How to Recover Data after Blue Screen of Death

"Can you recover files from blue screen of death? I do not know what happened. It worked properly the last day without any errors. However, when I start it up today, it stuck in a blue screen and I had to fix it, which result in data loss from the computer. I really need to know how to recover data from blue screen of death."

Though blue screen of death does not delete files from a computer, when you fix the problem, you can’t access to the data on your computer, letting alone if there is a big problem with your computer, you might need to restore the system or replace hardware, which results in data lost after blue screen of death. Here in the following, let us learn two parts:

Part 1. How to Recover Files after Blue Screen of Death

Part 2. How to Fix Blue Screen of Death on Your Computer

Part 1. How to Recover Files after Blue Screen of Death

If you had restored your computer operating system to fix the blue screen of death, you might face the problems of losing files after getting the problem fixed. In this case, you need to learn how to recover files from blue screen of death.

Data recovery software from blue screen – iBeesoft Data Recovery

You know, though files were deleted or removed while fixing the problem of blue screen death, the files are still on the hard drive before they’re overwritten by new data. In this case, if you can hurry up to recover the files deleted for a blue screen, you can recover them. The sooner you do data recovery after blue screen, the better result you will get.

The deleted files are invisible, to recover them, you need the help of data recovery software from blue screen, iBeesoft Data Recovery.

Your Safe & Effective Blue Screen Data Recovery Program

data recovery after blue screen
  • It is developed for individuals to recover files lost due to blue screen, deletion, system errors, virus attack, and other accidents.
  • It supports all the commonly used file types, including pictures, videos, documents, emails, audio files, and more.
  • It works great on all versions of Windows OS, no incapability issue at all.
  • It can data recovery from external hard drive, built-in disk, SD card, pen drive, USB drive, and more.

Download the data recovery after blue screen software to recover files!!!! Here in the following, let’s learn how to recover files from blue screen of death on Windows PC. Please do not use your computer for other tasks before you recover the lost or deleted files after the blue screen. Or, you will fail to recover the wanted files, causing data lost permanently.

Step 1. Install the blue screen data recovery software

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the latest version of the data recovery software on your computer. It has a separate version for Windows PC and Mac. Please select the right one for your Windows PC. It is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

Launch the software. From the first start-up windows, please select the file types you want to recover, keeping them checked and click "Start" to recover deleted files in Windows 10 and other OS. By default, all the file types are selected. Please deselect the unwanted ones. It will shorten the whole scanning process by only looking for wanted files.

recover files after blue screen

Step 3. Select hard drive to scan

Please note that you need to know where the deleted files were before the blue screen. After then, select the corresponding hard drive and click "Scan" to let the software work right away.

recover files from blue screen of death

Step 4. Recover files after blue screen

Last, please be patient for the whole scanning process to stop. When it finished, you can see all found files are put into the categories in the left side. Select and click any of them in the left panel, you can preview the details on the right side. Select target files and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

can you recover files from blue screen of death

You must have seen the "Deep Scan" option in the result window. You can click it to start the scanning process over again. It will find more files than the default Quick Scan mode, even finding files with part of file properties lost.

Part 2. How to Fix Blue Screen of Death on Your Computer

To fix the blue screen of death on your computer, you need to learn the reasons that cause the problem of a blue screen. Blue screen of death, another name is BSOD error, make your computer appear in the blue screen and it will stop your computer from responding and fail to boot. Here are the main causes of the blue screen:

1. A virus attaches or malware infection that causes system files damaged.

2. Software is incompatible with the operating system.

3. Low disk storage in Drive C.

4. Power supply issues.

5. Incompatible versions of DLL. And you can also see many times a pop-up tells you that DLL lost.

No matter what caused the blue screen of death, you need to calm down. It will not delete your files. The only problem is inaccessible to the files on the computer. Here are the tries to fix blue screen of death. Check out the details now.

The first try to fix blue screen of death is restarting your computer. If there is a temporary error, restarting will fix it and get you out of blue screen of death.

2nd, if you have tried to install a new program, update a drive or any operation before the blue screen of death, you need to ditch the changes by using System Restore.

3rd, you should take a glimpse of your computer drive C, ensuring there is enough space for the computer to startup. If not, please uninstall the unwanted software and clean the trash.

4th, a trustworthy security software tool is a must if you want your computer in great condition. It will prevent malware and virus.

5th, update your Windows operating system. If there is any update or errors, you need to fix it.

6th, the last resort is to reinstall your computer operating system. It will fix the whole problem on your computer if the blue screen of death is not caused by the hard drive.

7th, if the above mentioned ways do not work, you need to send your computer to a computer repair service to have it fixed.

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