How to Recover Deleted/Lost GoPro Videos on Mac

Updated to macOS Data Recovery Tips by Daisy on Jul 27, 2021

" Hi there, my GoPro studio automatically import new files while I connected the camera with my Mac. I didn’t mean to let it important files in GoPro studio, I have stopped the auto import and there was a pop-up, asking me to maintain or delete the files. I was sure to delete only the imported files, but all the videos on the memory card were deleted. I want to recover GoPro videos on Mac. Is there any way that useful? "

It is one of the cases that many people need to recover deleted videos from GoPro memory card. Actually, there is another scenario people also encounter regularly. The GoPro studio automatically imported videos/footage from GoPro, and it deleted all the videos after the important. However, the subfolder where these videos are supposed to be is 0 byte, which means no videos transferred successfully and completely. In this case, you also need to recover the lost videos on GoPro. The above mentioned 2 scenarios are the most wide situation people encounter for losing GoPro videos. There are other issues that cause the GoPro video lost as well: accidental deletion, SD card damaged, SD card formatted, resetting the GoPro, and more.

Actually, whether you have deleted the GoPro videos intentionally or unintentionally, if you want to recover them, there is still a way – using a professional tool to scan the memory card of GoPro and do the GoPro video recovery. And you should follow the steps stricktly. Otherwise, it is very risky to lose the videos permanently.

First, stop using GoPro camera as soon as you realized the accidental deletion or intentional deletion. All the deleted videos are still on the GoPro camera memory card, but you can’t see them visually. They’re marked as useless files, waiting to be overwritten by new data. To make sure you can recover the lost or deleted GoPro videos on Mac, the best way is to disconnect the GoPro SD card with GoPro camera. Without a device connected, for sure, no data will be created.

Second, download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. It is a marvelous GoPro video recovery tool to recover photos and videos both from Mac hard drives and removable drives. This powerful Mac data recovery not only supports restoring photos and video, it supports almost all file types like audio, document, archive, email and other files. Compared with other software, this one is simple to use, trustworthy and professional. Here are the reasons why I recommend you to recover deleted GoPro videos with it:

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Steps for How to Recover GoPro Videos on Mac with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

First, you need to connect the GoPro camera or the SD card of the GoPro camera with your Mac either via USB digital cable or card-reader. As I have mentioned beforehand, to prevent the deleted videos on the SD card from being overwritten by new data, I stongly recommend to get the SD card out of the GoPro camera, and connecting the SD card with your Mac.

Step 1. Install iBeesoft Data Recovery on Mac

Click the download button below to get the installation package of GoPro Recovery for Mac tool. After then, you can double-click the .dmg file and install it on your Mac, just like the way you install other software. It is fully compatible with the latest macOS High Sierra and former macos versions. Feel free to use it.

Step 2. Select Videos and Graphics to Scan

Double-click the startup icon of iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac to launch it. After then, you can see all the supported files are selected. The software is ready to scan for the lost or deleted files. Please only keep the category "Videos" and "Graphic" selected, if you want to recover deleted or lost videos from GoPro camera. And click "Start".

Step 3. Select SD Card or External Hard Drive to Scan

In the next window, all partitions of your Mac as well as all external hard drives that have connected to the Mac are listed. Please select the GoPro camera or the GoPro SD card and click "Scan" to recover GoPro video on Mac.

Step 4. GoPro Recovery on Mac

The scanning progress bar will tell you how it goes on with the scanning. If there are multiple videos or photos, then it will take longer. It depends on how many files in the SD card it scans for. When it finished, you can preview the file on the right side. Find the deleted GoPro videos, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.