Acer Iconia Recovery: How to Recover Files from Acer Iconia Tablet

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"How to recover data from Acer Iconia? I do not know what happened. I used a USB cable to connect my Acer Iconia with the computer, trying to transfer photos and videos. It worked properly in the first, however, it suddenly powered off, there are a couple of photos lost. Can I retrieve the lost photos?"

There are many incidents that cause data loss from Acer iConia, like deletion, Acer Iconia damage, virus attack, unexpected interruption in file transferring, memory card formatted/damaged/turn into raw, and so on. No matter for what reason you lost files from Acer Iconia tablet, there is a chance for you to recover the lost data, but you need to follow the rule:

1. Stop using your Acer Iconia right after you know that some files are lost or deleted. All files lost or deleted on Acer Iconia are right there, invisible. You can’t access them since they’re marked as useless files. If you continue using the tablet for any other task, installing apps or downloading files, the lost or deleted files will disappear permanently, namely data overwritten.

2. It’s not enough for keeping your Acer Iconia right there without recovering the files from it. You need to recover data from Acer Iconia on the computer, not trying to search or downloading any so-called Iconia data recovery information on the tablet. Why Acer Data Recovery can only be one on a computer? I have mentioned the data overwritten issue previously. And a desktop data recovery software for the computer is a must.

For sure, you can learn there are various choices of data recovery available to download on the Internet. You need to identify the best one which is supposed to compatible with your computer, your Acer Iconia, and support the files you want to recover from Acer Iconia. Among the tools, I strongly recommend you iBeesoft Data Recovery.

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  • The free trial version enables you to scan your Acer Iconia first, after making sure what kind of files can be recovered, then you can upgrade to the full version.

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Here in the following, we’re going to discuss how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover deleted or lost files from Acer Iconia. Check out the steps below.

First, please click the DOWNLOAD button to get the trial version of the Acer Iconia data recovery software. It has two separate versions for Windows PC and Mac respectively. You can download and install the version according to your computer operating system. After then, use the USB cable to connect your Acer Iconia with your computer.

Tips: the data recovery software works to recover files from other Android system-based tablets and phones. If you have some files lost from your Android device, you can try it as well.

Second, launch the software to recover data from Acer Iconia. you need to locate the position where files are lost. Please select the drive that represents the Acer Iconia and click "Scan" to recover deleted files from Acer tablet.

Third, it takes a while for the Acer Iconia recovery software to scan your Acer Iconia memory, searching for lost data. After then, you can see the result with the file types listed in the left panel. Select the file type on the left side and check out the details on the right side. When finding the target files, select them, and click "Recover" to finish the task of recovering data from Acer Iconia.

See, it’s not hard to recover data from Acer Iconia. Whether you can successfully recover data or not, it fully depends on how you do the recovery task. The sooner the better. iBeesoft Data Recovery is a great tool for help.

Tips: Always keep in mind it is very important to back up important data. It’s not a simple copy and paste. Instead, you can make use of software, like iBeesoft Dbackup to do it intelligently and occupy less space.