M.2 SSD data recovery – How to Recover Data from M2 SSD

"Is it possible to do M2 data recovery or restore data from a corrupted M.2 SSD drive?" "Is the loss of data possible in M.2 SSD, and is it recoverable?"

Such questions have become popular recently, and several users are asking or posting them in different forums. The M2 SSD is becoming popular and slowly taking over the regular SSDs. The advantages are plenty and are helping manufacturing companies to shift to M2, as it gives more space than SSDs and comes with enhanced security features. However, there is a possibility of losing data from M.2 SSD.

What is M.2 SSD Drive?

The M2 SSD conforms to the computer industry specification and falls under the mountable storage cards belonging to the small form factor. The design of the form factor began to give high-performance storage devices in thin, power-constrained units, for tablets and ultrabook. The M2 specification supports Wi-Fi, USB, Serial ATA, and PCIe applications.

Reasons for Recover Data from M2 SSD

There are several reasons as to why people would like to recover data from M.2 SSD. The most valuable of them are as follows:

1. The primary reason for the M2 SSD data recovery is because we all store crucial data in drives. The data could be personal or professional files, images, videos, and more. If there is no backup of the content, then losing files the M2 SSD due to deleted or formatted would put anyone in disarray. Therefore, the best option here is to perform M.2 SSD data recovery that helps in picking the critical files and save them externally.

2. The other reason why we need to recover data from M2 drive is due to the corruption of sectors. Of course, unlike a mechanical hard drive, an SSD does not contain mechanical components to cause bad sectors. But, shocks and mishandling of the drive do pose a threat to the parts of the drive that are capable of generating bad sectors. In such a case, the need for M2 data recovery arises strictly.

3. There are cases where many people found their storage drive corrupted during the upgrade of the operating system. Although it is rear, preparing for the worst is essential. If this is the case, then M2 SSD recovery helps in retrieving crucial files before formatting the drive and carrying out a clean installation of the operating system.

Which is the Reliable Software to Data Recovery from M2 SSD

There are plenty of programs available for recovering M.2 SSD data. Nonetheless, none of them possess a chance against iBeesoft Data Recovery software. The reason lies in its safety protocols and the robust construction of the algorithm that helps to recover data from M2 SSD in a few simple clicks. Likewise, the options it provides to a user helps him/her to choose the needed file format selectively and perform a recovery. The scanning process is apt and recovers most of the files with ease. Right from the user interface to the security offered, this M.2 SSD data recovery software made sure that it is delivering what a user is expecting from a file retrieval tool.

Your Safe & Effective M2 Data Recovery Software


m2 data recovery
  • Recovery of data lost due to pressing the delete button, empty recycle bin, formatted M2 SSD, performing a factory reset without taking the backup, M.2 drive showing as a RAW file system, unreadable/inaccessible drive, virus attack and more.
  • The best Windows or Mac SSD data recovery tool can easily get data from M2 SSD after accidentally deleting, hiding or cloning failed partition.
  • It can also recover files from USB drive, HDD, SD card, pen drive, external hard drive on Windows PC or Mac OS.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Data from M2 SSD

Learning how to recover data from M2 drive helps anyone to use the software with ease. However, before starting, it is vital to have the tool installed on the computer. The company is providing the software on trial. Users can install it after downloading it from the official website. Moreover, it is safe to use the program, as it does not collect any user information.

Step 1: After completing the installation procedure, a user can launch the M2 SSD data recovery software by clicking the icon from the desktop. The program's primary screen appears with all the file formats that it is capable of recovering. Users can press the "Start" button after selecting the required file type that they wish to restore.

m.2 ssd data recovery

Step 2: this recover M2 SSD application will display all the partitions. It will also display any external storage devices connected to the system as well. Users can choose the M2 SSD that contains the important files and press the "Scan" button at the top.

how to recover data from m2 drive

Step 3: Pressing the scan button begins the scanning of the selected M2 SSD. The time to complete the process depends on the size of the partition and the file format chosen. After completion, users can see the recoverable data in a new window. Primarily, the window contains three panes – tree directory to left, recoverable files by the software at the center, and a thumbnail preview of a selected file to the right.

Using the tree directory, a user can check the recoverable files within a folder. Using the thumbnail is preferable to mark essential data from the center pane. After marking the vital records, pressing the "Recover" button helps the software to retrieve the marked files from the M2 SSD. It is essential to save the recoverable files to an external drive. The process will take time to complete.

m2 ssd data recovery

Note: the M.2 SSD data recovery tool also provides Deep Scan mode. The option is helpful for those who think there are additional files left in the selected partition. It is a time-consuming procedure, as the mode scans each sector for the chosen file format before displaying the results.

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