How to Recover a Partition on a USB Drive

"how do i recover a partition on a USB drive? It just disappeared"? USB is really a great tool for people to bring important data, including documents, photos, videos, pictures, presentations and more to wherever they go. It’s specially important for designers who need to save their projects and present whenever needed. And it’s a great idea to partition the USB drive, manage the storage efficiently and make it tidy. However, sometimes, due to accidents, you might lose the partition and want to recover/restore the lost/deleted partition on USB drive.

It’s as easy as ABC to restore partition on USB drive if you have backed up the USB drive before with tools, like iBeesoft Dbackup since you have the backup file. Just with one click, then you can have the data as well as the partition back. However, it might get troublesome if you never backed up it before. The good news is that you can try to recover the lost partition from the USB drive as well with the right tools and steps. In the following, we’re going to introduce how to recover deleted or lost partition from USB drive.

Reasons for why USB drive partition lost

Deleted the partition intentionally or unintentionally.

Accidentally formatted the partition with some files infected by virus.

Can’t access to the USB drive partition.

No data appeared in the USB drive. When you open it, it’s empty.

How to Recover Partition from USB Drive

In this part, first and for the most, you need to solve the problem of USB drive partition data lost. After then, restore the partition on USB drive. Let’s get down to how to recover partition on external hard drive right away.

Part 1: How to Recover Data in Partition from USB drive

Part 2: Restore the USB drive partition

Part 1. How to Recover Data in Partition from USB drive

We’re going to free try iBeesoft Data Recovery software to recover data from partition from USB drive. It’s a professional yet trustworthy tool to scan the disappeared USB drive partition, finding data and let you to save them to your USB drive again. Here are some of its salient features:

Your Effective USB Drive Partition Recovery Software

restore partition on USB drive
  • Recover all files types you used in daily life, including PPT, word documents, excel worksheet, videos, pictures, audio files, emails and more.
  • Recover all lost partitions in file systems, including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, APFS, ReFS and HFS Ext2/Ext3.
  • Quick Scan scans swiftly for lost or deleted files, and Deep Scan scans for all files, including the ones with file properties lost.

Here are the simple steps you should follow to recover lost partition data from USB drive

Step 1. Click the Download button to save the installation package file on your computer. It’s the latest version, fully compatible with all USB devices and Windows/Mac OS. After then, install the software on your computer. We’re going to recover the lost partition from USB drive with the help of the computer.

Step 2. Connect your USB drive with your computer, letting your computer recognize it. Only after recognizing the USB drive, the software is able to access to the USB drive scanning for the data in the lost USB drive.

Step 3. Launch the USB drive partition recovery software. In the very first window, select the file types you want to restore to your partition in USB drive and click "Start" to recover partition from USB drive.

recover lost partition USB drive

Step 4. Next, select the USB drive from the new window and click "Scan". It means the software will scan the USB drive for the lost partition.

recover deleted partition on USB drive

Step 5. If there are many files in the USB drive, it will take a long time to finish the scan. Don’t worry, let it work. When it finished, in the result window, select the files you’re going to restore to the partition in USB drive and click "Recover", saving them to your computer temporarily.

recover USB drive partition

The Deep Scan will help you find more files. You can try it in the result window.

Part 2. Restore the USB drive partition

Before restore the USB drive partition, please make sure it’s empty. Only after it’s empty, you can create a new partition from the USB drive. Keep the USB drive connected.

Step 1. Right-click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

recover partition from USB drive

Step 2. Right-click on the USB drive which is empty, and select New Simple Volume. Name the partition.

Step 3. Transfer the recovered lost partition data in the USB drive to the new partition.

My suggestion: only important data deserves our attention. As for keeping the important data, my suggestion is making backup regularly. Only by this way, you’ll always have the data at hand. You can try iBeesoft Dbackup Drive Backup to schedule the backup.

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