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How to Unformat Flash Drive – Undo Format USB Flash Drive

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unformat flash drive

There are dozens of reasons to format a flash drive, either for the hardware or software issues. Formatting is a simple way to fix these problems.

Formatting is quite simple. You right-click on the flash drive and select "Format" in the menu, and it’s done and done. However, formatting results in data lose. If there are some important files, like reports, presentation, thesis, then you need to unformat flash drive.

Is it possible to unformat flash drive? For sure, you can. Here is the theory of unformatting flash drive. The formatting only marks all data on the flash drive as deleted, making the space available for new data. However, if no new data is added in, the original files are still there, but invisible. In this case, you need to unformat your flash drive, sooner the better. Otherwise, it will be failed to unformat the flash drive.

You can’t unformat a flash drive without any software or techniques. Here I strongly recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is simple and safe unformat flash drive tool can help you quick recover data from formatted usb drive. The reliable unformat flash drive software is drivspecially designed for people to solve the unformatting task. With it, you can easily unformat the flash drive in less than 10 minutes. Here are USB flash drive data recovery software main features:

Your Safe & Effective Unformat Flash Drive Tool

Unformat Flash Drive Software
  • Supports all the commonly used file types: photos, documents, ppts, worksheets, rtf, emails, and more, making all the data you needed safe
  • The unformat usb flash drive tool provides two scanning modes to ensure full recover data from formatted usb flash drive
  • Standalone, and quite user-friendly to use.

Security Verified, 2,655,358 people have downloaded it

undo format USB flash drive

Note:before unformat your flash drive, please keep in mind that do not use it after you realize you need to unformat it. Otherwise, part of data will be erased permanently. Keep it still until you follow the steps below.

Here are the step-by-step guide for how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to unformat flash drive.

Step 1. Download and install Unformat Flash Drive Tool

You need to download the .exe file of iBeesoft Data Recovery. Install it on your computer. It has no problem for compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.. Feel free to use it. It is virus free and safe.

Step 2. Connect your flash drive with computer

Insert your flash drive to the USB slot to connect it with your computer. Don’t do anything on it but make sure it is connected with computer successfully. Don’t open the flash drive as well. Just keep it connected.

Step 3. Select file types to unformat

In the main window, you can see there is a big “Start” button. Before clicking it, please select file types to scan. By default all supported file types are selected. By unticking the unneeded ones, it will shorten the scanning time. The more files it scan, longer it takes. After select file types, click "Start" to begin the unformat flash drive process.

unformat usb flash drive tool

Step 4. Select flash drive to scan

In the new window, you’re supposed to select the formatted flash drive you have connected to scan since you want to unformat it. Select it and click the "Scan" button on the top of the main window.

Select formatted usb flash drive to recover data

Step 5. Unformat flash drive

After the scanning process, the result is displayed in the window. All files are sorted into categories. To find a specific file, you need to unfold the category directory, find the file and preview it. If it is the one you need, select it and click "Recover" to save it to your computer. Don’t save the recovered data back to the flash drive again due to the secure reason. If you save them to the flash drive, they may get erased again.

About Deep Scan

If there are some files you don’t see in the result window, try the "deep scan" feature. It will take longer for the software to unformat your flash drive, finding more files for you.

Unformat flash drive

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