Kingston USB/Pen Drive Repair Tool Free Download and How to Use

Updated by Harper on Apr 28, 2021

You can see that many people are looking for a Kingston USB repair tool or Kingston pen drive repair tool because they can’t access the pen drive or can’t open the files on the device. There are many reasons for the problems, like virus attack, file broken or write protect, etc. And the almighty Kingston repair tool is the official USB Data Traveler Hyper X. It is a tool specially designed for people to format Kingston pen drive, USB flash drive, and more. You might ask what’s the relationship with Kingston flash drive repair tool with the formatting tool. Here is the reason:

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Part 1, Format Kingston USB Flash Drive with kingston Repair Tool
Part 2, How to Recover Kingston Drive Files after Deleted, Formatted
Part 3, Tips for Increasing the Chance of Saving Files from Broken Kingston Pen Drive

Part 1, Format Kingston USB Flash Drive with kingston Repair Tool

First, if you have used Kingston drive on your computer or have done formatting things, the pen drive might not work properly. You can see the warning from the official site. Second, if there are any problems with the USB and pen drive, the first way you need to do is format the drive with the Kingston utility. It will fix these problems and gets the best possible performance. You can free download the Kingston USB repair tool from the site.

Before you repair your Kingston drive with the above mentioned tool, you need to know that formatting will cause all data erased and make your Kingston disk an empty device. If there are some important files stored there, you need back up the data to other drives. If you have forgotten to back up important files or want to recover lost data from Kingston drive, please continue reading.

Part 2, How to Recover Kingston Drive Files after Deleted, Formatted

If you found important data missing or not fully backed up after format the Kingston pen drive. Please do not worry, here we use the third recovery software - iBeesoft Data Recovery to help you fix Kingston USB flash drive. It is a professional Windows or Mac data recovery tool, helping people recover data from the computer or external hard drives.

Your Powerful & Effective Kingston Drive Recovery Software

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  • Supports for most file types, such as photos/graphics, videos, audio, offices documents, emails, and more.
  • Supports recover data from hard disk/partition, memory card, digital camera, USB drive, video/music player, mobile phone, etc.
  • Supports Kingston drive recovery due to deleted, formatted, virus attack, drive displays as RAW, and more.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Here are the simple steps for how to recover files from Kingston drive

Click the download button to download iBeesoft Data Recovery. There are 2 versions, one is for Mac, and another one is for Windows PC. You need to choose the one that’s right for your computer OS. For both of them, just install as the way you install other software regularly. They are tested with antivirus software tools and will not collect any of your personal data.

Step 1. Insert your Kingston drive into the USB slot on your computer, making sure your computer has detected it. Do not let it go until you finish the whole process of saving data from the Kingston USB flash or pen drive to your computer. Otherwise, you might lose the important files forever.

Step 2. Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery. From the first window, please select file types you want to save from Kingston drive. By default, all supported file types are selected. Uncheck the unwanted ones. Click "Start" to confirm your selection.

Step 3. In the next window, all hard drives as well external USB flash drives are listed. Please select the one that stands for Kingston USB drive and clicks "Scan". It means that the software will begin to scan the device for files with Quick Scan. Generally, the longer it takes, the more files the software will find for you.

Step 4. There must be multiple files found in your Kingston USB drive if you have stored many there. The shortcut to pick up the files you prefer is by selecting files under folders to preview and recover. In the left side, all directories are displayed just as you did in the Kingston pen drive. You just need to try to remember where you have put the files and open the folder correspondingly. Next, preview and select files, click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Part 3, Tips for increasing the chance of saving files from broken Kingston drive