Fix "Failed to Load Photo in SD Card or Can't View Pictures on SD Card"

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"I can’t view pictures on SD card. My pictures won't load from my SD card. What happened? Is there any way to solve the problem of failed to load photo in SD card?"

People are talking about pictures won’t load from SD card on the camera or computer. It must be a shock when you can’t view pictures from SD card on a camera or computer. After all, there are many precious moments or important pictures or videos. Actually, you should calm down, learn the reasons and find the solutions for "why are my pictures not showing up on my SD card".

Why pictures won’t load from SD card? Check out the possible reasons below.

If you have checked out your SD card with the above mentioned ways, you still can’t view pictures on SD card, you need to make use of data recovery software to recover the pictures won’t load on SD card. The software will scan your SD card, looking for all the missing pictures for you, especially there is an error you have to format your SD card or you have formatted it. Here are the simple steps for how to recover pictures won’t load from SD card.

How to Recover Pictures from SD Card after Can't View/Not Showing

Connect the SD card with your computer properly, making sure it is recognized by your computer as an external hard drive. If there is a pop-up, asking you to format your SD card, do not do it! If you format the SD card, then it will be more troublesome to recover pictures from SD card.

  1. Download SD card data recovery
  2. Download it on your Windows PC or Mac. It depends on where you want to recover the pictures can’t be viewed on SD card. Both of them work the same, the recovery ability and recovery process. They’re separate versions for Windows PC and Mac. Feel free to try the software.

    Download for Windows Download for macOS
  3. Select SD card to scan
  4. Launch the SD card recovery software on your computer. In the window, you can see all available hard drives on the computer as well as the SD card you connected with your computer. Please select the SD card and click "Scan", letting the software scan your SD card for the won’t load pictures.

  5. Solve can't open photos on SD card
  6. Last, when it finished the whole scanning process, you can click the "Pictures" category in the left panel and preview the details on the right side. When finding the pictures won’t load on SD card, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Suggestion: the unique once for all solution for pictures won’t load from SD card is backing up pictures. And there are some very great software tools available for you to schedule the backup. You can set it up and it will automatically do the backup when you connect the SD card with your computer. And iBeesoft Dbackup is one of them you can try! It will secure all files on your SD card.