How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

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Videos are captured moments in motion and it definitely relieves those memories in action. What if those videos got lost or got deleted unintentionally? There are some situations where these videos are nowhere found. Similar to photos, videos that are deleted ends up in a "Recently Deleted" folder that makes it recoverable in 40 days before it gets permanently deleted.

Here are some scenarios:

Good thing iBeesoft iPhone Recovery is capable of recovering 20 or more file types which include videos and app videos. The software also supports a wide range of devices and iOS platforms: from iPad to iPad Pro, iPod touch generations 1 to 6, and all iPhone versions that run on iOS 7 up to iOS 11.

With a great value set of having 3 modes, to recover deleted videos from iPhone and other files, for a price of 1 is a great deal. It has also been noted that it has the Highest Data Recovery Rate in the market. iBeesoft has been providing solutions and tools to different countries that has an available support and user guides in their native language since 2015. This professional software provider is definitely trusted and relied on by users to recover and shred files alike.

How to recover deleted videos from iPhone? It’s simple, reliable, fast and efficient. There are 3 methods for you to choose from: Directly scanning your device, through iTunes backup, and with your iCloud backup. Let’s start learning on how to recover iPhone deleted videos.

Method 1. Recover deleted videos on iPhone by direct scanning.

What could be easier than a plug and play method? You can easily recover your videos from your device just by connecting it to your computer.

Note: Be careful not to overwrite the old files with the new ones. To avoid this situation, DO NOT USE your phone until successful file recovery.

Step 1: Download and Install the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software

Download the installation package of iBeesoft iPhone Data recovery software and continue the installation on your computer. It is a standalone and virus-free tool. It has a free trial so it can let you view the files you need to recover.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a digital cable and then click "Trust" on your device. You will input a password or code if prompted.

Trust This Computer

Step 3: Detect and Scan your Device

The tool will show the detected device automatically. Select the "Recover from iOS Device" on the top left portion of the initial screen and click on the "Scan" button for the device.

how to recover deleted videos from iPhone

Step 3: View and Retrieve iPhone Videos

It will take some minutes to scan your device depending on how much files and how many applications you have in it. The recovery tool will then categorize the files and will show the preview on the right part of the window.

You have the option to only view the deleted items by selecting the option at the top. This is only accessible once the device is scanned completely. Select the Videos and App Videos category to only display the videos you want to restore. Once you are able to see and select the videos you need, click on the "Recover" button. The files will be saved on your computer.

recover deleted videos from iPhone

Note: If the videos are not found directly on your device, you have other methods to try like iTunes and iCloud recovery.

Method 2. Extract videos from iPhone iTunes backup files.

To retrieve your videos from your iTunes backup file or files, you should have a previous backup on a computer. Make sure to have iBeesoft Data Recovery software installed on the same computer where your iTunes backup was created.

Step 1: Choose and Extract the iTunes Backup File

Open the software and click on the “Recover from iTunes” from the main screen. This will allow the tool to extract your files from your iTunes backup. It will look for all the available iTunes backup files on your computer and show them. Select the file that contains the items to recover, then click on "Scan".

recover videos from iPhone

Step 2: Preview and Retrieve Videos from iTunes Backup File

Once the software completes the scanning process, it will show a panel on the left containing a categorized and sorted directory of your files. You can see a preview in a tiled format on the right. You can now select the items and recover them by clicking on the "Recover" button.

Note: If you often plug in your phone into your computer and had iTunes to automatically backup files setup, this is the most convenient method for you to use.

Method 3. Extract videos from iPhone iCloud backup files.

How to recover deleted videos from iPhone using iCloud backup files? This is easy to do if you had your device settings to automatically backup your device with iCloud. This is the method widely used of those people who rarely connect their Apple devices on a computer but uses "iCloud Backup" as their preferred backup method.

Step 1: Login to your iCloud Account

It needs access to get into your iCloud backup to recover data. On iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, you just need to click on the "Recover from iCloud". This will prompt you to log in with your iCloud username and password. Don’t worry! It’s secure. It does not store your credentials or personal information.

Log in with iCloud Account to recover deleted videos from iPhone

Step 2: iCloud Backup File Download

After signing in to iCloud the tool will display your iCloud backup files available. Choose the one that contains the videos to retrieve then click on "Scan" to preview and download the files.

retrieve deleted videos on iPhone

Step 3: iCloud Backup File Recovery

After files have been successfully downloaded, you can now preview the videos that are sorted out in their respective categories. Simply choose the videos and click on the "Recover" button to download and save them on your computer.

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