How to Recover Deleted iMovie Projects on Mac

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Why searching at for "how to recover deleted iMovie project" or "Where do deleted iMovie projects go" you can see many people are asking the same or similar questions. You must have the experience of creating and editing iMovie projects and delete them after you export the last version of the iMove projects. Tell you the truth, I do it every time after no less than 2 weeks when I think the iMovie projects are useless since I own the exported videos. However, in fact, you really need to keep the iMovie projects since you don’t know when you will need to edit the videos again, especially making a video for special days. Here in the following, we’re going to walk you through the whole process of 4 ways for how to recover iMovie project on Mac.

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Part 1. How to Recover iMovie Project Easily and Effectively
Part 2. How to Restore Deleted iMovie Projects from Trash Can
Part 3. How to iMovie Recover Deleted Project by Time Machine
Part 4. How to Recover Deleted iMovie from iMoive Library
Part 5. Tips for Where are iMovie Project Files Stored on Mac and How to Backup

Part 1. How to Recover iMovie Project Easily and Effectively

How to restore iMovie project on Mac could be the first question people concern about. Doing it quickly will prevent the risk of losing them permanently. However, the deleted iMovie files disappeared and you can’t see them, and never be able to recover them. Only with the help of a professional data recovery tool for mac, you can recover deleted iMovie projects on Mac effectively.

iMovie Recovery - Recover Deleted iMovie Project Files with Simple Steps

The iMovie data recovery introduced here is specially designed for individuals to recover all kinds of files from Mac and external hard drives. You can see iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac works perfectly in recovering data:

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Here are the simple steps for how to use the iMovie project data recovery program to recover deleted videos on Mac and restore iMovie project files.

Step 1. Click the Download button to get the latest installation package of the software. Install it on your Mac. Please set up your system preferences as "install apps from trusted sources and App Store" beforehand since by default Apple officially does not allow to install apps downloaded outside of the App Store. If you want to recover deleted iMovie projects on iPhone, please download iBeesoft iPhone Recovery.

Step 2.Next, launch the recover iMovie project software. If you’re running macOS 10.13 and above version, follow the guide appear in the window to allow the software access to the hard drive on your Mac. Otherwise, it might fail to access and scan your Mac for the deleted iMovie files. After then, select "Videos" and "Other Files" and click "Start" to get back a deleted iMovie project.

Step 3. Please select the hard drive which contains the iMovie projects before they’re deleted and click "Scan". After then, you can see the software begin to scan for the accidentally deleted iMovie project for you.

Step 4. Last, when the scanning process is finished, you can see all the found files. Please find the iMovie projects by type in the file extension on the left panel and preview them on the right side. When finding the target files, please select them and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac again.

Part 2. How to Restore Deleted iMovie Projects from Trash Can

By default, if you delete an iMovie project file, you must have put it in the trash can, right? The very first moment you find you’ve deleted the iMovie project files, you must check out the trash can right away. By default, the deleted files are not emptied for a long time if you did not empty them right away. Here is the guide for how to restore deleted iMovie project files from the trash can.

Click to open the trash can at the bottom right. Check out the deleted files there. When find the target deleted iMovie project file, select it and click "put back" or drag and drop it from the trash can. If you clean it up. Don't worry, you can still recover emptied trash on Mac by Part 1.

How to iMovie Recover Deleted Project by Time Machine

Time Machine is a built-in feature for Mac users to backup all files every hour or as the set-up time period. In this case, if you have enabled Time Machine, then you can restore the deleted iMovie project files from Time Machine. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1. Click the Time Machine icon on your Mac and access to it.

Step 2. Open the backup folder and browse for the deleted iMovie projects(you can filter with the time)

Step 3. Select the iMovie project file you want to retrieve and click "Restore" to recover it.

Part 4. How to Recover Deleted iMovie from iMoive Library

If you’re familiar with the Library folder on your Mac, you might have noticed there is a folder named iMovie and the iMovie projects are saved there. Here are the steps for how to retrieve the iMovie project files there:

Click Go and select Home. And then, click Library > iMovie. Open the folder and look for the iMovie project files you need.

Part 5. Tips for Where are iMovie Project Files Stored on Mac and How to Backup

iMovie projects are saved in the Movies folder by default. You can open the folder to check out all the iMovie projects. For convenience, my suggestion is that you need to name each project properly with a date. Here are the simple steps for how to find the iMovie project files on Mac:

1.Click to open Finder > Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > (computer user name) > Movies.

2. Open the Movies folder and you’ll see all the iMovie projects folder there.

3. Click to open the iMovie project folders to check out the project files.

Since it is very easy for people to delete iMovie projects unintentionally, in this case, please back up iMovie projects to extra hard drives if you want to keep the iMovie projects safe.