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How to Recover Data from HP Simplesave External Hard Drive

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Your HP Simplesave drive is a trusted companion, a compact repository for everything from critical business documents to cherished family photographs. Yet, no technology is impervious to file loss. No matter what caused this disaster, the panic that followed is something we are unwilling to face. However, don’t despair. This guide will help you solve this predicament. From how it disappeared to how to recover data files from HP Simplesave external hard drive to how to prevent such disasters, you will have a whole new understanding.

Scenarios Why There Is A Need for HP Simplesave Data Recovery

Many factors affect the external hard disk. However, these vary from person to person. Here are some common reasons for data loss:

Apart from the above factors, many situations can cause data loss disasters. But don’t worry; if you act quickly, you can still recover deleted/lost files from an HP Simplesave external hard disk.

DIY Solutions for Recover Data from HP Simplesave External Hard Drive Before Professional Help

HP Simplesave external hard drive recovery can seem daunting, leading some to expensive solutions or altogether giving up on their files. Here, we'll demystify the process and provide some methods for do-it-yourself recoveries.

Method 1: Change the Drive Letter

This is a seemingly simplistic and oft-forgotten rescue, especially for those who have yet to spend much time in their computer's 'Management' section. Sometimes, HP Simplesave external hard drive letter conflict may cause it not to work properly, making you mistakenly think that you will lose important files. Here's how to resolve it:

  1. Right-click' This PC' on your desktop and select 'Manage.'
  2. In the open window, click 'Disk Management.'

  3. Right-click on your HP Simplesave external hard drive entry and select 'Change Drive Letter and Paths.'

  4. If no letter is assigned to the drive, click 'Add.' Otherwise, attempt to change the letter to a different one than the default.
  5. Reconnect the drive and check in File Explorer to see if the data is accessible with the new drive letter.

Method 2: Utilize Disk Management Tools

Windows and Mac have a suite of inbuilt utilities that might just come to the data rescue for those comfortable with a bit more technical legwork. They are a powerful tool that can scan your disk for potential errors and attempt to fix them. Here's a guide on how to use them:

For Windows:

  1. Click 'This PC' on the left panel after opening 'File Explorer.'
  2. Find your HP Simplesave hard drive in the 'Devices and drives" list.
  3. Right-click and select 'Properties.'
  4. Switch to the "Tools" tab and click 'Check.'

For Mac:

  1. Open Finder on your Mac.
  2. Navigate to Applications > Utilities.
  3. Open 'Disk Utility.'
  4. In the sidebar of the Disk Utility window, select the HP Simplesave external hard disk.
  5. Click the 'First Aid' button at the top of the Disk Utility window.

  6. A dialogue box will appear asking if you want to run First Aid. Click 'Run' to start the process.

Method 3: Use Data Recovery Software

This method of recovering files from an HP Simplesave external hard drive is one step closer to professional help but significantly cheaper and more efficient. As long as it is not physically damaged, these programs use special algorithms to extract the metadata of files that were once saved to the storage device to perform rescue missions. Here, you can use iBeesoft Data Recovery, known for its simple interface, high recovery rate, and for repairing corrupted files.

Best HP Simplesave Hard Drive Recovery Tool

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  • Its powerful algorithms and deep-scan technology ensure that no data is left behind, scanning every nook and cranny of your disk to recover even the most obscure file types and fragments.
  • It employs a non-destructive recovery process, which means it won't overwrite any existing data on your disk during the recovery operation.
  • It can retrieve over 1000 different file types on the HP Simplesave external hard drive, no matter how they were lost - whether due to accidental deletion, formatting, a virus attack, drive failure, or other reasons.
  • Additionally, it can recover deleted files from a thumb drive, memory card, USB drive, etc. storage devices.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Here's a guide on how to recover deleted files from HP Simplesave external hard drive:

  1. Download and install this recovery tool on your computer.
  2. Select your HP Simplesave drive for the scan.

  3. Once complete, it will display a list of recoverable files. You can review these files and select the ones you want to recover.

  4. After selecting your files, click the 'Recover' button to start the recovery process.

When It's Time for a Professional Touch

If these methods fail to resuscitate your HP Simplesave disk or your need for the data is paramount, it's time to consider professional data recovery services. While these can be pricey, they're often the best bet for complex or physically-damaged drives. They operate under cleanroom conditions and have an arsenal of proprietary tools and techniques to attempt recoveries that a DIY enthusiast could only dream of. To do this, you can search to find a service provider near you.


You're not alone if you find yourself in a data retrieval pickle, particularly from an HP Simplesave. Here are some common queries that one might have when attempting to recover files from HP Simplesave external hard drive.

  • Data recovery services and software can largely access any type of data stored on your HP Simplesave external hard drive. This includes photos, videos, documents, emails, audio files, and any other format you might have stored.

  • Recovering data from a physically damaged HP Simplesave external hard drive is possible. However, the extent of the data that can be salvaged depends on the severity of the damage. In these cases, it's always best to consult professional services.

  • This depends on the complexity of the data loss. Simple recovery tasks like accidental deletions or formatting might be handled using user-friendly software. However, for more complex issues like drive malfunctions, it's advisable to employ the services of professionals.

  • Some popular data recovery software for Mac or Windows that supports HP Simplesave external hard drives include iBeesoft Data Recovery, Disk Drill, and Wondershare Recoverit.

  • The HP Simplesave data recovery duration varies and can range from a few minutes to several days. Quick recoveries of accidentally deleted files might take a short time, but more profound data loss cases can require an extensive recovery period.

  • To avoid future data loss on your HP Simplesave external hard drive, regularly back up your data, use reliable antivirus software, handle your device carefully to avoid physical damage, and avoid overloading the drive beyond capacity. Remember, preventing data loss is always better than recovering it.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

In the aftermath of your HP Simplesave hard drive data recovery, turn your focus to the future. Actively back up your data on multiple devices using the 3-2-1 rule — three copies of your data on two different media, with one copy offsite. Additionally, Invest in an external hard drive for your recuperated data, and consider cloud storage as an additional layer of security. Finally, regularly check your backup devices and test your data to ensure they function properly.


File recovery from an HP Simplesave external hard drive can be challenging and nerve-wracking. However, it is also a profound lesson in the importance of maintaining redundant backups and understanding the technology that we rely on.

While the road to recovery may sometimes be rocky and uncertain, the steps outlined here offer a clear path for reclaiming your digital heritage. Remember, in the world of data recovery, as in life, patience and persistence often lead to the best outcomes.