How to Recover Data from HP Simplesave External Hard Drive

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The HP Simplesave Data Recovery is a simple solution to bring back all the lost files from the external hard disk. The answer holds right irrespective of the reason under which one lost the data. Retrieving is essential to ensure that important files do not fall in the wrong hands.

Scenarios why there is a need for HP Simplesave data recovery

The factors that affect the external hard disk are many. However, these change from one person to another. Described below are a few of the essential points that are common across any gender and age.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, other reasons such as displays as RAW or file conversion error, make it possible to recover data from HP Simplesave external hard drive in a few simple steps. It is true even in cases where people often format the disk, create partitions, and write new data.

Top Reliable HP Simplesave Data Recovery Software for Windows or Mac

It is essential that the recovery tool used meets specific standards and helps a user retrieve as much data as possible, even in the worst situations. The best tool that one can opt for under such conditions is iBeesoft Data Recovery program. With the assistance provided by the software, it is possible for HP Simplesave data recovery in a few simple steps. The program functions excellently in identifying any hard disk, including that of internal and external, SSDs, and flash drives, and helps in recover data with ease.

The following are the significant features that iBeesoft holds and makes it a must-have recover HP Simplesave hard drive tool for everyone:

Your Powerful HP Simplesave Data Recovery Tool

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  • Recovers deleted files form HP Simplesave external hard drive: helps in recovery of deleted files with ease, which also includes those from the Recycle Bin or those where users choose "Shift+Delete" keys.
  • Formatted drive recovery: even in case of unexpected formatting of the Simplesave external hard drive, the tool helps in recovering the data with ease and other errors such as device initialization and unreadable device.
  • Recovery of lost or deleted partition: helps in retrieval of a complete partition lost due to deletion or hidden accidentally.
  • RAW drive recovery: the tool recovers data when the file system displays as RAW or damaged partition table, shows that media or drive not formatted, and displays recover data from corrupted drive.
  • Recover HP Simplesave due to the wrong operation, the drive restores to factory setting, virus attack, improper unplugging of the hard drive, OS crash, and other unknown possibilities.
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Additional features of the HP external hard drive data recovery product include the following:

Guide to Recover Data from HP Simplesave using iBeesoft

Before using the tool, it is essential to install it on a computer to which one would be connecting the HP Simplesave external hard drive. The HP Simplesave recovery software is available as a trial version and downloadable from the official website with ease. After the installation process is complete, connect the drive to the PC and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. After installation, clicking the icon from the desktop launches the software. The primary screen shows the file types it supports, and by default, all of them have a tick mark. One can select the required file format from the screen and press the "Start" button.

Step 2. The next involves choosing the location or path for the tool to scan for the selected file type. The screen displays all the partitions, including the connected HP Simplesave external hard drive. One has to choose it or pick the desired partition from the external hard drive and click the "Scan" button at the top to allow the software to begin the scanning process.

Step 3. After the scan is complete, iBeesoft previews the files it retrieved from the external hard drive. The left partition window shows tree directory for quick selection of the files, the center pane shows the recovered files, and the right partition displays the thumbnail of a selected file. One can look at the thumbnail, mark the required files from the center window, and press the "Recover" button to extract them from the external hard drive. The HP Simplesave data recovery software is necessary to mention the saving location other than the external hard drive, preferably a folder created on the computer to ensure no further loss of data. Deep scan technology helps in the retrieval of more data and is time taking process.