How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 6

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We all know, if you are an iPhone user for quite a while, that latest iPhone models like iPhone 6 has a Recently Deleted folders that will keep your deleted photos for 40 days. This allows you to find photos within the timeframe and will have the photos permanently deleted afterward.

The following scenarios make it hard to recover your photos:

Good thing there is a way to recover deleted photos from iPhone 6. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software is an iOS photo recovery app that allows you to get lost data back directly from your device which can also access your iCloud and iTunes backups.

A little overview about iBeesoft, they have been in the market since 2015 where they started off as a professional software provider of file shredding and hard drive clean up, Windows and Mac Data Recovery software. They have their software available in over 120 countries where their partners provide support and distribute solutions using their native languages.

It’s really easy to use with iBeesoft’s three recovery modes: iOS device recovery, iTunes backup recovery, and iCloud backup recovery. Recovering the photos from the device is easy so let’s focus on the other two methods.

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Method 1. Extract photos from iPhone 6 iTunes backup files.

In iTunes there’s a way on how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 6. Definitely, you should be using iTunes to backup your files in the first place so you have something to retrieve. It’s really important to backup your files regularly.

  1. Choose an iTunes backup file to recover
  2. After successful installation of iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software. Open iBeesoft and select "Recover from iTunes" at the top portion of the main screen. This will allow the software to extract the iTunes backup files from your computer. Once the software finds your iTunes backup files, it will show on the window. Click the "Scan" button on the backup file that you would like to see.

    Note: iBeesoft searches for your iTunes backup on your computer, so it is highly advised to install iBeesoft on the computer where you backup your iPhone. If you also set a password for your backup, you need to enter it so iBeesoft can access your backup file.

  3. Deleted photos preview and recovery from iTunes backup
  4. It may take a few minutes to extract the photos from the backup file. Once that it’s done, you will see your categorized data on the left panel. You can tick the boxes next to the Photos or App photos, depending on where you had your files previously saved to sort it out.

    On the right side, it will show the selected content where you can also select the option to only show the deleted items. You can now view your files and select those that need to be recovered. Once the files are selected, click the "Recover" button at the bottom right and to save on your computer. So this is how to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone 6.

Method 2. Extract photos from iPhone 6 iCloud backup files.

If you are the type of person who rarely connects your iPhone to a computer, then the most efficient backup method that you might have used is an iCloud backup. It is an easier and more convenient way of backing up your data over the air which also allows you to retrieve them using the same iCloud backup file.

  1. Login to your iCloud Account
  2. You need to sign in to your iCloud account for data retrieval and recovery. On the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software click on the “Recover from iCloud” option at the top part of the window. Then, use your iCloud credentials to sign in. iBeesoft does not remember your credentials so it’s pretty secured. It only extracts the backup file and uses it to get the photos for you.

    Note: If you have two-factor authentication setup on your device for your iCloud, you may be prompted to enter the verification code from your iPhone or device.

  3. Retrieve backup files from iCloud
  4. After logging in, iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery will show a list of your iCloud backup files. Choose the file where your photos need to be retrieved from then click on the "Scan" button. Usually, if these are just recently deleted files you will find them in the most recent iCloud backup.

  5. Preview and Recover photos from iCloud backup
  6. Once done downloading the file, the software will pull out files and categorize them. Once sorted out, select the files you need to view and recover. Simply click on the "Recover" button and you are all set!

These are some of the methods that you can use to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone just in case your phone is not available to you or not accessible at all. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery is a great iPhone 6 photo recovery tool to use, just make sure you have your files secured with a backup with either of the two methods: iTunes or iCloud backup. If you have these secured make sure you enter the password or code that you have set upon your iPhone setup.

It is really great that the software has a preview feature that will not leave you guessing which photo to retrieve or if it is the right one. Not only it supports your iPhone 6 but it also caters to other Apple devices such as other iPhone models, iPad, and iPod Touch (from iOS 7 up to iOS 13). The software can also be installed and used on a computer running Windows (2000 to Windows 11, and Windows Server). It is a great advantage that it has no compatibility issue, secure, fast, reliable, and supports various file type recovery.