How to Recover CDR Files on Windows PC and Mac

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If you lost or deleted CDR files, then it might cause a serious result. The lucky news is that you can learn how to recover CDR files with iBeesoft Data Recovery, either on Windows PC or Mac. Download the software and follow the guide below to learn the details.

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What is CDR File? Is it possible to restore CDR Files?

CDR is a file extension, .cdr, used for vector graphic drawings. It is developed by Corel Co. currently, the file format is renamed as RIFF, Resource Interchange File Format since Corel Draw 3.0. Generally, to open the CDR file, you need to use CorelDraw in Windows PC, Inkscape in Mac, and Inkscape in Linux. To make it easy for people to use graphic drawings, people always export CDR files as JPG images.

For sure, you can get back lost or deleted CDR files, but need to obey the rules. No matter on an external hard drive or on the computer you lost the CDR files, you’re supposed to stop using the device right away before getting down to the task for how to recover CDR file. It will avoid data overwritten issue which will cause CDR lost or deleted permanently.

How to Retrieve CDR Files?

You can’t find CDR file online, because there is no online service that is able to do the CDR file recovery. You have to depend on yourself as well as a professional data recovery software tool. I know, some people even tried to bring the computer or external hard drive to shop which offers data recovery services. Actually, the theory for how to recover CDR file is the same. They also get back lost CDR files with data recovery software but charge you more. You can recover deleted CDR files with iBeesoft Data Recovery in less than 10 minutes.

Best CDR File Recovery Software Free Download

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  • It supports various file types, pictures, audio files, videos, documents, installation files, compress files, and more, for sure, including CDR files.
  • This CDR file recovery software specially designed for the user to recover all kinds of files deleted or lost due to virus attack, deletion, file system failure, computer unexpectedly shut down, and more.
  • Quick Scan mode scans for lost CDR files quickly and Deep Scan modes scan CDR files even with part of file properties lost.
  • Simple interface with great built-in navigation, making it very easy to recover CDR files on Mac or Windows.
Download for Windows Download for macOS
  1. Install Data Recovery Software
  2. Get the CDR file recovery software on your Windows PC or Mac, where you have lost the CDR files. If you lost CDR files from an external hard drive, then install the software at any computer and connect the external hard drive with the computer, preparing the CDR file recovery. There are separate versions for Windows PC and Mac. Both of them work the same.

  3. Locate the hard drive where to recover CDR file
  4. In the next window, you can see all the hard drives for the computer. If you have connected an external hard drive with the computer, you can see it as well. Select the one where the deleted or lost CDR files were before and click "Scan" letting it begin to work.

  5. Recover CDR file
  6. The CDR file data recovery software will have a progress bar, telling you how it goes on with the recovery process. It takes a while for it to finish the whole scanning process. When it stops, you can see the found files are put into the categories in the left panel with file number displayed. Select the file type in the left panel and you can see the details on the right side. When finding the target files, select "Recover" to get CDR files back on your computer.

See how easy it is to recover CDR files with iBeesoft Data Recovery software. Besides, if you have videos, documents, emails, and other files lost, you can also try it. Download the software to have a try now!