How to Recover Deleted Videos from Nikon Camera

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"I just deleted a video from my Nikon D3200. Damn it! If you delete a file on computer or mobile phone, there is till an option for you to recover it. How can it be no option to recover deleted videos from Nikon camera?" by Jeff

It is the fact that you delete videos from Nikon, there will be no option available for you to retrieve them. It is quite different from mobile phones and computer. However, the good news is that if you know how the storage memory card works, then you find the way to recover deleted videos on Nikon camera.

Where are the deleted Nikon camera videos?

As you know, the space for every memory card is fixed. When it is full, you have to delete some files to prepare the empty space for new data. Do these deleted files disappear permanently? No. Actually, they’re still on the memory card but marked as useless files. And the space they occupied is released for new data. When the new data generated, then the deleted files are overwritten completely. In this case, if you want to retrieve deleted videos from Nikon camera, your only chance is to recover deleted videos as soon as possible, avoid data erasing accidently.

How to recover deleted videos from Nikon camera?

As I have mentioned that the deleted Nikon videos are still in the camera. Sooner you you recover the deleted videos, the better result you’ll get. Here is the problem, since you can’t see the deleted Nikon videos, how can you recover them? There is no RESTORE option or Ctrl + Z function. The only way you need is to find a Windows or Mac data recovery tool for help. Desktop data recovery software tools are developed for people to recover deleted files both from computer as well as digital devices, like Nikon camera.

I strongly recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery. First, it is a brand new data recovery software, integrate with the most advanced data recovery technology, helping you increase the success rate of Nikon video recovery. Second, it supports Nikon camera fully, letting you recover the shot videos easily and quickly. Third, it is a standalone tool, never need you install any extra software to make it work. Fourth, it allows you to recover files, up to 200MB for totally free. Fifth, the Nikon camera video recovery tool has separate versions for both Mac and Windows PC, making it easy for you to use.

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Simple Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from Nikon Camera

How to recover deleted videos from Nikon camera with iBeesoft Data Recovery? iBeesoft Data recovery lets you recover files from Nikon camera in 4 steps. Learn the foolproof process:

Step 1. Install the data recovery software on your Windows PC or Mac.

It is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS. Please install it on your computer like the way you install other tools. No virus, no malicious elements, feel free to use it.

Step 2. Connect Nikon Camera Memory Card with computer

You must know that all videos are saved in the memory card of your Nikon camera. Now you need to remove the memory card from Nikon camera and connect it to your computer via a e-card reader or any other ways that works.

Step 3. Launch the data recovery software for Nikon.

From the first window, please uncheck other types of files, except "Videos". It will short the scanning time. Click "Start" to recover deleted videos from Nikon camera.

Step 4. Select Your Nikon Camera Card to Scanning

From the next window, select the hard drive that stands for your Nikon camera memory stick and click "Scan". The data recovery software then starts to scan the memory card for the deleted videos right away.

Step 5. Preview and Recover Deleted Nikon Camera Videos

It will not be long for the software to find out the deleted videos that can be recovered. When you see the target videos, you can stop the scanning process, preview and recover the videos instantly. My suggestion for you is to let the software finish the whole scanning process. It might find something you never have expected!

Quick Scan and Deep Scan - Quick Scan is the default option you’re using to scan for deleted or lost videos on Nikon camera. If you don’t see the expected videos in the result widow, then you can try the Deep Scan in the result window to scan deeper and more carefully for the deleted videos from Nikon camera