How to Recover Deleted/Lost Partition on Mac

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"Can you recover a deleted partition on Mac? Which tool can restore files from deleted partition on Mac, please help."

Sometimes, with a single click, you can lose or delete a partition on Mac instantly. The good news is you can fix it by using iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. It’s professional software that can help you display the lost or deleted partition and recover files from deleted partition on Mac right away, rescuing your data.

Part 1. How to Use iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac to Recover Deleted/Lost Partitions on Mac

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is a professional data recovery tool specially developed for people to recover files deleted on Mac internal hard drives, connected external hard drives, cameras, Android phones, SD cards, etc. it’s a desktop software to recover deleted partition on Mac. Here are the steps for using it.

Step 1. Install the Mac Deleted Partition Recovery Software

Click the download to get the data recovery software for Mac. After then, install it on your Mac. It’s fully compatible with macOS, including the latest macOS 12 Monterey. Feel free to install it. It’s virus-free. If you any message pops up from macOS, you should set up the preferences as "install apps from Apple Store and identified developers."

Step 2. Select Files and Partition to Scan

Launch the Mac partition data recovery software. From the first window, keep all the files selected or only keep needed ones, click "Start". It means the software will scan for all the recoverable files there.

Next, you can see the partitions list. If the lost or deleted partition is on an external hard drive, connect the hard drive with your Mac beforehand. Select the hard drive from where you have deleted or lost partition and click "Scan".

Step 3. Recover Files from Deleted Partition on Mac

Wait patiently for the partition scanning to finish. After then, you can see all the files found from the deleted or lost partitions. Click file types in the left panel shows all the recoverable files found in the categories. After then, preview the found files. When find the target files, select them, and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.

If there are still some files not found from the lost partition on Mac, click "Deep Scan" in the result window to scan the deleted partition again. It will find more files for you.

Tips: How to recover deleted partition on Mac with a high success rate?

Why iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is able to recover files from deleted partition on Mac. It’s mainly because the deleted partition is not deleted permanently. Though you can’t see it visually, it’s still on your Mac hard disk. That’s why data recovery can display it and let you to scan and recover files there. In this case, before the data recovery process, you should protect the deleted partition from being erased permanently.

Part 2. About Partition Recovery on Mac

* Support Different Partitions

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is workable on different partitions, not only partitions on Mac internal hard drive but also partitions on external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, etc. Basically, it’s able to scan the disk for partitions. As for formatted, deleted or lost HFS+ partitions, it’s also able to use the backup copy of the partition header to rebuild it, letting users scan it to recover lost files. The supported partition file system includes HFS, HFS+, APFS, FAT/FAT32/exFAT, EXT3/EXT4, and NTFS/NTFS5.

* Recover Various Files from Deleted Partitions on Mac

The recoverable file types from deleted partitions include videos, photos, documents, emails, archives, audio files, covering all the daily used file types with different file extensions.

* Recover Deleted/Lost Partitions in Different Scenarios

No matter how you lost the partition, deletion, or system errors, iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is able to recover a deleted partition in Windows 11, 10, and Mac. You should remember not to do anything on the hard disk where the partition is deleted or lost before you successfully recover files from deleted partitions.

Part 3. Common Reasons for Partition Lost

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Deleted/Lost Partition Recovery