How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes on Mac

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Can you restore deleted stickies Mac? Yes, stickies can be regarded as a type of documents. Sometimes, due to deletion or system errors, you might lost sticky notes on Mac. This article tells you 2 ways for how to retrieve a deleted sticky note on Mac.

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Part 1: Where are the stickies saved on Mac
Part 2: How to Get Back Deleted Sticky Notes on Mac with Time Machine
Part 3: How to Recover a Deleted Sticky Note on Mac Efficiently
Part 4: FAQ for Sticky Note Recovery

Part 1: Where are the stickies saved on Mac

We all can agree that Sticky Notes are quite a useful feature for the Mac system. And if you have lost the notes somehow, then you should look for the files inside the "Stickies" folder. While at first, the option was available directly, but after the recent updates, the option is buried under the Other tab.

Open Spotlight and directly type Stickies in the search bar. Select the option, and all the Sticky notes saved on the system will appear. But if you have deleted the notes, then you should try looking in the Recently Deleted Folder. With the steps given below, you will be able to figure out how to recover deleted a sticky notes on Mac.

  1. Open the File menu and then select the Recently Deleted Folder. There you will see the list of the files along with notes that you have deleted so far.
  2. Select the note that you want to get back and drag it to any other location where you want to save the file.

Keep in mind that the deleted files are automatically deleted after 30 days from the recently deleted folder. So, you won't be able to retrieve deleted stickies on Mac after that.

Part 2: How to Get Back Deleted Sticky Notes on Mac with Time Machine

In such conditions, you will find the Time Machine backup very effective. This backup feature allows the users to recover sticky notes on Mac from the previous backups. You can keep the time machine backup on the system in a different partition or using an external drive. So, whenever you face data loss, you'll always have a backup of the files. This is how to find deleted stickies on Mac using Time Machine.

  1. Click on the Finder option > Select System Preferences > then choose Time Machine.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the "Show Time Machine in the menu bar" option. Select it, and when the Time Machine appears in the menu, choose the Enter Time Machine option.
  3. Get to the Notes folder in the Time Machine and scroll up to get to the previous backups. Locate the file you have lost and then click on the "Restore".

This will save the notes inside the system's Stickies folder, and you will get stickies back on Mac.

Part 3: How to Recover a Deleted Sticky Note on Mac Efficiently

Instead of wasting your time with other methods that may or may not help you to restore sticky notes on Mac, we recommend iBeesoft. The iBeesoft Data Recovery tool is offered for both Mac and Windows so that you never have to worry about losing crucial items in your storage. To know how to retrieve deleted sticky notes on Mac, you can simply follow the 3-step process. Whether you have saved files in the main storage, on the partition, or any external storage device, the software will provide 100% safe and effective recovery.

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The software is available to download by clicking the DOWNLOAD button above. Install the data recovery software on your Mac. Here is a systematic guide for how to get back deleted sticky notes on Mac with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

  1. Run Program and Select File Type
  2. Launch the program, and you will see the "Start" button at the center of the screen. The supported file types are also listed on the screen. Select the type that you want to search particularly or run a complete scan.

  3. Specify Directory
  4. As the list of directories appears on the screen, specify the location where the notes were saved. Then hit the "Scan" button to recover deleted files on Mac.

  5. Preview & Get Back Deleted Sticky Notes on Mac
  6. It will only take a while to scan your device storage space. As the results are displayed, you can start selecting the files accordingly. With the selective recovery feature, you can choose as many files as you want to restore. Finally, hit the "Recover" button and specify the location where you want to save the files. It will only take a while to finish the recovery, so wait patiently.

Now that you know various methods on how to recover sticky notes on Mac, you can choose the method which is easier for you. Even though both Time Machine and Recently Deleted Folder will allow you to restore, there is no guarantee. However, with iBeesoft Data Recovery software, you will have a 100% guarantee of safe and effective Sticky Note recovery.

Part 4: FAQ for Sticky Note Recovery

How do I Find Old Stickies on My Mac?

Every app in macOS has its own folder to store data. You can find old stickies on Mac by going to ~/Library/StickiesDatabase. You can share the sticky notes by copying and pasting the files to another computer.

Can I Recover Deleted Sticky Notes on Mac?

Yes! If you accidentally deleted the information in the process of using sticky notes and did not quit the app, so you can go to ~/Library/Elements to find the sticky notes you need and double-click to open it. After then, you can save it. If you failed to find it, then you can use iBeesoft Mac Data Recovery to scan for the lost sticky notes.

Can I sync Mac Notes with iPhone and iPad?

Sticky Note is an app on Mac that likes a sticky note to remind you of to-dos and reminders. And Notes on iOS devices is more like a notepad, letting you jot down important information when you don't have a paper notebook. The two of them are quite different, no sync is available between them.

How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes from iCloud

If you had selected the Notes option in Settings > iCloud, then you can log in to iCloud and open the notes there. By clicking the "Recently Deleted" option in the left panel, then you can find the recently deleted notes on the right side. Click the "Recover" button, then you can get the deleted notes back.