Seagate File Recovery Software for Mac

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The best solutions for recovering files from Seagate external hard drive on Mac when files disappeared due to deletion, formatting, hard drive error, virus attack, RAW hard drive, missing, etc. Over 1000 file types are supported, covering videos, images, documents (Pages, Numbers, Keynotes), audio files, archives, etc. with different extensions.

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Not Only Get Data Back But Also Repair Corrupted Files During Recovery

What if the found files are corrupted? That’s the common problem people always face when doing data recovery. It’s very likely that lost or deleted files are corrupted due to the data storage principles, namely, file properties lost. This Seagate recovery software for Mac is updated with the most advanced technology to scan, collect, and match information to fix corruption, especially fixing corrupted videos (MP4 and MOV) and images.

Restore Seagate Disk Files on Mac No Matter How You Lost Them

There are many elements that can cause data loss from Seagate hard drive, especially you’re using Seagate external hard drive. This Seagate file recovery software for Mac supports 500+ file loss scenarios, helping retrieve files from Seagate hard drive no matter how you lost them.

Retrieve 1000+ File Types from Seagate External Hard Drives on Mac

It’s heart-broken when you finally find the lost files from Seagate hard drive and can’t open them with some data recovery software. This professional Seagate File Recovery Software for Mac has fully solved the problem. From its supported file list, you can recover deleted files on Mac with 1000+ file extensions that are compatible.

How to Get Files Back with Seagate File Recovery Software for Mac

Seagate data recovery for Mac software enables you to find lost files very easily since the software is easy to operate and there is no jargon or parameters needing you preset at all. Here are the steps for how to restore files from Seagate hard drive with the Seagate File Recovery for Mac tool.

Step 1. Install the File Recovery Software for Mac

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the installation package for your Mac. It’s virus-free. You just need to double-click it or drag and drop it to the Application icon for installing. If there is any pop-up, telling the tool is not from Apple App Store, you should set up the System Preferences as install apps from both App Store and identified developer.

Step 2. Select File Type(s) to Recover from Seagate Hard Drive on Mac

After launching the Seagate File Recovery software, you can see all supported file types are selected there by default. If your target is recovering as many files as possible, just let it go and click "Start". If not, deselect the unwanted ones before moving to the next step.

Step 3. Choose Seagate Hard Drive to Scan on Mac

In the next window, you can see all hard drives, including external hard drives collected with Mac are listed there. Select the Seagate Hard drive and click "Scan" to let the software scan the hard drive, looking for all the deleted files in the first place.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Files on Mac

It only takes you a few minutes for the Quick Scan to finish. After then, you can see all the found recoverable deleted files from Seagate hard drive. And all the found files are sorted into categories and displayed in the left panel. You can click the categories in the left side to preview the corresponding files on the right side. After then, select the needed files and click "Recover" to save the deleted files from Seagate hard drive on Mac.

(Optional) Step 5. Deep Scan Seagate Hard Drive Again

By default, the scanning mode you’re using is Quick Scan. It only looks for deleted files from Seagate hard drive. If there are any missing or hidden files in Seagate hard drive, you should try the "Deep Scan" in the result window. It will scan the Seagate hard drive again, finding more files for you.

After you complete the above steps you can easily recover deleted files from external hard drive on Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions for Seagate File Recovery

Q: How to Avoid Data Loss from Seagate Hard Drives

  1. Eject Seagate hard drive properly after using it with computers.
  2. Do not use Seagate external hard drives on different computers, especially those that lack security software.
  3. Use anti-virus software to scan Seagate hard drive regularly to prevent virus and malware attacks.
  4. Back up important files to another hard drive regularly.

Q: Does Seagate warranty cover data recovery?

Seagate warranty only is useful to the device itself. It doesn’t cover any file recovery service or free data recovery software for Mac.

Q: How do I fix Seagate external hard drive files that disappeared Mac?

Before you get to know the reasons why files disappeared from Seagate's external hard drive on Mac, you must use the Seagate file recovery software introduced above to recover the files as soon as possible. Any delay will cause data permanently lost due to data overwritten issues.

  1. Connect the Seagate external hard drive with your Mac.
  2. Download and install the Seagate File Recovery software on your Mac.
  3. Launch the data recovery software for Mac. After then, click “Start”.
  4. In the next window, select Seagate File Recovery and click “Scan”.
  5. Preview the found recoverable files.
  6. Select needed files and click “Recover” to save them on your Mac.

Q: What is the success rate of the Seagate rescue service?

It’s 95%. Without any Seagate Service Plan, the fee can range from $499 to $2000