Text Recovery Mac - How to Recover TextEdit Files on Mac

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There are many scenarios that people get TextEdit files unsaved, lost or deleted on Mac. Here are some of the incidents. Have you ever encountered?

Whichever situation you’ve encountered, you can find the right recover TextEdit files Mac solution or restore unsaved TextEdit files on Mac by reading the paragraphs below. Here in the following, I'm going to explain to you:

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How to Recover Deleted/Missing/Lost TextEdit Files on Mac (high efficiency)
How to Restore TextEdit Files on Mac with Time Machine (need to use it backup your files)
How to Recover Unsaved TextEdit Text File on Mac Manually

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted/Missing/Lost TextEdit Files on Mac

If the TextEdit file is very important, then my first suggestion is using a professional TextEdit recovery file Mac software, like iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. Only with the help of a recover text Mac tool, it will avoid losing the TextEdit file permanently and fully recover TextEdit files on Mac, whether deleted, lost, formatted drive or empty trash. You should know that any further operation will cause the TextEdit being overwritten by new data and you’ll lose them forever.

Your Safe & Effective TextEdit Recovery Mac Software

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  • The read-only text recovery Mac tool can recover deleted/lost TextEdit files on Mac without damaging the original data.
  • It offers two scan modes to ensure successful recover deleted files on Mac, unformat drives or other file rescues.
  • No matter the file loss reasons, you can easily recovering text files on Mac or other storage devices.
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How to TextEdit File Recovery Mac Software work?

The program will scan your Mac wholly for the deleted, missing or unsaved TextEdit files which are not visible by yourself. You can’t do anything but the help of the software. After then, it will display all the found TextEdit files it has found for you, letting you preview and recover deleted TextEdit files on Mac of you need.

Steps to Recover TextEdit Files on Mac OS X

Here are the simple steps for how to perform TextEdit Recovery Mac tool to retrieve lost, unsaved and deleted TextEdit file on Mac.

Step 1. Install This Mac File Recovery Software

Click the download button to get the latest TextEdit recovery Mac software on your Mac. It is free of virus, and it’s one the most popular tools among the data recovery software tools. The only drawback is that it is not available at Apple Store yet. But you can also see it is at MacUpdate. Feel free to install it on your Mac.

Step 2. Select File Type to Scan

Launch the software. From the main window, please check out the documents and other files, telling the best recover TextEdit Mac utility to scan the specified file types. It will shorten the scanning time. If you’re free, you can keep all the file types checked as well. Click "Start" to recover deleted files on Mac and enter the next window.

Step 3. Select Hard Disk to Scan

All hard drive/volumes, including the Mac, connected the external hard drive. From there, you need to select the partition where once your TextEdit file(s) is saved. Click "Scan" to let the software scan the lost TextEdit file for you.

Step 4. Preview and Recover TextEdit file on Mac

During the scanning process, you can stop it whenever you see it has found the TextEdit file for you. Of course, the better choice is waiting for it finishing the whole process. All found files are sorted into categorized and listed on the left side of the window. Select the one you need, preview it. When finding the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.

Part 2. How to Restore Deleted TextEdit Files on Mac with Time Machine Backup File

Apple has offered every user to restore files from Time Machine backup, including recovering the deleted TextEdit files on Mac. If you’ve enabled Time Machine, letting it back up your Mac instantly every time you make changes, then it will restore the deleted TextEdit file for you. Here are the steps for how to retrieve TextEdit file on Mac with Time Machine backup file.

1. connect your Time Machine drive to your Mac if you’ve used an external hard drive to backup Mac automatically.

2. In the Finder, click it and open the window that once contained the deleted TextEdit file(s).

3. Enter Time Machine in the Dock or in the /Application folder and select the Time Machine backup file.

3. Preview the file > Restore TextEdit files on Mac from time machine backup.

Part 3. How to Recover Unsaved TextEdit Text File Manually

If the untitled or unsaved TextEdit file lost due to TextEdit crash or frozen, you can reopen the TextEdit software. By default, it saves the copies of your documents to autosave. When you relaunch it, it will show the unsaved TextEdit file. Next, you just need to name it and save it on your Mac. That’s how to recover unsaved TextEdit file on Mac and how to Mac recover untitled TextEdit file.