Step1. Select file types that you want to recover

When launching iBeesoft Data Recovery, all file types are checked by default. If you only want to recover certain file types, you can uncheck and remove other file types. Click "Start" button to start restoring after selecting file types. You could check "All File Types" to select what you want if lost file type isn't among 5 common file types we list.

data recovery software - select lost file types

Step2. Select a location to scan or find data

Select a location to find data, such as certain partition, specified location etc. The program will scan the specified partitions, the entire hard drive or external storage devices to search lost data, then list what it searches. You need to select the system partition for special lost data locations like desktop, favorites or libraries.

data recovery software - select the location of the lost file

Step3. Preview and recover the lost files

Finish Quick Scan, the upper part of the window will display the scan result and guide to "Deep Scan" for more data. A tree shaped directory put at the left of the main window can guide users to view lost files as the path or file types. The middle part will show all the files and folders under the selected folder in the left window with more info.The right side displays a thumbnail and info for the file selected in the middle window.

If some lost files are not found or cannot be correctly opened after Quick Scan and Recovery, please click "Deep Scan" at the upper part of windows to find more data. Deep Scan will scan every sector, so it will some time to complete the scanning.

After the deep scan, you still can’t open the target file or not find the target file. click here to get the help >>

Preview and recover the lost files