How to Recover Temporary Excel Files on Mac

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Many people find it challenging to find a solution to how to recover temporary excel files on Mac. The reason is they are not searching for the right answer. Generally, recovering temporary files of excel on a Mac is possible in two ways. Continue to read to find the solutions.

Part 1: How to Recover Temporary Excel Files in Temporary Folder on Mac

Losing an excel file while working on them leads to a tense situation. Many people do not possess the knowledge on how to recover temporary excel files Mac in a few steps. It is here that they look around the internet to seek professional help or seek guidance from friends. Nonetheless, the following steps will assist any individual in recovering an excel file from the temporary folder on Mac.

Step 1: Open the Terminal dialog box by proceeding in the following fashion: Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Step 2: Now, key in "open $TMDIR" and hit the "Return" key. The action will open the "Temporary folder" present on the Mac.

Step 3: From the list that appears in the new window, search for "TemporaryItems" and double-click to open the same. One can search for the excel file from the list and restore the same.

All temporary data will be stored in this folder, so you can also use this way to recover temporary Word files on Mac and recover unsaved Powerpoint on Mac.

Part 2: How to Recover Temporary Excel Files on Mac

The procedure to recover temporary files of excel from Mac is simple. Although the above means gives access to the files with ease, finding all the files and the latest versions is not possible. However, with the help of a recovery tool, such as iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac, searching and restoring all the lost excel files is possible.

iBeesoft Data Recovery software for Mac is the answer to how to recover excel temp on Mac with ease. The reason is the robust mechanism of the program. The software scans for the temporary files and displays the list from which one can mark the data needed for restoration. The primary advantage of using the program is its ability to scan through the different sectors and partitions of the hard disk. It even possesses the ability to scan for external drives. Alongside this, one can use the recovery tool for any data loss situation.

What makes iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac the right choice?

Although one will find several recovery tools available in the market, iBeesoft stands out from the crowd due to the ease of operation and options available to the user. For instance, the software can locate the temporary files of excel irrespective of the loss situation. Furthermore, the ability to find data from any storage device makes it even more exciting, as users can attach their portable storage units and look for the files with ease.

What are the main features of this temporary Excel file recovery Mac program?

The recover temporary excel files Mac software can identify several file formats such as photos, audio files, documents, videos, and other file types. Due to the variety of file recognition types, it becomes easy for anyone to restore files on Mac with ease. The following are the features of the software:

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  • Developed using advanced technology that helps it to recognize over 200 devices and 1000 file formats. Assists in recovering wholly files from Mac lost due to pressing "command + del" keys, clean trash, formatted drive, virus attacks, a partition or drive displaying the file format as RAW, and reinstallation of the OS.
  • The Quick Scan mode helps in identifying the lost file type at a faster rate while the Deep Scan mode consumes time but retrieves all the missing files on the Mac with ease.
  • The temporary Excel file recovery Mac program allows the user to import and export the scan results so that one can resume scanning from the place where they left without the need to begin scanning from the start.
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Step-by-step Guide on How iBeesoft Helps in Recovering Temporary Excel Files on Mac

Before beginning the recovery process, it is essential to download the trial version of the software by visiting the iBeesoft Data Recovery website. Installation is simple, and after that, one can use it to recover temporary excel files Mac in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Start the tool by clicking the icon. The primary window consists of the essential file formats that the program can recover with ease. As a default, all the file formats have their checkboxes ticked. One can choose only the necessary file format and uncheck the remaining file types. Now, press the "Start" button to proceed.

Step 2: In the next window, find the location to scan for the temporary excel files and press the "Scan" button.

Step 3: After a few minutes, the program will show all the recoverable temporary excel files in a new window. One can mark the required files and press "Recover" button to save.