How to Fix RAW Drive without Losing Data

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Disks, USB flash drives, external hard drives, and memory cards are commonly used storage devices. Sometimes, when we access them, we may receive the message "You need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it.", "D:\ is not accessible.", and more. This is something wrong with your drive causing its file system to become RAW and not recognized by the computer. Why is my drive showing as RAW? What about the files I save on it? If you have these concerns, don't worry! This article will help you understand this unrecognized file system and how to fix RAW drive without losing data.

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What is RAW File System

In computing, a file system (NTFS, FAT16/32, exFat) is the way an operating system uses to recognize a drive and controls data storage. It will identify the start and end of a file so that it can read the item immediately when needed. When your disk has a problem and cannot be recognized by the operating system, it will change its status to RAW. So, when you try to open the hard drive, access will be denied, need formatted, etc., will appear.

Can I Repair a RAW Disk/Partition without Losing Data?

Many reasons cause the disk file system to display as RAW, for example, uninitialized, incomplete formatting, file system damage, partition table damage, sudden interruption in the process of reading and writing, viruses, bad sectors, etc. Cracked or damaged RAW drives seem impossible to fix at first glance. But don't lose heart, and there is still a chance. Although we can't fix it manually, you can still use software or the correct method to repair a RAW hard drive. In particular, use sophisticated tools to locate lost manuals and restore the data while preserving the existing partitions to attempt recovery without losing data.

How to Fix RAW Drive without Losing Data

Data loss due to a RAW drive is a common issue many users face. However, you can take several different strategies to try and fix the problem and recover data without losing any information.

Ways 1. Use PC's Built-in Repair Options

A drive check option in Windows PC scans and repairs a failed internal volume external hard drive. Therefore, it is available when your drive file system shows as RAW. To do this, you must follow the steps below to complete the repair task.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and click "This PC" in the left panel.
  2. Choose the RAW disk in the list of drives on the right side of the screen.
  3. Right-click to select "Properties" and switch to "Tools."
  4. Click the "Check" button under "Error Checking" and follow the wizard to complete the RAW drive repair.

Ways 2. Use RAW Recovery Software

If you face a RAW drive, fear not - a solution might be simpler than you think! Most RAW disks aren't entirely dead, and data can still be recovered without losing any information stored. To do this, you'll need a professional data restoration tool like iBeesoft Data Recovery, which not only extracts all the items saved in the RAW drive but also repairs files that are corrupted due to becoming an unrecognized file system. Here are the steps on how to use this tool to fix RAW drive without losing data:

Download for Windows Download for macOS
  1. Download and install Beesoft RAW drive recovery software according to your system.
  2. Select the drive with the RAW file system and click the "Scan" button.
  3. When the scan is done, select all the found data and click the "Recover" button to save them to a new location.
  4. Find the drive on your PC and right-click and select format it.
  5. Finally re-migrate all recovered files to that drive.

Ways 3. Fix RAW Drive without Losing Data using CMD

The Command Prompt is an indispensable tool for many computer users. It allows for direct access to the "guts" of an operating system, enabling advanced control over configuration settings and providing access to various powerful techniques to accomplish complicated tasks, including repairing RAW drives without formatting with ease. For this, you need to enter the following command:

  1. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen and type CMD.
  2. Find Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator.
  3. Enter chkdsk D: /f (D is the drive letter of the RAW drive)
  4. Wait a few minutes; you can re-access the drive when the progress is complete.

Ways 4. RAW Drive Fix by Disk Check

The Disk Check is a powerful tool that quickly and easily detects and fixes issues with your hard drive. Whether resolving file system errors or recovering lost data, it can help you do the job quickly and easily. To fix RAW drive without losing data, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download and install Disk Check on your computer.
  2. After running this RAW drive repair software, click the Checkbox before the target volume to select it.
  3. Hit the "Fix" button to start the whole process.

Regardless of why your drive file system becomes RAW, using the above methods will help you fix RAW drive without losing data. However, this method, although practical, is ultimately a remedy. We should take precautions before they happen. To do this, you can follow the tips below.

How to Avoid Drive File System from Going RAW

Having your drive file system show as RAW can be a daunting experience. This will mean that you no longer have access to its saved files. For this, you can take tips to reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Taking proactive steps like these can help minimize the risk of RAW file system corruption.



RAW drives can be slippery and tricky to fix without damaging the data inside, but it is possible! Wan to fix a RAW drive without losing data, your best bet is to use recovery software in combination with disk-checking tools. This article provides detailed steps to use them for RAW hard drive repair. I hope they will be helpful to you.