How to Recover Shift Deleted Word Documents in Windows 11/10

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Every person accustomed to a computer understands that using Shift and Delete keys simultaneously deletes files or folders permanently from the hard drive. The option is helpful when users like to remove files or folders entirely from the computer. Nonetheless, there are times when a person wishes to access a deleted file. In such a scenario, it is possible to recover Shift deleted Word documents in two different methods. The procedure mentioned ahead is applicable for Windows 11/10 and helps one retrieve deleted Word files with ease.

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Part 1: Best Way to Recover Deleted Word Documents after Shift + Delete in Windows 11/10
Part 2: Restore Shift Deleted Word Files in Windows by Restoring from Backup

Part 1: Best Way to Recover Deleted Word Documents after Shift + Delete in Windows 11/10

The first part deals with the recovery process of word files from a computer running on Windows PC. The method uses a recovery tool, which scans the hard disk or the specified location and recover shift deleted files in Windows 11 and Windows 10 with ease. The use of the recovery software/program is essential because word documents deleted using Shift Delete keys are invisible.

The recommended program to get back the deleted Word documents is iBeesoft Data Recovery. The tool provides the best solution to how to restore Shift Deleted Word document from a system using Windows operating system. The program is unique and outstanding due to its features. Not only they help one to access the deleted documents with ease, but it also displays the recoverable files along with the content as thumbnail preview.

iBeesoft Data Recovery offers a secured path to recover word file deleted by shift + delete. The essential features of the software are:

Your Safe & Effective Shift Deleted Word Recovery Tool

(Trust Score 4.7 by 1695 Users)
  • Assists in the recovery of deleted word files lost due to the use of Shift Delete keys, empty the recycle bin, accidentally deleted partition, malware/virus attacks, software reinstallation, and other unknown reasons.
  • Find files and documents lost when a user performs an abnormal operation such as incorrectly moving files, restoring the system to factory settings without a backup, and remove connected storage media during file transfer.
  • Helps in the recovery of data from a drive that is inaccessible/ unreadable drive, formatted disk and displays the file system as RAW.
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How to Recover Deleted Word Document in Windows 10/11

Learning how to recover Shift Deleted Word files using iBeesoft Data Recovery provides the apt answer for one and all. The Word file recovery tool provides a way to retrieve the deleted data most straightforwardly compared to others. Before following the steps listed below, ensure to install the trial version of the software by downloading it from the official website.

  1. Download iBeesoft Data Recovery on your PC
  2. After installation, launch the shift delete word recovery software using the icon that appears on the desktop.

  3. Selecting File Type
  4. You can click go to setting to choose only the required file type (in this case, "documents") rather than all for a quick recovery.

  5. Selecting Location
  6. The next screen shows the different partitions of the hard drive, along with any connected external storage units. Choose the preferred location and click "Scan" to allow the software to begin scanning the Shift deleted Word document.

  7. Preview the found files
  8. After completing the scan, It will display the recoverable documents on the next screen. Click on a file to view the contents as a thumbnail and click the "Preview" button to the right side of the window.

  9. Get Back Shift Deleted Word Files
  10. Select you to need Word documents and click "Recover" to retrieve shift deleted data. Ensure to select a path or folder to save the files.

Part 2: Restore Shift Deleted Word Files in Windows by Restoring from Backup

It is possible to recover Shift Deleted Word file from a system running on Windows operating system if the option of automatic backup is active. If it is active, then the operating system backups the selected partitions or the entire hard drive (depending on the settings) to the preferred location from time-to-time. However, care is essential to prevent unwanted data loss.

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Recover Shift Deleted Word Document in Windows 10/11

The steps described below are helpful for anyone to recover deleted Word files from their computer that is using the Windows 10 operating system.

  1. Click the "Start" button from the bottom of the screen. From the pop-up options, choose "Settings", as shown in the image below.
  2. The next screen shows all the options available under the settings category. From the available options, select "Update & Security", as displayed in the picture below.
  3. In the next window, choose "Backup" from the left pane and click "More Options" under the "Back up using File History" feature.
  4. Drag the screen to the bottom of the page and click "Restore files from a current backup" option.
  5. In the next window, enter the Word document file name in the search box or use the arrow keys to look through the folders.
  6. Choose the target file and restore the shift deleted Word documents to the original location by clicking the Restore button.