How to Recover Files after Shutdown

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Unexpected computer shutdown will cause data loss. However, if you try the right way and use the right software tool, you can recover files after computer shutdown. This article tells you how to recover files after shutdown with iBeesoft Data Recovery. Get the it and follow the right steps below.

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"How to recover files after shutdown? I was typing and the computer unexpected shutdown. I haven’t saved the document yet. Does anyone know how to recover files after computer shutdown? Please help me."

No one can prevent computer unexpected shutdown. It happens regularly and for the incident, and you have to bear the result, for abrupt shutdown might cause data loss. It especially depressed people who were trying hard to work projects. Do not worry! You can fix the problem by recovering files after unexpected shutdown.

Can you recover files after shutdown?

Yes, you can, but you need to follow the rules.

  1. Do not use your computer after the unexpected shutdown. Otherwise, the unsaved and lost files will be replaced by new data and disappear permanently.
  2. Do not view around on your computer folders and drives, trying to get files back manually. If you do, you may lose the most suitable time and opportunities to recover files after computer unexpected shutdown.
  3. Make use of data recovery software to scan lost files in the first place. It is developed to solve this kind of problem and rescue your data.

Best file recovery software to recover files after computer shutdown

iBeesoft data recovery software is developed with the most advanced technology to recover files lost, deleted, or for any reason disappeared from the computer. It is professional and reliable to recover files after unexpected shutdown.

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How to recover files after computer shutdown?

Here in the following, let’s learn how to retrieve files after shutdown. Please restart your computer. After then, if you had not saved Word document, Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation, PhotoShop edited files, then there might be a pop-up, asking you whether to save the file or not. You must say "Yes" and save the version. After then, follow the steps below to find other files that do not have the autosave feature.

  1. Install file data recovery software
  2. You can click the DOWNLOAD button to download the file data recovery software on your computer. There are 2 separate versions, one is for Windows PC and another one is for Mac. Choose the right version according to your computer system. Here in this article, we mainly refer to how to recover files after shutdown Windows PC. If your Mac unexpected shutdown, you need to download the Mac data recovery software. After then, install it on your computer.

  3. Select hard drive to scan
  4. If your file was created on the desktop, then you need to select the hard drive with letter C to scan. For other files in different hard drives, you need to select the target hard drive to scan. Select it and click "Scan", letting the software scan the files lost due to unexpected shutdown.

  5. Preview and save the recoverable files
  6. It might take a while for the software to scan for files lost due to computer shutdown. Wait patiently. The longer it takes, the more files it will find for you. A progress bar in the window will tell you how it goes on with the scanning process. When it finished, all found files are put into the file categories on the left panel. You can select file types there as well as file extension to filter target files. Next, check out the details on the right side. When find the target files, select them and click "Recover" to recover files after shutdown.

Tips: besides computer unexpected shutdown, there are many other problems with a computer especially when your computer is used for a long time, like hard drive failure, hard drive damaged, virus attack, and more. Whichever can result in data loss? In this case, to keep your computer in safe, you need to backup data regularly, either with the computer built-in tool or a third-party tool, like iBeesoft Dbackup.

Anyway, whenever you lost files on the computer, calm down and try iBeesoft Data Recovery to get them back, like how to use it to recover files after computer unexpected shutdown.