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    SanDisk SD card is one of most reliable card storage devices. As a famous & stable memory card, SanDisk micro SD card is used for storing data into the digital camera, mobile phone, voice recorder, etc. So, losing data from SanDisk SD card due to corruption or file system crash may bring great loss to the users. Fortunately, there is a precise method to solve SanDisk SD card corrupted and fix it. But, first, you want to SanDisk corrupted SD card recovery on Mac or Windows, and then fix Sandisk memory card corrupted issue with some easy methods.

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    Part 1. SanDisk SD card Corrupted Symptoms
    Part 2. How to Do Sandisk Corrupted SD Card Recovery
    Part 3. How to Fix SanDisk Memory Card Corrupted

    Part 1. SanDisk SD card Corrupted Symptoms

    Normally, when a SanDisk SD card gets corrupted, you will lose part or all data on the SanDisk micro SD card. How do you know your SanDisk SD card has got corrupted? Here are some symptoms:

    Mostly, you can’t access the SanDisk SD card when it gets corrupted or the system continues to ask you to format the SanDisk SD card when you connect this card with your computer. The file system of the SanDisk SD card has been damaged. But, you still have the chance to get back your data whether you have formatted the SanDisk SD card or not. You can follow the instruction below to restore files from a corrupted SanDisk SD card.

    Part 2. SanDisk Corrupted SD Card Recovery Solution

    Before you fix the issue of SanDisk SD card corrupted, you need to get back the lost documents, pictures, audio, videos, archives and other files from corrupted SanDisk SD card with SanDisk corrupted SD card recovery. iBeesoft Data Recovery is one of the most powerful corrupted SD card recovery software. It uses the latest scanning algorithm to help your safe and full recover data from corrupted SD card, hard drive/partition, external disk, digital camera, player etc on Window or Mac.

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    How to use SanDisk Corrupted SD Card Recovery tool to Get Back Data?

    1. Download the correct version according to your system.
    2. Connect the corrupted SanDisk memory card to the computer
    3. (Optional) Filter file types
    4. Run the SanDisk recovery software on your computer and click "go to setting" to unselect file types you don't need.

    5. Select the corrupted SanDisk SD card
    6. Select the SanDisk drive and click on "Scan" button to scan it to find lost data.

    7. Preview and recover data from corrupted SanDisk SD card
    8. Once the scan is complete, you can preview and and click "Recover" to restore all the lost files from the corrupted SanDisk SD card.

    Part 3. How to fix SanDisk Memory Card Corrupted?

    There are many methods can help you fix SanDisk corrupted. After you recover all lost data with iBeesoft Data Recovery from the corrupted SanDisk SD card, you can follow these methods to fix a corrupted SanDisk SD card.