How to Recover Data after Diskpart Clean

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Never be panic when you see Diskpart clean removed your files. If you hurry up using the best hard drive recovery software, it’s possible you can recover data lost by Diskpart clean. This article tells you the detailed steps for how to do it. Read on to learn the details.

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Although Diskpart clean is originally designed to help clean and remove files, programs, or any other data that isn’t useful or necessary, there are a lot of situations where some important data gets lost in the process. If you just lost some important data after a Diskpart clean command, you don’t have to panic; you can still restore files lost by Diskpart clean.

Part 1. Best Software to Recover Data After Diskpart Clean

If you accidentally use the Diskpart clean command, there is a very high chance of losing all or most of the data on your USB, SD Card, external hard drive, etc., or even lose important data from your computer’s internal drive. If you find out that you have lost your data after Diskpart clean, your best course of action would be to use a professional data recovery software to get data back after Diskpart. Using good data recovery software is usually the most reliable, easiest, and fastest way to retrieve deleted file by Diskpart clean.

One software that comes to mind when searching for the best software to recover files after Diskpart clean is iBeesoft Data Recovery software. The software comes highly recommended by its users as the safest and fastest data recovery software. It is also user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Your Effective File Recovery Software after Diskpart Clean

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  • It supports different kinds of file types, covering videos, photos, audio files, and more.
  • It allows for a quick scan and deep scan that can completely restore data lost from disk after uninitialized or diskpart clean.
  • It works on Windows and macOS for different kinds of external devices.
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Part 2. How to Recover Data Lost by Diskpart Clean

Unlike the Diskpart format command, which formats only a selected partition on the hard disk, when Diskpart clean command is performed on a hard disk, all data in the hard disk will be automatically deleted or formatted. Diskpart clean, when performed wrongly or accidentally, can easily cause your important data to be lost. If this occurs, all hope is not yet lost. You can still find your lost data as long as you haven’t already overwritten the data.

If you have accidentally or wrongly run a Diskpart clean command and lost important data, as a result, you should immediately stop using the computer to avoid overwriting the data. Next, download professional data recovery software to get data back after Diskpart clean all. First, download it for free on your computer device and install the application. Once that has been done, follow these simple steps to recover files by Diskpart clean.

  1. Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery software
  2. After downloading and installing the application on your computer device, launch the software to begin the process of recovering your data.

  3. Select the Affected Hard Disk Drive Location to Start Scan
  4. After clicking start, every hard disk drive location accessible on your computer will be displayed on the screen. Select the drive that was Diskpart cleaned, then click on 'Scan' to begin scanning the data lost by Diskpart clean. The scanning process will be completed within a short while.

  5. Preview and Select the Files to be Recovered
  6. Once the scanning process is completed, every data lost by Diskpart clean will be displayed on your computer screen. Preview and filter each file and select the files you want to be restored. After selecting the Diskpart cleaned files, click on 'Recover' to recover Diskpart clean, and the recovered Diskpart cleaned files will be saved to your computer. If you can’t find the files, you intend to recover, simply switch the scanning mode from 'Quick Scan' to 'Deep Scan' to scan the device on a deeper level.

Part 3. Tips: How do I undo a clean command in Diskpart with CMD

Diskpart clean is used for several reasons and situations. For example, Diskpart clean can be used to fix certain errors on your external hard drive and devices. Diskpart clean can also be used to delete or format partitions that cannot be deleted with normal tools. However, you must be very careful when using Diskpart clean command as the slightest error can lead to devastating effects like wiping out an entire drive or formatting the wrong disk.

When you use a Diskpart clean command, the system will only remove the partition information such as the type of partition, size, location, file system, etc., from the partition table. This implies that your files are still located within your computer until they have been overwritten but just not visible to you.

If you accidentally used a wrong Diskpart clean command and consequently list your data, it is possible to undo a clean command in Diskpart using CMD. If you want to learn how to recover data lost by Diskpart clean using cmd, you can follow this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Locate the cleaned partition in Disk Management
  2. To locate the partition, press press ‘Win + R' to get to Run Window. From the pop-up window to appear, type ‘diskmgmt.msc' and press ‘ok’ to open Disk Management. Next, find the deleted partition. Note that the deleted partition will be labeled ‘unallocated,’ which means you must remember the partition size to find the partition.

  3. Run Command Prompt
  4. To start the command prompt, simply type ‘cmd’ in the search box, then Run as Administrator.

  5. Find Disk Partition
  6. To find disk partition on your computer, simply type ‘ Diskpart' in the windows and click ‘Enter’.

  7. Enter the Undo Clean Commands
  8. To undo the clean command, type the following commands on your computer system.

    First type ‘list disk.' Next, type ‘select disk (include name of the partition)’. Then, type ‘list volume,' after which you type ‘select volume (include number of the partition).’ Finally, type ‘assign letter=(select a drive letter that has not been used)’.

  9. Check if the Undo Command Was Successful
  10. To check if the undo command was successful, simply exit the window and search for your lost files caused by Diskpart clean command. You should, however, note that you cannot undo Diskpart clean using CMD if you used the Diskpart clean all command.