How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Audio from PC/Mac/iPhone

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The various Social media platform available for the users allow easy sharing of files like audio files, photos, and videos. Among all of them, WhatsApp is the platform opted by most of the users. Although WhatsApp keep all the Audio files in a separate folder but sometimes accidentally while deleting all the data from WhatsApp, users also delete some important audio files accidentally. The app itself offers recovery of the files but for that, it is important that you had a backup of your audio file. But if you didn’t have any backup of the files, then you must choose reliable and safe software that allows WhatsApp Audio Recovery. In the article, we are introducing the users to software which can easily recover deleted WhatsApp audio files from PC, Mac and iPhone with a few simple steps.

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Part 1. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Audio on PC
Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Audio Files from WhatsApp on iPhone

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Audio on PC

The audio files that you receive or send through Whatsapp are saved in your phone memory or in the memory card inserted in it. It depends on the user where to save those files. If by mistake or due to any other reason these files disappear from your storage device, then you do not need to worry. We have the best WhatsApp audio recovery tool for you, which is the iBeesoft data recovery. With this Windows or Mac data recovery software, you can easily retrieve all deleted audio files from whatsapp in three simple steps from any memory device.

Your Safe & Effective Audio File Recovery for PC Tool

(Trust Score 4.7 by 1695 Users)
  • It can extract your files from any medium. For instance, if you have lost your files from the hard drive, or memory card or flash drive it can be used on any location.
  • The audio recovery tool is safe and secure to use, as it will not ask for unnecessary private information from the user.
  • The files which the tool can retrieve can be of any extension and format; it can read and retract them easily.
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Follow the step by step guide below to know how to recover deleted audio files from WhatsApp:

Step 1: Download the software from their official website and install it on your system. After installing the file recovery software, open it and then on the first page you will see that there are various types of file options. You can choose all files or any one type of file which you want to recover. In our case, you need to select the audio option from the menu and click on "Start".

Step 2: In the next step, you have to choose the storage space. Then click on the "Scan" option and the software will scan the device for recently deleted files. If the files are not displayed in the first scan then you can run a deep scan and the software will detect some more files.

Step 3: Next, you will see that the iBeesoft data recovery tool has listed all the files and documents on the left side panel. Now you can select the audio files and click on the "Recover" option to get your files back.

These are the three simple steps to recover your deleted audio files from WhatsApp on your PC. All your files will be saved on the computer system and you can further transfer the files into any other storage space.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Audio Files from WhatsApp on iPhone

Not only can the iBeesoft iPhone data recovery software recover deleted whatsapp audio on IOS device, it can also be used to retrieve your audio files from WhatsApp on iCloud or iTunes.

Your Safe & Effective WhatsApp Audio Recovery for iPhone

(Trust Score 4.7 by 1695 Users)
  • The iBeesoft iPhone data recovery tool can redeem your data from three sources on iPhone; they are iPhone memory, iTunes and iCloud.
  • The tool can recover the data lost due to various reasons like an accident, update error, virus attack, lost or damaged phone etc.
  • The WhatsApp audio recovery tool can be used to undelete contacts, photos, videos, audio files, chats, and notes etc on iPhone.
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Here is the step by step discussion on how to recover deleted WhatsApp audio on iPhone:

There are three variants of retrieving your audio files on iPhone, one is from iPhone device, and the other two are from iTunes and iCloud.

Method 1: Recover Whatsapp Audio from iOS Device

Step 1: Make sure that the iTunes on your PC is of the latest version; if not then download it from the official Apple Website. Next install the iBeesoft data recovery software, which is a safe and virus free software.

Step 2: After connecting your phone with the PC, start the iBeesoft data recovery and select the "Recover from Device" option. Before doing this check the "trust this computer" on the IOS device. Click "Scan" and it will scan all your files which have been deleted in the past.

Step 3: the next window will show all your audio files which the software has retrieved back. From here you can select your audios and relax.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Whatsapp Audio from iTunes:

The iTunes recovery method will scan the files in your iTunes backup and then recover the deleted WhatsApp audio files. To carry out the process, follow the steps below:

Step 1: All your IOS device backups are saved on the computer and to retrieve any file from it, firstly you need to launch the iBeesoft data recovery tool and then select "Recover from iTunes" option. The software will then show you the entire iTunes backup on your computer; you can select the appropriate backup and click on Click "Scan".

Step 2: In the next windows you can see all the categories of files that the software has retracted back. From here select Whatsapp and it will all the backed up files of the messenger. Select the audio files that you want to recover and click on "Recover". The files will be saved on your computer.

Method 3: Whatsapp Audio Recovery from iCloud

The iCloud backup also stores a backup file of the data on your iPhone. To get those files back using the iBeesoft Data Recovery Software via iCloud, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: The only extra step here is that you first need to select "Recover from iCloud" and then log in to your account which has all your iCloud files. Select your backup and let the software scan it for some time.

Step 2: After scanning it will show you all the files of your backup. Here you have to follow the similar process of selecting your audio files and click on "Recover".

The iBeesoft data recovery tool is indeed the most reliable and efficient software to retrieve all your data without much work. You just need to follow some simple steps and you will be able to recover deleted WhatsApp audio from iPhone or any other device efficiently.