Sony Xperia Data Recovery – Recover Data from Sony Xperia Internal Memory

Updated on Nov 28, 2020

"Anybody know how to recover data from Sony Xperia internal memory? I accidentally reset my phone to factory settings and lost all the data in it. Please help me, thanks!"

sony xperia data recovery

While you use your phone, there is always a chance for you to lose data. It is the same with Sony Xperia. Due to the following scenarios, you have to use a Sony Xperia data recovery tool to retrieve the deleted or lost data.

  • Accidental deletion: you kids used your phone to play the game and delete the photos or videos.
  • Intentional deletion: the storage is almost full and you have to empty it to make it work properly. To do it, you deleted some files and after then found them are important.
  • While connecting your Sony Xperia to the computer, a pop-up tells you to format the internal card for it was attacked by the virus.
  • There are some problems with your Sony Xperia. To make it work, you have to reset it to factory settings. By doing this, all data lost at once.

Recover Lost Data from Sony Xperia with Sony Xperia Data Recovery Software

Don’t worry! If you encounter any of the above-mentioned scenarios, you can try the Sony Xperia data recovery software – iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is developed for people to recover deleted or lost videos, photos, songs, documents and more from the computer as well as all kinds of external hard drives, Android phones, and tablets. This Sony Xperia data recovery software provide Windows and Mac data recovery versions for you. Here are some of its main features:

Your Effective Sony Xperia Data Recovery Software

sony xperia data recovery
  • Recover data deleted or lost from Sony Xperia, including photos, videos, audio files, or any documents you have saved in Sony internal memory stick/card.
  • Works well on Windows PC and Mac.
  • Standalone software with Intuitive interface making it quite easy for people to recover data.

How to Recover Data from Sony Xperia Internal Memory

In the following, I’m going to introduce you how to use the Sony Xperia data recovery software to recover data from the phone. Check out the details now.

Step 1. Download and install the Sony Xperia recovery software

Click the download button to get the trial version of the Sony Xperia recovery software. It has the separate version for both Windows PC and Mac. You need to choose the right version according to your computer operating system. After then, install it on your computer. It is standalone, needing no extra software.

Step 2. Connect Sony Xperia with computer

Use a digital cable to connect Sony Xperia to your computer, making sure your computer detect the phone internal memory.

Step 3. Select files to recovery with the Sony Xperia data recovery software

Launch the software, then you can see all supported file types are selected. It is ready to scan Sony Xperia for the deleted or lost files. You just need to keep the file types you need checked and click "Start".

sony xperia data recovery software

Step 4. Select Sony Xperia memory to scan

From the next window, you need to select the Sony Xperia memory to scan and click "Scan", starting the scanning process right away.

select sony xperia to scan

Step 5. Recover data from Sony Xperia

It only takes a few minutes for the Sony Xperia data recovery to scan your Sony Xperia for deleted data. After then, you can see all files found are listed in the result window. From there, select files to preview. If you need them, select them and click "Recover" to save them either to your Mac or PC.

how to recover data from sony xperia internal memory

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