Moser Baer Pen Drive Recovery Tool - Recover Lost/Delete Files

" i accident deleted some pictures on my Moser Baer pen drive. I checked the trash bin on my computer but still not find them anywhere. Anyone can tell me where are them? Can i recover Moser Baer pen drive? Please help " - Bobby

Storing pictures, documents, presentation files, contracts and other important files in pen drive, like Moser Baer, is popular. It helps people to carry their files with them anywhere at any time conveniently. However, the risk is that you may get the files lost due to deleted, formatted, displays as RAW, virus attack, pen drive not opened, damaged, etc. In this case, you must learn how to recover Moser Baer data when you encounter the situations. This article tells you how to recover lost or deleted files from Moser Baer pen drive.

Prep work

  • Stop using the Moser Baer pen drive after you realize you have lost files or deleted files from it. All the deleted files are still on the pen drive until they’re replaced by new data. How can it happen? The space for the deleted or lost files are marked as available for new data. If new data occupies the space, it means the deleted or lost files are overwritten by the new data, which will result in data lost or deletion permanently. This is how it works for storing and deleting files on pen drive.
  • Find a professional yet stable Moser Baer pen drive data recovery tool for help. All the deleted or lost files are invisible by human beings. They can only be recovered by programs.

Recover Data from Moser Baer wiht Recovery Tool

iBeesoft Data Recovery is the best tool to recover lost or deleted files from Moser Baer pen drive. It is professional, yet easy-to-use. It is developed for individuals for recover deleted photos, videos, audio files, documents, reports, presentation files, and more from the computer, storage devices, flash drive, as well as pen drives and unformat SD card, disk/partition ect. Here are some of its main features:

Your Safe & Effective Moser Baer Pen Drive Recovery Tool

recover moser baer pen drive
  • Supports over 200 file types, including pictures, videos, audio files, documents, archives in all kinds of different formats, as well as emails.
  • 2 recovery modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick scan will saves you time for scanning the whole drive and Deep Scan will scan deeper for the lost files.
  • Support files lost in all kinds of scenarios: intentional and unintentional deletion, formatted, disappear while doing the transferring, attacked by virus, stuck on storage devices, files lost due to system crash, and so on.
  • Easy-to-use for individuals. The software is designed for individuals, even people with less computer knowledge can run it effectively and easily.

Step by Step to Recover Moser Baer Data

Here in the following, you can see the detailed guide for how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover files from Moser Baer pen drive.

Step 1. Download iBeesoft Data Recovery

Click the download button below to get the installation on your computer. Both Windows and Mac data recovery versions are available. Please select the right one according to the OS of your computer. Next, intall it on your computer.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

Connect Moser Baer pen drive with your computer, making sure it is detected by your computer. Next, launch the Moser Baer pen drive recovery tool. In the main window, by default, all supported file types are selected. The software is ready to scan the Moser Baer pen drive. You need to uncheck the unwanted ones and click "Start" to recover Moser Baer pen drive files.

recover files from moser baer

Step 3. Select Moser Baer pen drive to scan

In the next window, click Moser Baer as the place to scan and recover deleted or lost files. And then click "Scan".

recover moser baer pen drive

Step 5. Preview and recover lost/deleted files from Moser Baer pen drive

After a few minutes, the Moser Baer pen drive recovery tool will finish the scanning process, sorting all files into categories. After then, you can select file types on the left side, and preview the files on the right. When find the ones you’re looking for, select them and click "Recover" to recover files from moser baer on your computer.

moser baer pen drive recovery

If you want a better result, I advise you try the Deep Scan feature in the result window. It will help you scan the whole Moser Baer, looking for the lost or delete files from there. All you need to be patient, because it will much longer then the Quick Scan.

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