How to Remove Duplicate Word Documents and Duplicate Content in a Word

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If you want to remove duplicate Word documents, you can try iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder to find them and delete them intelligently. As for deleting duplicates in a Word document, you can make use of Contrl + F to find the duplicates, replace/delete them all or delete them one by one manually. Check out the details below.

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"I am a writer and editor and works with word documents, I have been noticing from the last few days that my storage capacity of my PC is decreasing day by day and it shows me low storage space on my drive. I think there are duplicate files on my PC that are causing this. Is there any way on how to remove duplicates of Microsoft Word?"

Storage is an important factor in computers that enable users to perform their tasks easily and efficiently. If there’s low storage space on your computer, you may feel that your computer isn’t working efficiently. There are many factors that can cause computers to show such notifications of low storage capacity. One of the reasons is duplication of content. As in the above paragraph, one user has stated its concern related to duplication of Microsoft Word documents. If you are facing such an issue, then read this complete guide. Here we will tell how two ways on how to remove duplicates in word documents.

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Part 1. How to Remove Duplicate Word Documents
Part 2. How to Remove Duplicates/Duplicate Pages in Word

Part 1. How to Remove Duplicate Word Documents

There are 2 ways to remove duplicate word documents. The first method is using a tool like iBeesoft duplicate finder and the other method is manually deleting word files. Let’s have a look at both of them and you can later choose which one is a better option for you. A first method is an easy approach and quick method while the second one is time taking and requires much manual work to do.

Method 1. Delete Duplicate Word Files Quickly

It’s a quick method and you don’t need to find anything by yourself, instead, we will use a third-party tool that will do all this for us. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a tool that’s very fast and quick in this way to find and delete duplicate word files. It’s not only limited to deleting duplicate word files but it can also duplicate files in videos, images, and songs as well. It will find all duplicate word files according to size, date, and name.

Best Software to Delete Duplicate Word Copies

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  • Keep your computer system smooth and running in perfect condition by removing unwanted duplicate files.
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Step by Step Guide to Remove Duplicate Word Document Quickly with Software

Step 1. Download Microsoft Word Duplicate Finder

Download the iBeesoft free duplicate file finder from the official website or you can directly download it by clicking on the link here. It will be downloaded quickly as it’s a very light tool of few MB’s. After downloading install it on your computer according to the instructions provided.

Step 2. Find the Duplicate Word Files

In the main window, click the "+" to locate the hard drive where the duplicate Words documents are saved. Wait patiently for the scan to finish.

Step 3. How to Delete Duplicate Word Copies

Once the scanning process is completed, you will see a list of all the duplicate files shown on your computer screen and will also show which file types taking how much space on your computer’s hard drive. There, you can easily and quickly select Microsoft word files and click on remove. All the duplicate word files will be removed right away.

Note: In order to remove, all the duplicate files you will have to buy the license for iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder otherwise in the trial version it only removes 20 duplicate files.

Method #2. Delete Duplicate Word Files Manually

In the first method, we were using software to remove duplicate files but here we will tell you how you can have removed duplicate word files manually. It’s a slower and time taking method and you may not be able to fully find all the duplicate files. Here, you will have to find each file and then copy their name and paste it into the search bar. It will show you after searching the whole drive if there exist any files with the same name, size, or date. If you find any file that’s a duplicate, you can delete it simply by hitting the delete button.

Part 2. How to Remove Duplicates/Duplicate Pages in Word

Here, in this part, you will learn how to remove duplicates in Word documents. There’s not shortcut here and you will have to perform all the actions such as searching for the duplicate content in the document and then analyzing is this really duplicate or not. Suppose if you want to see if there’s any paragraph such as "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" in your word document, you will have to copy it and press "Ctrl +F". A search text box will appear and there you will have to paste the copied content. Now, press enter and this will show you the same lines if they exist anywhere in the document.

You can easily rewrite them or remove them according to your requirements. You will have to search one by one for every single line and then find whether it’s a duplicate or not. Later, you can take action such as replacing them with anything else or removing them. There’s another way to remove duplicate content in word documents and that’s the use of Macros. It’s a complex task and it involves coding, if you are good with it then you can follow this method as well to remove duplicate content in Microsoft word documents. The Macros option can be seen under the View tab.

The duplications of documents and files can cause low storage on your computer. If you want to remove duplicate world documents from your computer, then we would recommend you to use the iBeesoft duplicate finder. As for the duplicate content in a Word doc, you need to spend more time checking them out and delete or modify them.