How to Repair/Recover Corrupted JPG/JPEG on Computer/SD Card/Online

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When "how to repair corrupted jpg files" is mentioned, it is always the hottest topic to discuss. And surf on the internet forums, you can see people give different methods. For some people, the mentioned ways are workable while for others it they do not work at all. To find the right solution for repairing corrupted jpeg files, you should make clear your situation and find the right way.

How the JPEG files are corrupted? Generally, two situations

As for situation 1, the reasons that cause the recovered JPEG corruptions are as follows:

To recover JPG corrupted files in the above situations, you need to try a professional data recovery to fix the corrupted JEPG again. Only by that, you can open the corrupted JPEG files. iBeesoft Data Recovery is a great option since it’s version 4.0 has been updated with the latest technology to restore and repair corrupted videos and photos, including jpg and jpeg photos. You can get the free trial version to scan the corrupted JPG files, later in the result window to check whether the JPEG files are viewable or not. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Download and install the data recovery software for Mac or Windows.

Step 2. Launch the tool. From the first window, please select the hard drive where the corrupted JPEG files are and click "Scan". If the corrupted JPEG files are in digital cameras, SD cards, external hard drives, please connect the device with your computer and select the corresponding device to scan.

Step 3. Wait for the scanning process to finish. From the tree directory, find the folder where corrupted JPEG files are.

Step 4. Select the scanned JPEG files to preview. After then, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

There are steps for how to get back corrupted jpeg photos with iBeesoft Data Recovery software. If the jpeg files are corrupted not due to data recovery, then check situation 2.

For situation 2. the possible reasons cause the JPEG corruption are

No matter what the reasons cause the JPEG/JPG corruption, to fix JEPG files, you can try the following methods one by one.

#1. Redownload corrupted JEPG/JPG files if you get them from a cloud drive and find them are corrupted. Sometimes, due to the network error, it will corrupt JPEG/JPEG photos.

#2. Rename the corrupted JPEG files. Just open them and give them new names and locations to save. Sometimes, it works.

#3. Change the file extension for the corrupted JPEG or JEPG files since you don’t know whether it is the cause or not. For example, if the current JEPG file comes with .jpeg as the file extension, then change it to .jpg, checking whether it is opened or not.

#4. Open the corrupted JPEG files with different photo viewers or photo editing software. After then, save the copy from the openable software and put them in a new folder. For example, if the JPEG files can’t be opened in Windows PC with a photo viewer, then try Photoshop to open it. Photoshop is the world known photo editing software which is compatible almost with all the photos types.

#5. Convert JPEG/JPG to another photo format, say converting JEPG/JPG to PNG. There are many online free tools to do this. Just upload the corrupted JEPG/JPG photos > click Convert > download the converted JEPG files.

#6. Repair storage partition/sector with Windows built-in Error checking tool. Connect the storage device with your PC if it is an external hard drive. Go to Computer (My Computer) > right-click on the drive and select Properties > click Tools > click "Check". If there is any bad sector or error on the device, Windows will fix it. After then, you can open the drive to check to wither you have fixed the corrupted JPEG/JEG files or not.

#7. Make use of CHKDSK to fix corrupted JEPG/JPG files. Connect the device with your Windows PC if the corrupted JEPG files are saved on it > in Windows search box, type CMD and press Enter > type CHKDSK F: /f /r /x (F is the drive letter of the drive you’re fixing) > when it finished, restart your computer.

How to Retrieve Corrupted JPEG Files from SD Card

After viewing the above-mentioned ways, you must be curious about how to recover corrupted JEPG files from SD card. To make it quickly and easily to find the corrupted JEPG photos from SD card, the best way is to make use of iBeesoft Data Recovery, letting it resume and repair the corrupted JEPG files for you.

Step 1. Connect your SD card with your computer, making sure it is recognized as an external disk.

Step 2. Launch it and select the drive that represents the SD card to scan. Click "Scan".

Step 3. Wait for the scanning process to finish. After then, select the found JPEG/JPG files to preview. When finding the target files, select them and click "Recover" to recover photos from an SD card.

How to Restore JPG Corrupted Files Free Online

There are some online services, telling they can repair corrupted JEPG files. Some really do and some not. In this case, you should search in Google Search box. From the result page, open some website to check the details. You need to pay attention to some aspects

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