Online Memory Card Recovery Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Data

"Is there any online memory card recovery software available?" To be honest, the answer to the question is "there isn’t any online data recovery for memory card photo, videos or documents recovery". Why no free online file recovery software for memory card?

Whenever people encounter computer issues, the first place they ask for help is over the Internet. It is the same for how to recover deleted or lost data from memory card. When people delete files intentionally or unintentionally, or formatted memory card, or the memory card corrupted or damaged, people want to solve the problem by looking for an online memory card recovery software. Some people want an online memory card recovery tool mostly because they do not want to install any extra software on their computer at all. However, there isn’t any online memory card recovery tool exist at all. You know, any third-party tool is not allowed to access to the devices that contains memory card for the sake of security.

Instead of using an online SD card recovery tool, you can try a Windows or Mac data recovery tool for alternative. The only difference is that you need to install the software on your computer before you perform the memory card data recovery. I strongly recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is a professional yet affordable tool that is adept on recovering all kinds of files, including photos, videos, audio files, emails, documents and more from all kinds of memory card on Android phones or cameras. Here are some of its main features:

  • Provide two powerful scanning modes that can help you recover all lost data from memory card.
  • Specifies file types before scanning the memory card to enhanced scanning speed and preview the available data to ensure a better recovery effect.
  • Recover data from memory card due to accidentally deleted, formatted memory card, improper operation, virus attack, and other data loss cases.
  • 100% safe and read-only memory card data recovery program, it won't overwrite your original data..
  • Easy-to-use, no longer need you to know any computer techniques to recover files from memory card.

iBeesoft Data Recovery allows you to recover deleted or lost files from memory card easily and effectively. It only takes you 5 steps.

Step 1. Connect memory card with computer

Please connect your memory card with your computer, letting the computer detect it as an external hard drive. To ensure the success of data recovery from memory card, I advise you to use a card-reader to connect the memory card with computer. If you keep it on your phones or cameras, any further operation on the device will cause the lost data on your memory card permanently deleted.

Connect memory card with computer

Step 2. Install Memory Card Recovery Software

Both iBeesoft Data Recovery Windows and Mac versions available. Please download the right version according to the operating system of your computer: Windows or Macintosh. After then, install it your computer like the way you install other software. The online memory card recovery alternative tools are standalone and standard tools. They are virus free. Just feel free to install them.

Step 3. Select File Types to Recover

As I have mentioned, the online memory card recovery software replacement supports all kinds of photos, videos, audio files, documents, and more fully. You launch the software and will see all the supported files selected in the main window. Please uncheck the unwanted ones, only keeping the wanted ones selected. And then, click the "Start" button.

memory card recovery online

Step 4. Select Memory Card to Scan

All the partitions and external hard drives are listed in the window. From there, you’re supposed to select the memory card from which you’re going to recover data. And then, click "Scan". A progress bar on the software will tell you how it goes on with the scanning process.

Scanning memory card to recover data

Step 5. Recover Files from Memory Card

After the scanning process, all the found files from memory card are listed in the result window. From there, you can looking for the target files by filtering the file type in the left side, check them on the right side. When you find the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them to your computer. To ensure the recovered data not lost again, don’t save them back to the original memory card.

recover data from memory card

In the result page, there is a "Deep Scan" button. By default, the first scan mode you are using is Quick Scan. It will save you time to scan for lost files. If you don’t find the wanted files, you need to try the deep scan. It will scan deeper for the lost or deleted files.

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