm to detect exact and identical duplicate images
It offers a comprehensive exhibit of visual likeness options
Provides Adobe Lightroom support
It uses higher memory and CPU usage compared to any other tools
It does not give support to older Microsoft Windows versions

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner includes a variety of profoundly configurable choices and elements. Users who follow the most recent innovative turns of events or are well-informed will cherish this application. In the interim, if you are a novice who's very little into the tech world, this product might seem a piece of overpowering. However, you can benefit from both of the two releases of Duplicate Cleaner: Free and Pro. Both give a normal mode.

Searches for similar images and duplicate records.
Strong user interface
It gives four modes for users to pick from
Novices might find it hard to work the application
The picture mode is a bit slow

Wise Duplicate Finder

It is one of the suitable choices for users looking for free duplicate image finder tools for their Windows system. This famous same photo finder tool is accessible for commercial and personal purposes. Wise Duplicate Finder features powerful algorithms to relieve you from many duplicate files and empty some space on your hard disk.

It helps users to search and delete zero-size or empty files
It allows restoring the accidentally deleted duplicate pictures.
It enables the scanning of any duplicates.
It does not give an option to save your future scanned results.
It takes a lot of time to browse and extract duplicate images.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

This software is another highly efficient and trusted image duplicate finder for novices, individuals, professional photographers, graphic designers, etc. It facilitates the usage of advanced scanning algorithms to detect and remove unimportant files.

If you want a simple yet effective solution to get hold of various copies of similar images, consider using Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder.

It gives access to multiple filter options like similarity thresholds.
Provide support to standard image formats, including 300 RAW cameras.
Facilitates transferring detected duplicate images to recycle bin or custom folder.
Not suitable for beginners.
Slow scanning procedure compared to other mentioned duplicate free image finder.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

This successful Windows duplicate image finder tool scans various files to recognize the same pictures. For instance, if you're a picture taker or photography lover finding difficulty inspecting similar-looking images on your hard drive, then Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is all you want. This software can fix your issue with specific taps.

Recognize duplicate and comparative peering pictures in no time
Offers two strategies to look at two pictures
Works with the usage of organizers and records to filter pics
Very costly
Frequently freezes while you open the application

Glarysoft Duplicate Cleaner

The unique feature of Glarysoft Duplicate Cleaner is that it offers a delicate interface and easy-to-use features among the best free duplicate image finder for Windows 10/11. This efficient tool fosters multiple duplicate cleaning modules assisting users in doing a deep scan for different file categories.

Equipped with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.
Capable of scanning every type of duplicate image.
It does not give access to advanced configuration features.
Users cannot delete bulk duplicate images.


CloneSpy offers you top-notch features to find similar images from the device and empties immense space on the hard drive. This incredible tool enables scanning of the device for zero kb-sized file documents, duplicate files, and duplicate files with the same name and document name.

Recognize unique elements during the ongoing scan for duplicate files.
It can filter images or files with similar or alternate names
Quick and accurate outputs.
Complex interface for novice users in the tech world
Before beginning the scan process, it needs to configuration.


The outstanding element of Anti-Twin is that it requests a tiny space on your device. This tool is staggering since it doesn't annoy the overall working. All things being equal, the program searches for duplicate or similar pictures as a matter of course on the device and eliminates them for all time. The advantageous features have made it a popular tool amongst all users. So make sure to try it.

Generates accurate results
Look for copies and indistinguishable duplicates
The User interface is messy.
No most recent updates have been made to the software beginning around 2010

Duplicate File Detective

Another on the rundown is Duplicate File Detective, which is likewise well-known among users. It permits the association and the management of the image library according to your need. This free image finder attempts to dispose of all the duplicate and similar copies of pictures and documents from your PC.

It gives email backing to examine the most recent updates and results
User's natural connection points are outfitted with a ribbon bar as Windows File Explorer
Gives admittance to integrated hash calculator
The free version is just accessible for 15 days
The free rendition offers restricted features

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

This free duplicate image finder application is productive while searching for comparable photographs and thoroughly searching in nature. It's planned with the goal that it requires seconds to look for copy pictures. While inspecting, it finds recolored or compacted photographs and other comparable ones.

Fit for distinguishing and tracking down comparative-looking pictures
Easy-to-use interface
You can see photographs easily
It consumes tremendous time to choose and eliminates pictures individually
Lacks accuracy in results

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

To wrap things up is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder. This duplicate photo cleaner ought to be utilized due to a few exciting features. First, it is loaded with a savvy interface and productive working properties. It proficiently releases each similar-looking image and document on your system.

Estimable calculations to further develop precision in query images
It doesn't charge a penny to refresh the product routinely
Allowed to utilize and eliminate copied pics
It doesn't offer the simplified capability
Expects to address your issues with a specialized technical team to get any help

How to Find Identical & Similar Pictures from Your PC for Free with Best Duplicate Images Finder

The primary aim of every tool is to simplify human tasks, and that's the primary goal of iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. Within a short span, it detects all the duplicate and similar-looking images on your PC and removes them within seconds. In addition, hundreds of software are available in the market offering the same service, but iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is unique compared to others.

The developers ensure to update the software with the latest technological updates. Moreover, it is highly compatible with many files, including photos, music, videos, and emails. In addition, the marvelous software relieves users from duplicate images, even in Google Drive and Google Dropbox.

Because this duplicate image finder tool applies a quick binary algorithm to compare, it allows users to reach the required files with each other. Users need to perform three simple steps to delete duplicate files in Windows 10, 11, and more.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Download & Install iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder on the system.
  2. On the screen, tap the '+' icon to choose a specific location where you need to identify a similar-looking picture.
  3. You will see all the duplicate files as the scanning procedure ends. Preview each file by tapping on the eye icon behind your files.
  4. Choose all the similar pictures which you need to delete. Tap on the 'remove' icon to delete them.
  5. Finally, open your recycle bin to ensure that all the duplicate images have been removed.


The best free image finder tool is the most efficient and effective way to remove duplicate and similar-looking images on the system storage. For guaranteed results, use iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder because it uses superior algorithms to deep clean the device storage. To empty the valuable space on your disk, you are free to use this.